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Some of the tightest, most satisfying bullet-hell grinding ever fleshed out, but the pretty girls in the background are very distracting.
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✨AskingForTrouble™ 32 minutes ago 
Just wrote a review for a game called Deep Space Waifu right here: http://steamcommunity.com/id/askingfortrouble/recommended/639790
I'd really appreciate an upvote; thank you!!
au 19 hours ago 
✨AskingForTrouble™ Nov 21 @ 7:14pm 
Want to create a Steam Guide without associating it with a game.
Nep-Ko Nov 20 @ 6:27am 

Have a good week!
Lobstersaurus Nov 19 @ 6:48pm 
ApolloNVM Nov 19 @ 5:45pm