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ULTRAHUB - Ultimate Transport Hub
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May 17 @ 10:10am
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ULTRAHUB - Ultimate Transport Hub

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ULTRAHUB - Open Roof Modules
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Everything you need for the ultimate transport center.

ULTRAHUB is the fully modular transport hub which combines all available and possible networks under one single project. It aims to deliver different variations (both in style and network) to the end user as modules and let the user create its own unique station.

Phase 1 consists 2 variants of station styles; Open and Wave roofs, along with Bus, Train and Tram networks.

This is the base building of the complex, in order to use modules fully operational you will need to plop this building first.


**Technical Details - Base Building**

Main Model: ≈4200
LOD Model: ≈1500

**In-game features**

Construction Cost: 90K
Maintenance: 6K
Garbage: 0
Electricity: 30
Water/Sewage: 20/10
Bar on the left is a subbuilding, works as a park with tourist attraction.
Workers: 20/60/14/7
Base building has 4 metro connections in addition to what modules offer.


  • MOM Compatibility
    The building is compatible with MOM and I do intend to release MOM module as well after Mass Transit release. It seems enabling MOM causing to reset station stop height to -12m. The default depth is -21m, so set it back if it's case. Thanks rovapasi for pointing it out.

  • Enable Anarchy to plop modules.

  • Cims might cross over train track when bus or tram module is located next to it, that's game's pathfinding issue.

Other phases will focus on different styles of the main building, monorail extension and auxiliary buildings for a modern train station.

If you like the asset, don't forget to donate:

*Special thanks to simtropolis community for their feedbacks and help.
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SkiRich Sep 20 @ 4:53pm 
@Marschall that is a side effect of sunken stations. I get that with just about every custom "depot" type asset I use. Its a game glitch. I suggest making the starting stop just outside the station, make the next stop in the station and then continue as normal connecting the line to the above ground station. Once done, delete the above ground stop. The stop in the station will default to stop #1. Works for all sunken assets.
Marschall Vorwärts Sep 20 @ 4:11pm 
@SkiRich: I can make a stop in the Bus lanes, when I start my line there, but when I want to continue the line then I always get the message "Can not find path". The same message I get, when I start my line anywhere else and want to ad a stop in the Hub.
I have no idea where the problem lies. Thanks for your reply!
REV0  [author] Sep 17 @ 1:01pm 
Agamemnicon Ground level modules are in the plans, that is if I find time for it
Agamemnicon Sep 17 @ 12:12pm 
LOVE the functionality and the look. Thank you REV0! This replaced a larger single-asset multi-track station in my city. The open roof design and module setup makes it SO much easier to set up transit lines and see what's going on inside the station:)

Additional comment/request: curious if you have thought of making modules that are not below ground level? As in, modules that have ground-level networks ready to connect to without using tunnels? I had a devil of a time building like.. 6 train lines right next to each other and having the tunnels come up and appear symmetrical. Would be better at least for me, if I could just drag train tracks right from the modules.

[[I am also having problems with busses, but it's probably my fault despite placing them exactly to spec. I am still using the original Network Extensions mod, because last time I tried using NE 2 something got messed up in my city]]
SkiRich Sep 13 @ 6:12pm 
Can you make a bus stop at the station? Or are you saying the busses never get into the station?
Marschall Vorwärts Sep 13 @ 1:40pm 
I do have the problem, that my busses can't stop in the HUB. I'm quite a Noob in this game. DFo you have any Idea, where the problem lies? Thanks anyway!
SkiRich Sep 4 @ 5:36pm 
Awesome work!
REV0  [author] Sep 4 @ 12:29am 
Glass roof is in the plans, i will release glass variant of main module first
SkiRich Sep 3 @ 6:55pm 
This is pure genius. Works great. Thank you. What are the chances you could add a glass roof or make a prop for a glass roof to fix the stations instead of the wave roof? The stations are too pretty to hide behind the solid wave roof.
REV0  [author] Sep 2 @ 3:23am 
Station modules don't accept the command "don't spawn intercity" at the moment. I'm thinking the track i used is the issue (sunken track which came with BP's mod), I asked him about this but no answer so far.

Otherwise, it is not asset related, since I didn't use any other mods except Extra Station Tracks. Other 2 mods are not train spawn related.