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Plop the Growables
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May 13, 2017 @ 6:58am
Nov 17 @ 6:11am
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Plop the Growables

Allows you to manually plop growable buildings with Find It! and having them remain where you put them.

In essence this mod removes the "Demolish me" signal growables normally send to the game when they are not in a zoned area or not in the correct district for their specialization.

It also prevents buildings from Leveling up on their own(unless you disable this options in the mod options menu).

To make the "plopping" effect more in line with the way other assets are plopped, by default the mod sets the construction time of growables to 0, thus disabling the "growing/scaffolding" animation. You can disable this in the options menu as well.

Required/Recommended Mods

You need Find It! in order to be able to manually plop buildings.


Force Level Up can be useful if you want a certain building to advance in level, so you can do it manually.

Alternatively, you can also use Control Building Level Up.

Move It

No Abandonment

No Fires

No Problem

This mod uses the amazing Harmony Framework[] by Pardeike for method-patching. The unique Harmony ID used for this mod is "com.tpb.plopthegrowables".

The building in the image is by Feindbild :)

If you like this mod, please take a moment to rate+, it really helps me stay motivated to continue creating mods for the community. Also, if you're feeling generous and want to show some appreciation, consider making a small donation or becoming a Patron. While not required, it is always a great incentive. Thank you.

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Apr 30 @ 4:05pm
Plop the Growables complete setup
-* TensorMaster *-
< >
6 hours ago 
If the problem is still happening, then it's not this mod - because it's been reverted to the old version. So it must be some other mod. Check in content manager to see what mods have been updated recently (sort by last modified).
T​​​P​​​B  [author] 11 hours ago 
So I have been trying to reproduce this issue which you guys are talking about all evening tonight... and I just can't. I have Plop the Growables, Tree and Prop Anarchy, Rebalanced Industries.... and I dont see any overlapping building in over 4 hours playing so........................... I am pretty sure it cannot be this mod causing it at this point. Unless anyone can give me more specific information and reproduction steps, as well as maybe a list of mods that you are using when the problem arises, I can't "fix"it because it doesnt seem to be broken.
T​​​P​​​B  [author] 11 hours ago 
The options menu disappeared because I reverted back to previous version, which didnt have one.
Thumperdevine 13 hours ago 
Is it just me or has the options menu diaspeared since the update?
Max Vu 15 hours ago 
This mod never worked for me. Each time I would spawn a growable building, it would either despawn on the spot or it'll despawn like 4 minutes later. Unsubbing, sorry man.
LARSONi CS.MONEY 18 hours ago 
How do I get cars to my city with this mod on?
T​​​P​​​B  [author] 21 hours ago 
Well I don't have much time on my hands atm so I just reverted the mod back to the previous version before last update.
jlymbo02 21 hours ago 
Is the problem fixed yet? I'm wanting to use this mod :steamsad:
Docaroo Nov 17 @ 2:51am 
Same problem here - getting many buildings (100s) stacking on top of each other with this mod enabled! Am playing latest version with industies...
Detail Nov 16 @ 6:51pm 
I had the issue a few days ago, I had up to 100 buildings piled up on top and had to bulldose them all to get back to a clean tile. I saw it on both commercial and residential. I've since turned off the mod and fingers crossed I'm not having the issue anymore.