Mami Tomoe
No Name   Providence, Rhode Island, United States
HI! Click View More Info to read my rules. Read them if I sent you a friend request or if you are planning on sending me one.

I will not accept random requests if you:

If you have a private profile.
Steam Level 0.
No mutual friends.
If I unfriended you once before.
You are radical left/right. I don't want any extremist bullshit. There's enough bad shit going on in the world already.
You are someone I probably don't like or would get along with.

Very rarely, will I make an exception to those rules.

Why did I send you a request?

I sent you a request because:

I met you in a game and you seem like a chill motherfucker.
You like anime (Madoka Magica in particular).
We know each other IRL (which is unlikely)
If we attend the same College.
Your profile is a Madoka Magica character.
I like your workshop items.
I have a request for you.
I have an offer for you.
We are in the same group (no major groups).
I envy your profile/steam level.

I will unfriend you if:

You are an asshole to me.
Get on my nerves.
Try to scam me.
Start drama with me or my friends.
Try to push your religion/politics/philosophy/lifestyle on me.
Spam me constantly, even after I tell you to stop.

With the serious shit out of the way, I hope we become great friends. If you ever need someone to talk to for any reason, even if it's heavy, feel free to message me. Also, I might need some support too at times, so don't be afraid to help me out either.

I'm very friendly, so don't be afraid to say hi! I'm funny and have an extremely fucked up sense of humor. Anything else you want to know about me, message me.

Things I like:

Animals (Cats and dogs especially)
Anime (Madoka Magica, Kantai Collection, Neptunia, etc)
Guns (proud owner of a Mosin Nagant)
History (especially military history, space travel, etc)
Learning (about culture, languages, places, etc)
Hugs (please hug me)
Boobs (tits are life)
Sports (mainly ice hockey and paintball)
Boston (the city, the band is alright too)
Music (metal, classical, basically anything but modern rap or modern pop)
Food (burgers and steak, fruit snacks, anything yummy)
Drinking (hard cider especially)

And no, I will not check my privilege.

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Shinoaツ Jun 12 @ 8:06am 
Enjoy your week Mami
Zero Jun 11 @ 12:04pm 
Wish you a really nice week :)
Marie Apr 18 @ 5:43pm 
Look that quote up before people spam me >.<
Marie Apr 18 @ 5:42pm 
PlutiePie Apr 12 @ 7:24pm 
Mami Tomoe told me about it Sitzkreig
_Sitzkrieg Apr 12 @ 7:23pm