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Prop it Up! 1.2.4
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Prop it Up! 1.2.4

About this mod
Prop it Up! is a mod with a number of features that allow you to access and replace props and trees that are free-standing and embedded in buildings - in real-time. These features can be divided in global and asset-based tools.

So, how do I use this mod
See 'How to use Prop it Up!'

Notes (really, read this)
I have tried to make this mod as flexible and robust as possible, but there are a few things you'll need to keep in mind when using this mod:
- this mod can only replace props and trees that are present in-game: dependencies that you have not subscribed to are out of reach of this mod;
- certain props have special properties, such as seating area's (benches) or decal props. These props can only be replaced by props with those same properties, which is why sometimes you may find just a few available replacement options;
- the Extreme Mode option gives the player unrestricted access to every prop and tree installed, including decals, markers and effects. Extreme Mode is still experimental and therefore unsupported: use is strictly at your own risk!;
- I strongly recommend against replacing two or more different props or trees with the same replacement prop or tree. The reason for this can best be illustrated with an example: imagine a building contains two trees (A and B), and you replace both those trees with tree C. From that moment on, the mod no longer 'knows' that the building used to contain 2 separate trees, and will only detect tree C;
- I strongly recommend players apply all desired global free-standing and building replacements first and only add per-building replacements afterwards, especially when starting a new city. The reason for this is that when a city is being loaded, per-building replacements are applied first, and global replacements afterwards;
- due to the real-time application of replacements, per-building and global replacements can override each other;
- this mod only affects free-standing trees and props and trees embedded within buildings. If you want to customize roadside trees, use Boformer's awesome Network Skins mod;
- as of version 1.6, Cities: Skylines' Asset Editor supports prop randomization: I have not specifically tested this mod with that feature, but I don't expect any unusual behavior;
- using this mod implies that you have taken notice of all of the above.

This mod should be compatible with all other mods, as in should not clash on a technical level.
However, you should keep in mind that any other mod that touches building or free-standing props and trees might interfere with the working of this mod.

Most recent updates
March 31st, 2017 - v1.2.2
- More bug-fixes.

March 29th, 2017 - v1.2.1
- Various bug-fixes.

March 28th, 2017 - v1.2.0
- The global replacement feature is now broken up in two wholly separate features: one for free-standing trees, and one for building trees;
- Added option to disable global free-standing tree replacement feature;
- Changed option to disable applying global building tree replacements when loading your city;
- Changed option to disable applying per-building prop and tree replacements when loading your city;
- The BuildingSelection Tool now highlights potentially incompatible buildings (with accented characters in the name, like à,é,ö,û,ç) in red: applying replacements to these buildings can cause config file xml corruption and errors;
- Added additional null checks so that replacements involving removed/un-subbed props or trees should not causes any problems or errors.

Full update history
- Change log

Short demo video: click here[]

Source: Github[]
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Jul 11 @ 8:19am
Report issues here
Jul 8 @ 9:44pm
How to use Prop it Up!
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TwoPlex Aug 15 @ 2:57am 
@MolteBoy55 I don't think it is possible to replace custom trees with custom trees. Only the vanilla trees seem to be able to be replaced globally with this tool. I was hoping for the same.
MolteBoy55 Aug 9 @ 2:46pm 
Can you use this to replace custom trees with custom trees?
jjeff1955 Aug 5 @ 2:52pm 
Thank You Very Much for this Awesome Tool!
If you ever update this Tool again, can you make the Tool Bar little green Icon Movable and then a Lock into place Option?
That would complete this Great Tool.
Angelhearth Aug 2 @ 7:41am 
Will this mod be able to see props that can't be loaded because they don't exist anymore, in the workshop? I often see props missing when the game is starting (Loading Screen Mod) and generally remove the assets affected, but if I could replace those props with props I already have, it would be great.
OWL Jul 30 @ 3:05am 
Great work mate. Can you make this work with the map editor too? I spend most of my time in map editor and it would be greatly helpful for me and other map creators if you can. Cheers.
ngbuck1961 Jul 29 @ 5:40pm 
I have found this mod very usefull. Shift+P gives me the interface.
I have not found a way of removing the props or trees. you can at the moment only replace them with something else. Maybe this is a feature which may be added at a later date.
I suggest saving your game before experimenting, just in case things go a little Pete Tong.
You can replace trees and props with other trees and props, and back again, but only if you have the original tree or prop.
For instance; you can replace a satalite dish with anything in your props list, but you must have the satalite dish in your props list to be able to change it back again if you want to.
As Judazzz stated, it's very handy for replacing trees, table sets, park benches etc. from rooftops which can look out of place.
To Judazzz and BloodyPenguin, thank you both for your work putting this together and allowing us gamers to use it. Your work is very much aperciated.
nakedmatador Jul 11 @ 7:06pm 
Same with me, Bilbo. Can't see the icon, and hot key not working. I've had this issue with mods in the past, though, and at some point, they all end up working again.
Kermit Jul 9 @ 7:36am 
Icon-Bar .. looks at the new "Tree" .. see below the pictures
BilboSwaggins Jul 8 @ 9:13pm 
I have installed the mod where is the menu located?
leaderofthemonkeys Jul 8 @ 5:34am 
i'm having an issue where i cant find the decals in the menue at all, anyone else?