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Welcome to the Emporium. This is the master collection of all trains and related material released by me for Cities: Skylines. Certain assets are considered 'a must have' for a European railway look, such as ICE and TGV trains, or for Jap
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Welcome to Railway 2.

There are two user manuals for Railway 2, read whichever suits your needs:

User Manual/Complete Guide: Explains ALL new features and content t
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This is the complete user guide/feature list for Railway 2, which is soon to be released. A simpler version will be made later on, before the release.

Network collection is here:
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REV0 Sep 21 @ 9:35am 
I can say that I'm working on CS2 content, but a transition from CS1 to CS2 is not easy as people think, a significant overhauls if not remakes are required.

But I can say with certainty that I'll be around :)

Nice to hear from you as well Jovzin, hope you're doing well, take care
Jovzin Sep 21 @ 5:07am 
Hello REVO. Long time no see. Do you have plans to migrate your mods for CS2 ? I think maybe they will be compatible and not hard to migrate to CS2 right ? Wish you all the best and see you later :)
nikmorgan Sep 20 @ 12:42pm 
22aaron.craigie Jun 24 @ 6:03pm 
hey @rev0, would it be possible to get some English trains in the game. There is a lot of options but none as good as your collections
ichbinich May 15 @ 12:55pm 
Hey @Revo what do you think of the rhein ruhr express in germany could you imagine adding it to your train mod collection soon ?
joaoalegre1 May 12 @ 10:43am 
@REVO, I'm sorry, I got you confused by other your case it would be the MAN's Lyon BUS. I plan to repaint them with some portuguese livery's. For the trains, I'm not sure yet, maybe one Bombardier.