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hey there if read the info and there something you don't like about me and can't deal with it then just move on

well you want to know me or something so im just a random furry who play games and stuff also watches a bit of anime from time to time oh im pan or bi if you want to call it that anyways im really shy when it comes to new people so you sometimes you may have start the chat and if I don't talk it because I'm talking with someone else or something important sorry about that anyways im bit dyslexia so sorry if something i spelling wrong and that pretty much it not else to say so yea if you add if you want its really all up to you

in-game:I'll try my best to talk you but may be slow to respawn
online:you can talk to me when ever
busy:im doing something important
away: when somewhere i'll be back when i can
offline:mostly sleeping or working

Things i like-
:video games
:knowing new things
:making friends
:anything with comupters

Things i hate-
:being dyslexia
:close minded people
:losing a friend

so if anything else you like to know about me just ask and sorry if all the info was really bad but im to lazy or i just don't care enough to fix so your going to have to deal with it

that it nothing else

fine have a
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