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Idle Suppression
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May 15 @ 3:25pm
May 25 @ 2:53am
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Idle Suppression

Ever wanted some more action on the battlefield instead of units idly gawking at each other? Wait no more, for this mod will beautify your battles and decimate your framerates.

Will only take effect in new missions.

Conditions for units to shoot:
  • Must have a compatible weapon (see ini)
  • Must have ammo
  • must pass an 80% roll (see ini)
  • must not be flanked
  • must not be on overwatch
  • must not be selected
  • must not be concealed

Conditions for units to be shot at
  • Must be visible
  • must not be targeted
  • mus pass basic restriction such as "alive", "not cosmetic" etc.

This mod requires the X2CommunityHighlander.
If you want to use it with Long War 2, follow the instructions on the X2CommunityHighlander page.

Laser Weapons (coil too?) will have only very quiet sounds. This is due to the way they are set up in the editor, and I can't easily fix that.

This mod makes runtime changes to AnimSequences to (1) remove camera shakes from units that are idle suppressing and (2) prevent camera notifies for cinematic camera cuts from firing from units that are idle suppressing. I am not aware of any other mod that does this, so there shouldn't be issues.
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uPr0ph3tu 16 hours ago 
Hi everyone ! So I"m using LW2 with a bunch of mods and the game started crashing consistently now after about a couple of weeks of playing fine. I've put the crash log on pastebin: https://pastebin.com/xCy04fMp

Anybody know what can be causing this ? I really don't want to disable idle suppression.. The game just isn't the same without it lol. And I've tried everything I can think of. I've got 32GB of RAM and an i7 970 with a GTX 680. So although framerate dips a tad every now and then seems to handle even the most intense battles just fine. I had about 20 enemies shooting at 10 of my guys back and forth and it ran fine for a long while. In this particular instance it was during a firefight and I clicked my SPARK to move to a certain to location. When I right clicked it crashed.

Please help I love this mod so much and I just need to make it work :)
Mulemilk Nov 30 @ 12:20pm 
Damn guys. I was just checking if anyone experienced the same thing i did I didnt expect everyone to start yelling at each other
Mockingcrow Nov 28 @ 7:37pm 
"a mod he doesnt want to update" "A mod he doesnt have interest in updating."

He has not stated that, nor implied it. The last thing he did state was that there is no ETA. I think I read in the highlander thread, a bit ago, hes just got plenty of other things on his plate, not to mention, im sure he ACTUALLY plays these games for his own enjoyment *GASP* Last time I checked, he had over 80 mods hes sbumitted(not just Xcom2).. lets not forget a day job, and/or school.

So yes... hes not obligated to update this mod, let alone to any specific timeline. Grab your patience by the balls and deal with it... or make your own mod? Its REALLY that simple.
Khoi128 Nov 26 @ 6:48pm 
Ok, he's ignoring this specific thread then.
Type1Ninja Nov 26 @ 5:01pm 
"Ignoring" isn't the right word. He probably just unsubbed from this thread full of people begging him to update a mod he doesn't have interest in updating.
Khoi128 Nov 26 @ 4:39pm 
Well if he's supposedly ignoring comments, I doubt arguing here accomplishes anything.
Landgreen Nov 26 @ 1:24pm 
atleast i respond to comments saying i cannot update them isntead of ignoring them for months at a hand
Since Landgreen's a kid that cries about others not updating mods that were a shitton more work to begin with then the mods he had a hand in...that are NOT updated either. Talk about being a hypocrite.
Vortex ♀ Pixalation Nov 25 @ 8:32pm 
I talk to people like children? Since when
Landgreen Nov 25 @ 8:01pm 
i just say the truth