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Workshop Showcase

Welcome to the Emporium. This is the master collection of all trains and related material released by me for Cities: Skylines. Certain assets are considered 'a must have' for a European railway look, such as ICE and TGV trains, or for Jap
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Created by - REV0
Workshop Showcase
Workshop Showcase
Only modders will understand.

Feel free to use in your mods as a required item.
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Vincent_HVR Jul 23 @ 5:36am 
Hello, would you mind creating monorails from the Tokyo Monorail fleet for Cities Skylines? I was really impressed from the INNOVIA 300 monorail and I thought that your the only one that could make this a reality for cities skylines.

1000 Series:
2000 Series:
10000 Series:
Greentrap Jul 5 @ 12:14pm 

Thank you again for your work and time, I really appreciate this. :)

One question: could you add this locomotive ?:

I'm a little surprised that you don't have such locomotives yet ...?

This seems to be a (newer?) Model:

Although I like the first "old" version better.
Monkeranzeee Jun 4 @ 7:16am 
Wunderschön! Weiter so :D
Shredra May 28 @ 3:31pm 
Would you make a train set for me with a commission? Please pm me if you are interested.
REV0 May 28 @ 2:04pm 
8+8 enters XL class of train lenght, and I mentioned in its description that very long trains require special treatment or station-wise infrastructure. There's a tutorial which addresses XL lenght trains and how they should be used. In that same tutorial I recommend people not to use XL trains in a terminus config, but make a loop instead.
Ahab der Araber May 21 @ 9:28am 
I have a queation about the Hauptbahnhof Train station you created and the ICE 3 8+8 Train. I have a problem when using the Hauptbahnhof which is that certain trains on enter the station, unload their passengers, let new passengers enter, complete the unbunching process and then they don''t continue on their line... This occurs all the time with an ICE 3 8+8 and always on the same track, sometimes somewhere else.
I'm using the improved public transport 2 mod.
Can you help me with this?