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Compatible with Cities Skylines 1.9.0-f5 (Green Cities)

Find your assets in game (very) quickly.

Basically a better Search Box mod with instantaneous results as you type.

- Click on the magnifying glass icon at the bottom right of the screen or press Ctrl + F to open the search window
- Type some keywords
- Selected the desired item
- Profit

How it works
The mod scans all the assets and generate a database of tags based on the title, the description, the service and the author of the asset. During the search, a score is evaluated based on a comparison with the keywords typed and the asset tags. All assets with a score greater than zero are sorted and displayed into the list.

The mod also generate the missing thumbnails icons by rendering the main mesh of the asset. Big thanks to FrF for sharing his code generating all the icons variants (hovered, pressed, etc..).

The mod also replace the part of the UI that displays the items with a more efficient version. This can lead to incompatibilities with other mods.

Known incompatible/conflicting mods
- Search Box mod (I don't think you will need it anymore)
- Extended Toolbar: mod don't do anything
- More Flags: put German flag on some icons

Planned features
- Custom tags: set your own tags (local)
- Custom creator tags: words starting with # in the asset description will be considered as creator tags and therefor have a higher search score

Source code
This mod uses detours C# library[] by cope.

Thank you for:
★ rating this mod
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☞ supporting me with a donation[]
Popular Discussions View All (3)
Nov 21 @ 7:26am
Searching box is missing
Nov 11 @ 7:06pm
Pressing 'B' opens Find It!'s UI, overrides bulldoze keymap.
Silk Boxer Wedgie
Nov 4 @ 7:47pm
Feature ideas
< >
картошка Nov 22 @ 9:17am 
the search is a magnifying glass in the bottom right.

I don't know if key commands work but the mod DOES work, and I haven't had any issues with other mods (and I have many)

I can't thank you enough for this mod. I have ~4500 assets and this is a godsend.
Virtual Nov 19 @ 7:04pm 
does this mod is still maintained??? it feel like it's been abandoned... there is an issue with the key binding of the key "B" and overright the bulldoze key... it's been like that since... forever.... and it's quit annoying. if someone could make a newer version of this mod with a fix it would be great.
Slayer Nov 11 @ 6:14pm 
After a while it takes over other key-presses. Pressing "B" for the bulldozer brings up the search window.
-1PARA-McLuvin Nov 9 @ 3:21am 
Thank you for this mod, it works for me in that it gives me control over my growable buildings, especially as i use multilple mods that cover the same level and size of building. This mod allows me to select individual buildings to avoid the same style appearing over and over again. Simple to use as well. thanks again!
baronjutter Nov 8 @ 12:45pm 
Crazy, out of desperation is disabled every mod except for findit and the menu is still missing. I was just playing it fine this morning, nothing had changed. Really hope someone gets to the bottom of this as skylines without a working find it is pretty unplayable :(
baronjutter Nov 8 @ 12:29pm 
Shutting down loading screen fixed my issue for a day, lots of loading and savings and closing and restarting the game. Now suddenly the interface is yet again vanished. Will try disabling/enabling random things. Something is certainly off and it's not as simple as loading screen.
REV0 Nov 7 @ 3:02pm 
Loading screen mod is working fine. I have it open and search bar is there. Closing prop presision fixed it for me.

I'm pretty sure Samsam is looking for it, but more important that search box, mod doesn't recognize new assets either. European Suburbia Packs, Green DLC content doesn't show up in search.
baronjutter Nov 7 @ 2:57pm 
Anyone having a missing search bar: shut loading screen down for the time being, for some reason it's causing the problem.
DjHart Nov 7 @ 7:55am 
so i found if you do control+f and type in stuff you can still search just it doesnt show the search bar
DjHart Nov 7 @ 6:57am 
no search bar.....