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I use crack at a demo games, I buy games when it on sale. I love animal and control buiding games.:steamhappy:
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nhatanh0475 Sep 9 @ 4:34am 
I used a mod that haven't got an update since 2016 too :v But if it not conflig with other than it fine to me (except it a legacy :v (which mean it has a better version))
mortuus17 Sep 8 @ 12:39pm 
Most mods don't get affected by even multiple game updates. Unlike some complex mods, which need consistent updates, the mod you commented that on was a pretty minor one that takes the end values of the vanilla game and simply multiplies them by a number.
I play CSL with about 120 mods, most of which haven't been updated since 2017.
nhatanh0475 Sep 8 @ 4:47am 
May not working anymore.
nhatanh0475 Sep 8 @ 4:47am 
That line of me only work for some mods because those haven't been updated may not unsuable. I forgot the word "may" :v
mortuus17 Sep 7 @ 10:56pm 
"This mod quite great but because It not being update in 2019 so it outdated."

You don't know how modding works. Unless you have anything relevant to say, keep it to yourself.
nhatanh0475 Aug 15 @ 6:34am 
hello what this comment for?