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SpecOps Class
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SpecOps Class

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Musashi's Stealth Overhaul
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SpecOps are highly trained special forces that focus on guerilla warfare and hit and run tactics.

If you use the LW Perk Pack please use this version of the class.

The SpecOps soldier specializes in silently sabotaging, deceiving, confusing and killing his enemies.
He is at its best when staying in the shadows.
Their weakness is a low health progression making them very vulnerable when exposed.

All abilities but the squaddie perks are custom made.

SpecOps Loadout:
Primary Weapon: Rifle
Secondary Weapon: Combat Knife

Left Tree: Covert Ops
Right Tree: Guerilla Warfare

SQUADDIE (Both Perks)
Sword Slice (Vanilla)
Phantom (Vanilla)

Knife Juggler (Gain + 1 Bonus Damage, +10 aim and 1 additional use for the Throwing Knives.)

Backstabber (Gain + 2 Bonus Damage and the cooldown for silent takedown is reduced by 1 for the Combat Knives and Ninjato)

Demolition Expert (The demolition experts sets up charges for situations where a little 'distraction' is needed. Blows up all explosive devices (cars, gas tanks, etc.) in 10 tile radius. If possible the soldier enters concealment. Can only be used once per mission.)

Ambush (Overwatch a single target with Covering Fire. This attack may critically hit. If you kill the target you remain concealed. Can only be activated while concealed.)

Evasion (When your concealment is broken for the first time you spawn a mimic beacon at a random tile in 5 tile radius to your location.)

Aggression (All of your attacks get +10 Crit chance for each enemy you can see, to a max of +30. Aggression even affects attacks that can't normally crit, such as grenades.)

SpecOps Flashbang (The SpecOps version of the flash grenade packs a bigger punch at the expense of detonation radius. It disorients enemies and has a 30% stun chance. The usage does not break your concealment and in combination with aggression it also does some damage on critical hits.)

Shadowstrike (Like vanilla)

Marksman (Provides limited Squadsight of 4 tiles beyond your sight radius to your primary weapon. Also grants squadsight overwatch with the same range, which is still usable after you move)

Plant X4 (You carry two charges of X4 with a remote trigger. Planting X4 cost 1 AP and does not break concealment. Triggering all previous planted X4 is a free action and does not break concealment. X4 does 8-10 damage, shred 2 and armor pierce 2 in 8 tile radius)

Stealth Tactics (If you see no visible enemy at the start of your turn you enter concealment.)

Ghost (Become a ghost on the battlefield. Killing an enemy does not break your concealment.)

GTS Perks
Band of Brothers, Rank 3, 75 Supplies (Knocking out targets, picking up or dropping bodies does not cost an action point and do not end your turn.)

Recon, Rank 5, 125 Supplies (Your SpecOps soldiers are recon specialists behind enemy lines. 30% less detection radius and +2 sight radius.)

SpecOps Combat Knives Dependency
The SpecOps Combat Knives mod was originally intended to be part of the class mod.
Although it is no hard dependency (works without it) you will loose one promotion rank, if you don't subscribe to it, because the combat knife related abilites are useless to you then.
It's more fun with it anyway :)

Silent kill mechanics
Whenever you successfully kill someone using a stealth kill ability,
you remain concealed but you gain a certain suspicion level (depending on the action).

Then you next stealth kill has a chance of (current suspicion level * current detection modifier)% to break your concealment even if you kill your target.

If nobody of your concealed soldiers silently kill for one round your suspicion level decreases by 10.
Your suspicion level resets to 0 when you kill the last member of a pod and no other enemy saw/sees you this turn (Unconcealed squad members included).

For example your current detection modifier is 0.8 (you carry a smg) and you have a current suspicion level of 40,
your next silent kill has a chance of 32% to fail (40 suspicion level * 0.8 detection modifier).
If you miss your shot or don't deal enough damage to kill your target your concelmeant breaks no matter what.
The detection modifier is capped at 0.5 minimum for this calculation.

There a two modes: Global Suspicion (the default) where you have one suspicion level for all you troops
and Individual Suspicion where the level is tracked for each soldier individually.

If you silently kill a enemy from an unactivated pod,
the rest of the pod will be activated and get a scamper move to take cover or search for you.

You can turn off or tune this mechanic in the XComStealthOverhaul.ini.

Note if you are using more of my stealth mods you will have multiple XComStealthOverhaul.ini files.
Then you will need to first remove a config entry and then add it so your changes survive the xcom 2 config cascade.
For example you want to change suspicion increment per shot from 20 to 10:

Known Issues
When blowing up self with X4 the death animation is currently broken. But you are not so stupid to attempt that anyway right?

Where is that hat from?
Its the floppy boonie. It is part of the resistance warrior pack.

Where is that armor from?
Titanfall Gear

Class and GTS Icons are from Sidetable. Thx a lot!

This is an alpha release so expect some bugs and report them please.
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Musashi  [author] Jun 16 @ 11:28pm 
Seriously? @Desmiles
Desmiles Jun 16 @ 7:17pm 
you have 2 mods spec ops. what work with lw 2?
TKDancer Jan 31 @ 6:47pm 
i realized that i never use the X4 skill... the fact it requires me to have action points despite being a free move makes it very hard to properly use, since i need to spend 1 point to get close, plant bomb, then spend a point to run the frick away, and a lot of the time the enemy either runs/walks away or the rest of my team kills them

plus the fact that i cant even blow myself up even if i wanted to since i need to wait till the next to turn to detonate charges :^/

would it be possible to make X4 not require you to have AP to use it and let me blow it up in the same turn? like, be able to do a yellow move and plant X4 in the same turn? or do a blue move, plant x4, run and detonate it in the same turn?
xXStretcHXx Nov 10, 2016 @ 3:08pm 
My character is always revelaed when using abilities that say he will reamain concealed, why? Also goes for "silent kill" ability with the knife, even if i don't attack when i use it wonce the cloke animation is done my character is spotted no matter where he is
Master Taipan Oct 21, 2016 @ 2:12pm 
Hey, is there a way to edit the files, or something more skillful that I am missing, so I can get in, kill silently and then get out alive and still concealed, as just a captain? Oh and the enemy have Dark Event Vigilance! LOL
madomadsen Oct 21, 2016 @ 8:27am 
Just wanna give a thumbs up here for this class mod - I just recently got back playing Xcom cause all other AAA titles this year were kind of a letdown - I cant really tell you how much fun I had playing my specops guys (a playstyle I allways wished the ranger would come close). If you dont know this mod yet - I´d highly recommend this mod as it give a scout that packs a punch and lets things get really close and personal :-)
Lux Manifestus Oct 9, 2016 @ 3:01pm 
@Musashi, did you ever consider giving this class the option of carrying a pistol only? The advantages to carrying a pistol and no primary weapon would be and increase in movement and a greater decrease to detection radius. I don't know if it is possible but it would be fun to create a soldier, along with the covert ops armor mod, that operates almost completely undercover and has a detection radius close to 0. Also, any luck making the throwing knife item stack in the inventory? Thank you!
=[NK]= Col. Jack O'Neil Oct 1, 2016 @ 5:46pm 
PainassPie!!! Oct 1, 2016 @ 11:53am 
do you need this class to use stuff like the silencer or combat knife?
「死の火」 Yamino Takamaru Oct 1, 2016 @ 2:41am 
No problem, am happy to help.