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ULTRAHUB - Ultimate Transport Hub
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May 17, 2017 @ 10:10am
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ULTRAHUB - Ultimate Transport Hub

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ULTRAHUB - Open Roof Modules
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Everything you need for the ultimate transport center.

ULTRAHUB is the fully modular transport hub which combines all available and possible networks under one single project. It aims to deliver different variations (both in style and network) to the end user as modules and let the user create its own unique station.

Phase 1 consists 2 variants of station styles; Open and Wave roofs, along with Bus, Train and Tram networks.

This is the base building of the complex, in order to use modules fully operational you will need to plop this building first.


**Technical Details - Base Building**

Main Model: ≈4200
LOD Model: ≈1500

**In-game features**

Construction Cost: 90K
Maintenance: 6K
Garbage: 0
Electricity: 30
Water/Sewage: 20/10
Bar on the left is a subbuilding, works as a park with tourist attraction.
Workers: 20/60/14/7
Base building has 4 metro connections in addition to what modules offer.


  • MOM Compatibility
    The building is compatible with MOM and I do intend to release MOM module as well after Mass Transit release. It seems enabling MOM causing to reset station stop height to -12m. The default depth is -21m, so set it back if it's case. Thanks rovapasi for pointing it out.

  • Enable Anarchy to plop modules.

  • Cims might cross over train track when bus or tram module is located next to it, that's game's pathfinding issue.

Other phases will focus on different styles of the main building, monorail extension and auxiliary buildings for a modern train station.

If you like the asset, don't forget to donate:

*Special thanks to simtropolis community for their feedbacks and help.
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REV0  [author] Apr 21 @ 9:42am 
Then activate it but dont use this station as MOM breaks it.
juliancho_maussa Apr 21 @ 7:31am 
I disabled MOM, and my game crash, i cannot play it anymore,so it seems that is imposible to create lines with MOM enable, u have another idea???? thanks
REV0  [author] Apr 21 @ 6:49am 
disable MOM. MOM is not working for sunken stations.
juliancho_maussa Apr 21 @ 6:36am 
I cannot Connect the Train lines to another train station, it says that is not possible, i dont know why, i have MOM. Can u help me??
Samaritan Mar 20 @ 4:56am 
Why there are no visitors
Souvlaki Feb 16 @ 6:55pm 
To answer your question belatedly, yes I do use the metro overhaul mod.
SkiRich Feb 9 @ 4:14pm 
I can confirm the flooded buildings. Its the bus terminals that let water inside. However the water subsided with time and the vacuum trucks did enter the bus terminal to help out.
REV0  [author] Feb 7 @ 4:39am 
@Imparfecto So I tested two reports:

1. Hub types: I placed all hubs (tram/bus) both wave and open roof, they seems to be correct:

2. Flood: I also started a flood and observed that water is passing "over" modules, doesnt stay inside station. Still, I wanted to evacuate it faster so I placed 2 pumps over station, that also solved flood issue:
Imparfecto Feb 5 @ 6:07pm 
One more thing too actually... When I've placed the Waved Roof Buf Module and there's been a flood in my city, water still remains inside the sunken module and the pumping station vehicles don't respond to those buildings although they're respondin to everywhere else in the same range. I kept an eye on the Bus lines that were travelling through it, and they were still travelling through the water so not sure if thats another glitch as well? ^^
Imparfecto Feb 5 @ 5:36am 
alright cool, thanks a lot! :)