Team Fortress 2
Parcourez et évaluez les guides réalisés par les joueurs pour ce jeu. Ou, créez le vôtre et partagez vos astuces avec la communauté.
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Some bot challenges when you're offline
par anaconja
If you're online wondering about what you're going to do offline, this guide is for you!...
The Dead Ringer guide
par ๖ۣۜHigH
Introduction Hello! Thank you for clicking on this guide, so as I assume you might be having problems using the dead ringer.. Lets start! ...
Nice looking cosmetic loadouts
par Snitel Panda
Combinations of hats and miscellaneous for all the classes. There are some ideas made by me, I hope you will like them. If you know more cool combinations just comment bellow and I will put them in the guide....
The adventures of the pootis revolution
Here's a real story....
A somewhat basic Heavy guide
par Knight McPatsy |
The Somewhat basic Heavy guide is written with the new/unexperienced Heavy-player in mind. It contains all the basic information you need to know and is a great guide to read when you are having difficulties with playing Heavy....
Serious Alternative Loadouts
par Fay
In this guide, I'll present some Loadouts where I combine weapons to create an alternative playable class. Many Guides or Reviews go really quick onto those and only mention alternative playstyles such as the Rocket jumper Soldier, Fat scout etc.. I play...
Фарм вещей
par ErrorMan6
Руководство создано для заработка денег в стиме на таких играх, как: Unturned, PayDay 2, Killing Floor 2, Team Fortress 2, Rust....
Guide to Playing: Spy
par <|AoC|> Finn
Ever wondered how to be a good spy? Here's a few tips and tricks!...
솔저 로켓점프 가이드
par Tory
로켓점프 어떻게 시작 해야할까?...
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