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Hearts of Iron IV

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Started this idea once the game was released but never had the chance to share it.
During the new year I re-did this from scratch and mixed up with the ideas I already had and now I was finally able to take it out of the vault and share it. So pardon the dust.

All bonuses given by this tree, despiste not being random, might not be perfectly balanced so all feedback will be welcome. I also would like to remind everyone I'm a total newbie to this so I'll try to meet your expections.

IRL might stop me from being an active modder but I'll do my best.
Note: Since this started in 2016 idk how it will fair against the new updates and dlc so good luck!

Version 1.07

● National Focus Tree (+new images);
● Country Bookmark;
● Revamped Advisors, Research and Production & Military Staff;
● Fascist & Communist Flag + Empire (Cosmetic) Flag;
● Portuguese Cores in Africa reinstated;
● Presidents Oscar Carmona and Antonio Salazar as country Ideas.

● Events;
● National Focus & Ideas Maintenance.

Paradox Forum Link: https://forum.paradoxplaza.com/forum/index.php?threads/1004191/
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Squibeel  [author] Dec 1 @ 8:45am 
Since I'm going to be changing the national tree a bit more doing that now would be a short term solution that would end up becoming obsolete.

Since this mod started being made during last New Years I see no problem that it's next "major" update to be done during the same time =p
general.belisario Nov 28 @ 1:14pm 
If you have something new, I would update now, as the patch will arrive after Christmas.

Also add neutrality route for AI pls
Squibeel  [author] Nov 28 @ 12:08pm 
Considering the upcoming update and DLC it's probably for the best not to do an update just yet and it will also take some time to familiarize with the new features and then make it compatible with both vanilla/DLC versions.

To those that care, I haven't dropped this yet.
Squibeel  [author] Oct 1 @ 4:54am 
@Andrew Booker - Will do.

I also appologize for not updating this in a while. Lack of time and all - I'll have to look into what change since I last updated and see what I can add and fix.
Andrew Booker Sep 30 @ 8:19am 
Hey me and my friend have completed the localization work, and fixed some bugs by the way. Here is the link and you can add the "智障润" so he can add you as contributor. Thanks again for your great work.

István Wildmannsegg Sep 2 @ 4:52am 
Did you know that at this time the heir to the Portuguese throne was His Excellency D. Duarte Nuno de Bragança?
Andrew Booker Aug 25 @ 10:19pm 
Thank you!
Squibeel  [author] Aug 25 @ 2:18pm 
@Andre Booker - Agro-Society Fatherland Work, it's basically just a 4 word name.
Squibeel  [author] Aug 25 @ 1:15pm 
Cubango is vessel class if I remember my reasearch right.
SAPT is an agricultural company. Ill get back on you with its english name to make it easier.

@Wrong Door, I dont mind if you want to translate as well.
Andrew Booker Aug 22 @ 11:27am 
I'm working on the text...but I can't find some abbreviation's reference, those's 'EPOR' ,'fPOR' ,'the revolution of Madeira' ,'Cubango' and 'SAPT'.Could you give me some help or clues? I'would not translate these word until I can understand it...