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Workshop Showcase
Workshop Showcase

Welcome to the Emporium. This is the master collection of all trains and related material released by me for Cities: Skylines. Certain assets are considered 'a must have' for a European railway look, such as ICE and TGV trains, or for Jap
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Created by - REV0
Chamëleon May 18 @ 5:02am 
Hi REV0 - thank you for all your great assets and all the time and work you spent and still spend. Is there any option to get access to the railyard retaining walls again. I know these downvote idiots... and understand your reaction... but it really hurts me to have lost your railyard retaining walls :(
andresu_84 May 15 @ 12:18pm 
Hi REV0 absolutely love your work! Your talent is insane. I've just sent you a follow request to have access to other things you've uploaded. Thanks again and cheers
SergioPC May 9 @ 2:29am 
Hello REVO, I have been seeing your great work for a long time, you are great ... I am Spanish and I wanted to ask you, please, are you going to do any Spanish train model? Many of us are waiting impatiently for this favor ... Thank you.
balcmusic Apr 25 @ 5:13am 
Do you have a 5 car train? Your 6 car train with 900 people is a bit long, but I love using it!
CocoaBean Apr 16 @ 3:54pm 
Could you please send them to me to? I'm sending a request now.
Sakuro Apr 16 @ 11:09am 
Thank you ^^ !