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Realistic War... or the "Mine Yours" Collection... ;)
Fireaxis had to make many hard choices while programming strategic/tactical rules-dynamics giving often priority to "simplification" by sacrificing "plausibility" because they had to remember that the vast majority of "paying customers" simply can't handle too many game aspects simultaneously and too complex game rules...

...but real life IS complex, and "realistic" games have to reflect such complexity to feel credible... so, for the rest of us who only love intellectually challenging strategy games, who love games not only when they are "difficult" (hard to win) but also when they are "complex" (with many rules/aspects/dimensions/controls to keep in mind simultaneously) and therefore not afflicted by the "Super Mario" or "Floppy Bird" syndrome (by the "Hard to win but mindlessly simplified, zero-IQ requiring, 1-button game" syndrome), who love science fiction not only when it has special effects but only when it is believable... for the rest of us here is my personal XCOM reprogramming fixing everything (I could) that in my opinion was ruining the feeling of "immersion" into the XCOM world by damaging plausible credibility (also known as the "Bat-Computer" syndrome)... ;)

Long story short: One Megamod that rules them all… “Mutilated” into tiny little self-functioning Mini-mods ;)
Short story long: I always wanted to publish my millionaire Smartphone App super-idea but totally forgot how to program from my first University years. I tried to relearn with Youtube channels and online Tutorials but got bored to death after a week. One day, playing my favorite game ever (and the only one I have the luxury to have time to play) I asked the author of my favourite Mod to please apply a tiny little idea on his Mod for me. No answer… I got struck by the brilliant idea: relearn programming by making your only stress-release game more fun and the way I wished it to be!!! Modding was love at first sight. Not only I didn’t get bored relearning to program from zero, but I actually have became so enthusiast and obsessed by the constant intellectual challenge that it now keeps me literally hypnotised for hours, days, weeks, months… I now have 10 times more fun by reprogramming my only game than playing it! How crazy! Solving programming puzzles turned out to be for me much more fun than solving this strategy-game puzzles themselves! My first XCOM Modification starting from 0 took ages… literally weeks: to interpret the code of other Mods achieving a similar result and to understand what I needed to change (no need of reinventing the wheel, right?), to understand that it wasn’t enough to naively just “paste/edit” text inside someone else’s Mod files but that I also had to “rebuild the solution” with a “solution builder”, to discover Modbuddy, to find a way to run XCOM Development Kit on a Mac, to find a way to shrink it from 60GB to 2GB ‘cause I had only 8GB available (deleting the graphic/sound content), etc… But the gratification and earned experience was way worth it once finished. Then each next Modification, like a university exercise, once solved made me realise that I learned 1 or 2 new important tricks that allowed me to program the next one. An so on, modification after the next I completely changed XCom exactly the way I always wanted it with a SINGLE HUGE MEGAMOD that puts its hands everywhere in the game. Now, I can’t give you the Megamod because it has way too many modifications at once for another single person to have the chance to like them all (and God knows which other Mods it isn’t compatible with). Now I’m simply multitasking between making additional modifications (the hardest ones, now that I have the skill) and simultaneously “mutilating” the Megamod into tiny little self-functioning mods (dozens and dozens of them!!) to share with you guys… but mainly because the mutilation process is an additional superfun and challenging programming exercise (even making these stupid Mod Preview Images. Until yesterday I didn’t know how give a transparent background to pasted images) that pushes my skills every day one step closer to my future millionaire supersuccessful Smartphone App. Wish me luck! ;)

Are you so full of gratitude for this RW Collection that you will just explode if you don't offer me a beer?
Need me to add an option you like?
Want to help to keep this mod “surviving” XCom updates?
You’d like me to make it compatible with your favourite Mod?
Seen a bug and want to help me find the time to squash it?
XCom Modding is fun but doesn't pay the rent and free time is limited… Donations are NOT mandatory but if you want to "motivate" me to escalate this mod maintenance (or your suggested idea) higher on my free-time priority list… here is the Paypal link and I'll have a beer (or maybe lunch) in your honour. ;)
Items (21)
RW Realistic Capacitor Discharge and Bombard
Created by krumiro
;My Electrical Damage caused by Capacitor Discharge and Bombard doesn't absurdly get reduced by Armor but instead it realistically ignores Armor exactly like for Combat Protocol and my Electrical Damage caused by Bombard isn't absurdly identical for any ta...
RW Realistic Frostbite
Created by krumiro
;My soldiers' Frostbite's "irreplaceable freezing fluid" from the Viper King's gland is not absurdly unlimited but realistically grants them a limited amount of shots throughout the entire life of their Serpent Suit/Armor (but they can Frostbite more than ...
RW Realistic Hunter Axe
Created by krumiro
;My Axe, once thrown, doesn't "magically" reappear on the Soldier once he's back at the Base (flying back like Thor's Hammer???) but is realistically lost if not recovered from the floor (but if recovered it then can immediately be thrown again, why not?) ...
RW Realistic Non Instantaneous Objective Interaction
Created by krumiro
;My Soldiers don't magically freeze time when planting bombs or taking artefacts from Advent Facilities but realistically take 1 Action of time, yours?

;I couldn't stand it... I simply couldn't continue my Campaign until I Modded this absurdity out of e...
RW Realistic Obsolete Availability
Created by krumiro
;My old Tier Medikit and Smoke/Emp Grenades (and other Mods' old Tier non-infinite items) remain available to build (usefully because cheaper) after completion of the next Tier’s research which gives one new Tier item instead of upgrading every old Tier it...
RW Realistic Spare Parts Continent Bonus
Created by krumiro
;My Resistance sends me 50% spare parts also for the “remaining” progress of already started Proving Grounds constructions, yours?

;It didn't seem realistic to me to "wait" to start a Proving Ground construction because I still have a ...
[WotC] RW Better Coil Laser Plasma Weapons Integration
Created by krumiro
;My Laser Weapons don't have the middle-Tier Damage of a useless middle-Tier 2.5 (which was just a worthless "half-step" making it only longer/costlier to reach Tier 3 Plasma-Damage) but instead my Coil Weapons are now Tier 3 (with Damage/Cost of Plasma We...
[WotC] RW Better Mission Result Based Autoadjusting Difficulty
Created by krumiro
;My "Enemy Force Level" (a Default-XCom2 Value used to determine the Amount/Type/Tier of randomly generated Enemies in Missions and gradually increasing from 1 to 20 by +1 every 10days) helpfully also decreases/increases after each Mission based on Casualt...
[WotC] RW Better Vests
Created by krumiro
;My (costlier) Nanoscale Vests don’t add just a pathetic 1HP and my (more protective) Advanced Vests are not absurdly manufactured out of simply a Power Core, yours?

;Personally, 2HP as in XCOM 1 seems ...
[WotC] RW Fixed MidCampaign Language Changing
Created by krumiro
;My XCOM2 doesn't absurdly prevent me from loading a progress saved in a different language, yours?

;You should have seen my face the first time I tried to switch from French to German and saw the message: “Games saved in different languages cannot be l...
[WotC] RW Realistic Aiming Angles
Created by krumiro
ApplyGoodAngleBonusEvenFartherThan11TilesAway = true
ApplyGoodAngleBonusNotOnlyForXComSoldiersButAlsoForAnyoneShooting = true

;You can change at which angle the Good Angle Bonus "starts and...
[WotC] RW Realistic Civilians Rescue
Created by krumiro
;My Civilians when rescued, instead of "magically disappearing" after running 6 tiles, run all the way to the end of the map, yours?

;Fireaxis worked their ass off to program the cool Advent Reinforcements animations and then got absurdly lazy leaving ...
[WotC] RW Realistic Facility Upgrading
Created by krumiro
;My Facilities don't "magically" upgrade in an instant (!!!) but instead realistically also require both time and assigned engineers, yours?

FacilityUpgradesConstructionTimeIsItsFacilityConstructionTimeDividedBy = 4...
[WotC] RW Realistic Grappling
Created by krumiro
;My soldiers Grappling aren't instantaneously teleporting but realistically taking 1 Action of time to aim, shoot, fly, land and they aren't waiting 3 turns to reuse it (waiting for what? to rewind the cable? it seems already rewound to me), yours?

;I c...
[WotC] RW Realistic Non Infinite Constructions
Created by krumiro
;XCOM1 allowed to build advanced Armors/Weapons individually... so why not in XCOM2?!? I couldn't stand it and I literally couldn't continue my Campaign until I modded this unrealistic "Divine Squad Upgrade" absurdity out of existence the way I wanted once...
[WotC] RW Realistic Non Instantaneous Autopsies
Created by krumiro
;My Tygan cannot anymore skip Autopsies' research time and absurdly learn everything about aliens' internal anatomy simply by waiting for soldiers to kill a large amount of them, yours?

;Why bother loosing time with any Autopsy when you know that they w...
[WotC] RW Realistic Non Instantaneous Constructions
Created by krumiro
;My Shen doesn't "magically" pop out Items in an instant (out of her Mary Poppins bag???) but building them realistically takes time (proportionally to their Tech level) and, when she's not busy building Items (in one of my 2 Engineer Slots of her Engineer...
[WotC] RW Realistic Non Self Building Facilities
Created by krumiro
;My Facilities don't magically "build themselves up" when no Engineer is assigned but instead their construction realistically doesn't progress (exactly like for Rooms Debris Clearings) and, as a consequence, my Facilities Constructions have a second Engin...
[WotC] RW Realistic Non Self Building Proving Ground Tech
Created by krumiro
;My Proving Ground Technologies don't magically "build themselves up" when no Engineer is assigned but instead their construction realistically doesn't progress (exactly like for Rooms' Debris-Clearings) and, as a consequence, my Proving Ground has a secon...
[WotC] RW Realistic One Use Grenades
Created by krumiro
;My (cheaper) Grenades, once thrown, don't magically reappear in the Soldier's pocket if he's back alive at the Base but they are realistically destroyed during their own damn explosion and, similarly, my (cheaper) non-explosive throwables (MimicBeacon, Ba...
[WotC] RW Realistic Recruiting
Created by krumiro
;My Recruits don’t magically instantly appear out of a Harry Potter Chimney but take time (a plane, then a bus, then a hike) to reach the Avenger, yours?

DaysForRecruitsToArrive = 3;
;Personally, ...
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Aegelweard Feb 15 @ 7:28am 
Subbed to all mods. Gee, I wonder how much different my play-through is going to be.
krumiro  [author] Feb 14 @ 5:29pm 
_ALuX_ Feb 14 @ 10:57am 
Thank you for updating your mods for WOTC!
BadCat Jan 19 @ 2:39pm 
Hi. Would it be possible to update for Wotc?
smithsguild Aug 14, 2017 @ 8:54am 
Would it be possible to create a debuff that triggers at thawed, & lasts 2-3 turns.
smithsguild Aug 14, 2017 @ 8:50am 
I wanted to thank you for this series of realistic mini-mods. I was wondering if you had ever considered the disconnect w/t reality regarding the Frost bomb frozen (TV dinner like) to thawed (full function no impairment) w/o an lingering side effects? wouldn't a 'chilled' debuff midstate reflecting hypothermia -aim/ -move/ -will reflecting the shivering teeth chattering midstate.
krumiro  [author] Jul 17, 2017 @ 6:26am 
A special thanks to Josh for his generous donation! You're the best, dude! I will use it to buy my War of the Chosen Expansion! ;) Josh, I like the idea you asked me to Mod into existence and I will rise it up in my priorities-list for my daily free programming-time hobby... ;)
baddoggs Jul 15, 2017 @ 9:34pm 
I know.. Right. One of the reasons i love this series of games.
And of course for the awesome mods it generates. I for one
truly appreciate the work you modders do ;)
krumiro  [author] Jul 15, 2017 @ 11:28am 
and don't forget the interdimensional armoured flying brains projecting semi-materialized holographic bodies while phasing trying to tune/sync to this dimension... LOL
baddoggs Jul 15, 2017 @ 12:07am 
A reality mod for a game about giant space snakes.....
Cool.... Lol.