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ULTRAHUB - Ultimate Transport Hub
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ULTRAHUB - Ultimate Transport Hub

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Everything you need for the ultimate transport center.

ULTRAHUB is the fully modular transport hub which combines all available and possible networks under one single project. It aims to deliver different variations (both in style and network) to the end user as modules and let the user create its own unique station.

Phase 1 consists 2 variants of station styles; Open and Wave roofs, along with Bus, Train and Tram networks.

This is the base building of the complex, in order to use modules fully operational you will need to plop this building first.


**Technical Details - Base Building**

Main Model: ≈4200
LOD Model: ≈1500

**In-game features**

Construction Cost: 90K
Maintenance: 6K
Garbage: 0
Electricity: 30
Water/Sewage: 20/10
Bar on the left is a subbuilding, works as a park with tourist attraction.
Workers: 20/60/14/7
Base building has 4 metro connections in addition to what modules offer.


  • MOM Compatibility
    The building is compatible with MOM and I do intend to release MOM module as well after Mass Transit release. It seems enabling MOM causing to reset station stop height to -12m. The default depth is -21m, so set it back if it's case. Thanks rovapasi for pointing it out.

  • Enable Anarchy to plop modules.

  • Cims might cross over train track when bus or tram module is located next to it, that's game's pathfinding issue.

Other phases will focus on different styles of the main building, monorail extension and auxiliary buildings for a modern train station.

If you like the asset, don't forget to donate:

*Special thanks to simtropolis community for their feedbacks and help.
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1 hour ago
FAQ: Help, support, tips about ULTRAHUB
May 20 @ 11:36am
How to name platforms of ULTRAHUB by using the in-game road tool
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dragonshardz 2 hours ago 
The monorail module being an end module sounds neat.
Angelhearth 6 hours ago 
Have fooled around a little with the modules, tried to make a bus line, but it's impossible to complete the line. Tried 1 stop and 2 stops, only thing I got when I hovered over the marker where the line starts is "Add stop".

You should make a detailed explanation. It took this old senile fool 5 minutes or so to understand that you had to put a road under the previous module to snap the end-module. Also, "Move It" isn't a good mod to use for this, you have to snap directly or it won't look good.
Angelhearth 13 hours ago 
No, we are sad, see "sad face" at the end of the line. Rude and you would have gotten the finger, but since making mods and sharing them is a service provided by players for players I would never be rude, unless the other part started. :)
REV0  [author] 13 hours ago 
Arent we a bit rude here Angel ?
Angelhearth 14 hours ago 
Without Monorail this project is totally useless, at least for me. :(
Scarecrow 16 hours ago 
@UgooDoki I'm a modder myself, I asked very politely, and at the time the description did not state clealry any plans for a monorail extension. Get off your moral high horse.
REV0  [author] May 24 @ 1:23pm 
Just couldn't decide on design yet, I'm still drawing it
REV0  [author] May 24 @ 1:23pm 
I have bunch of ideas ATM:

a. Make it as a module
b. Make it as an end module.

Both possibilities involve a fully glass station module, which can be used separately so It would be possible to make Monorail only modular station
arKtur May 24 @ 1:19pm 
@REV0: Idea for a Monrail Stop

The Monorail Stop could be integrated as a elevated Station with maybe 4 Plattforms, as its currently not possible to go underground with Monorails. The Monorail Station could be over the Entrance Hall with a Round of Wavy Glassroof, so that if you Enter the Ultra Hub, you are able to see the Monrail Station above you.
vikaasa May 23 @ 5:53pm 
As stated in your FAQ, I changed my road placement as per the picture you posted, and the buses can now find path perfectly. Same for trams as well. Everything works perfectly after the MT update. Thank you!