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How To Make Full-Colour Conscientious Objectors
av v`
This Guide will teach you how to apply your decals on your Conscientious Objector weapon without needing to follow the colour palette!...
How to Pyro - A Guide on How to Play Pyro
av ●ELT● | SapCinema
This is a guide on the basics of the "Pyro" class from Team Fortress 2. We go through the basics of each Pyro weapon and gameplay with them. We dive into basic pub play and good Pyro combinations, and how to carry your team. This guide is for mostly new p...
How to Stay Safe from Phishers and Help others Keep Safe!
av = ocu = Cookie Monster
I will give you tips on how to stay safe from phishers using certain things....
How to get unlimited uses Vuzuela noise maker
av Blackfire62
Alright, alright! Another glitch to do! This one is REALLY disturbing and you can troll people with it!...
The Legend of the Conga Ninja (Regular Updates!)
av OneEye The Conga Ninja
There is one whom spreads the joy of conga throughout all severs, that person is the Conga ninja. Learn how to become one with the Conga here!...
How to create TF2Center lobbies the easy way
av | Kleap |
The guide is about to help new Competitive players on how to Create lobbies in TF2Center the easiest Way. (No money or self-own servers needed) This is my first guide EVER too. so i appreciate if you will ...
New Festive Weapons Approaching!
av Pkms
So half of 2014 is over and you know what that means... NEW FESTIVE WEAPONS APPROACHING! No, seriously, like last year, I decided to make a thread and wanted you to know which weapons would qualify to become festive. This time, I took the time to make a g...
[F4Ze mlg guide] how 2 xXxX$h00txXxX w/ $w4g ofc XXXXDDD
av ๖ۣۜNyanDevice | ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
hai efri1 welcom 2 mah secund guidh: how 2 $h00t w/ $w4g XXXDDDD. iloomenatey confirmed btw. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)...
sneaky man guide
av {D.L}Peaceful Hoovy
proteshinal guide 4 the sneaky man...
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