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1:35 AM - Cassander: no their not
1:35 AM - Cassander: there*
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Rando Mar 14 @ 3:05pm 
Wow ur really cute >//u//< blushes gasps and blushes I-I live near there too. M-Maybe we could h-hang out some time. >//n//< Kik?!? blushes bright red and shudders I-I was just trying to get your attention. Im not popular enough to have kik. bows >/////< *runs on all fours Uwaaa!!? blushes beet red Onii-chan how could you call me that??!! >//~//< winds arm back to slap you stops blushes crying and hugs you Onii-chan Im sorry we fought kisses your cheek >//////< O-Onii-Chan I never knew.... O/////O When you were cold, you were actually trying to protect me. blushes and looks away
Evilmagic Mar 14 @ 1:44pm 
@dupre can you please delete this post and mute Rando?
Rando Mar 14 @ 6:47am 
This comment section has been claimed for The Knights Who Say "Nigger"
Rando Feb 27 @ 9:44pm 
muted. blocked on discord. blocked on the forum. unfriended on steam. removed from skype contacts. unsubscribed on reddit. reported for team wounding.
Rando Feb 23 @ 6:27pm 
Evilmagic: i love ur big donger kadeth
Tagora Feb 11 @ 2:50pm 
chad n stacey sittin in a tree