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Cities: Skylines

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Move It!
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Sep 18, 2016 @ 2:14pm
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Move It!

Compatible with Cities Skylines 1.6.1-f2 (Natural Disasters)

This mod allows you to select and move various things.

NEW IN 1.6.0
- Bulldozer! WARNING: Bulldozing is permanent, no undo
- Improved snapping! Try to bend a single segment or move a single node with snapping

NEW IN 1.5.0
- Copy! You can now make a copy of selected objects.
- Follow Terrain option! If disabled, objects will stay at the same height (when applicable).

Use the M key to toggle the tool or click the button (draggable with right click) next to the bulldoze tool.

Hold the Shift key to select multiple objects to move at once.

The following objects can be selected with Left Click:
- Buildings
- Trees
- Props
- Nodes (roads, quays, etc...)

This tool doesn't provide any limitations for maximum power. Use at your own risk.

Drag with the mouse Left Click to move selected objects. Drag left and right with Right Click to rotate.

Use the Arrow Keys to move selected objects. Hold the Alt key for even finer movements and Shift key for bigger steps.

Use Page Up and Page Down to move object up and down (when possible).
Use Ctrl + Left/Right to rotate (Trees don't rotate).

Includes undo (Ctrl+Z) and redo (Ctrl+Y) feature.

Does not use the detour technique for maximum compatibility.
Does not alter game save files in any way and can be disabled/removed safely at any time.

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co-wie Jan 21 @ 2:46am 
@drosera88: does this happen after you change the pillars using network skins?
drosera88 Jan 20 @ 10:24pm 
I'm running into a weird bug where when I move elevated road nodes and pillars near other elevated roads the game suddenly slows to a crawl. It doesn't crash, but the game becomes almost unplayable. Any idea what's causing this?
Wojtas Jan 17 @ 5:57am 
Ok but what is the unit? One press equals 1 meter? Half meter?
SamsamTS  [author] Jan 17 @ 4:38am 
@Wojtas Alt key for finer steps.
Wojtas Jan 17 @ 2:46am 
@SamsamTS What is the ammount of stepping when lowering the terrain? Is it one click equals 1 meter? Is it possible to have 1 meter step and for example 10 cm with ctrl?
Sparks Jan 15 @ 2:37pm 
The barrier placer mod had the ability to scale the props. Could you implement this into this mod or a new one please?
Pres Jan 15 @ 7:38am 
@abdulazimapril you can add me if you want
Pres Jan 15 @ 7:38am 
@abdulazimapril those should all be compatible, once you can name them all tell me
abdulazimapril Jan 15 @ 7:16am 
I can only list some for now. Metro Overhaul Mod, Precision Engineering, Building Themes, IPT, Terraforming Tool (the old one). Well that are the one that I can remember anyway.
Pres Jan 15 @ 6:37am 
@abdulazimapril Could you please provide a full list?