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"Do what you love"- Colin Wyckoff, 2009

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A sorrowfull night
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Notice how my petite booty isn't on your dick right now
- H4RU, 2017

Expect no further correspondence from me regarding these matters; this is my final episode.
- Gordon Freeman, Ph.D., in infinite finality

Everyone is writing me...how am I supposed to develop depressions
- Bartorius, 2017

Hippedyhoppedy get off my property
- Mystery, 2017

Daddy I want you to knock me up with that big thick juicy cock! Gag me fuck me cum inside me, make me your little fuck toy!
- Snowtheory, 2017

Just that you know i sexually identify as a nuclear warhead.
- Bekky, 2017

Dont forget, you are talking to Mr. Sakura (Spirit).
- Rexx, 2016

That dropped harder then the Eiffel Towers.
- Bekky, 2016

I can see why you play a lot of Payday 2, you needed the heisting skills to rob some dudes wankbank for your profile pics.
- Blazeoffury, 2016

>when you are so much of a slut you lost count on how many dicks you sucked.
- United4Victory, 2016

If this is a German scope, why are the numbers written in English?
- EPICbanana, 2015

Your computer is fueled by german engineering magic, so no wonder you have 150fps.
- Bekky, 2015

Nerf your butt. All 'em Steam bots been tryin' but they can't get a piece of butt.
- Sofis, 2015
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Snowy is best girl
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Ruined my life 10/10

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stargazzer811 Sep 20 @ 9:14pm 
Hexe I wanna thank you for all the work you did on Interstellar Marines. The game may be dead but it lives on in spirit. Please thank Katrina for me as well. Cheers
Smithly Jul 3 @ 1:05am 
Hex'e the sane*
Insane Katrina May 20 @ 4:16pm 
Always here, always watching, always caring, even when my thoughts go adrift.

Nothing will ever be able to replace you, brother.
Kaleina May 12 @ 6:24pm 
loli Apr 28 @ 5:48am 
[CGC] Ryan Seacrest Apr 22 @ 9:43pm