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Advanced Buildings & Industry
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Jun 25, 2016 @ 5:52pm
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Advanced Buildings & Industry


Update July/August 2019
Updated mod to 1.7.1
Balance changes & 2 new buildings!

Update 04.06.2019
Updated mod to 1.7.0

Update 27.05.2019
Updated mod to 1.6.2 - everything should work 100% but if you found something, please let me know.

Introducing new buildings to build/research and new industry factories to research

New buildings:
  • Research Center
  • Situation Centre
  • Ministry of propaganda (democraticsm, fascism, communism)
  • Recruiting Institution Center
  • Boot Camp
  • Flight training School
  • Naval training Base & + 1 naval dockyard
  • War Factory (production building) +1 military factory
  • Worker Factory (production building) +1 civilian factory
  • Supply Factory (production building) +1 military factory, +1 civilian factory
  • Oil Refineries only produce oil. +7 (prev. +5 oil, +2 rubber)
  • Added Rubber Refineries (tech building). +3 Rubber
  • Added Heavy Steel Industry (tech building). +7 Steel
  • Added Chromium Industry (tech building). +7 Chromium
  • Added Tungsten Industry (tech building). +7 Tungsten
  • Added Aluminium Industry (tech building). +7 Aluminium

Stats & Stuff about the buildings are here

Some bonuses need the researched building tech before it takes effect. For instance "Supply Factory" - Army organisation, Army recovery rate & Entrenchment speed bonus applies once researched.
Normally this wouldnt be a problem. Its because a few are in the game before tech researched.

You might think the malus for (supply) factories for instance is too high, heres an example;
For every 3th +0,3% of Army recovery rate the new value would change from 46.1 -> 46.2 for example.
The same with every 4th building of boot camp (2%) reducing the Army training time speed by x days.
So you see, it has not that much of in impact.

Some additional Notes for you:
I tested all main nations for a few hours now for balance. The values may change and are not final, it needs further testing.
You can see the bonuses in the tooltips for given changes.
My goal was to make the new factories build 2 buildings at once but unfortunately you cant make the game build 2 same factories at once.
Please give me your thoughts about the balance, build some new buildings & factories! :) And let me know if we need to balance the prod. costs for exampler or any other values.

Multi Language Support (ger; eng -> braz-por, eng, fre, pol, rus, spa)


Known bugs:
  • If you build too many bootcamps, you cant train anymore. (The only solution is not to build more like 20 of them)

Paradox thread here[forum.paradoxplaza.com]

Thanks to -=CDO=- D0omHammer there is now a french translation included.
Thanks to Abbus for the new icons!
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✠ Takumori ✠ Sep 9 @ 8:12am 
Its against HOI4 modding guidelines to make and or publish POW or death camps in the game. Either learn how to mod hoi4 yourself and make it ONLY for yourself and do NOT publish it or just don't bother trying to pursue such a mod in the first place as you will most likely not find it on the workshop.
AMF Sep 3 @ 12:41pm 
Thank you so much, this is what the game is missing
NIedzwiedz Wojtek Sep 3 @ 1:20am 
Nice mod bro GJ for u :)
Poland is my city
Ufo penetrator pl Aug 5 @ 3:20pm 
god damn sweds
Revan  [author] Aug 5 @ 3:20pm 
It would be taken down by Steam, i asked Paradox.
Ufo penetrator pl Aug 5 @ 3:18pm 
U could get in troubly only by media (low chance of that) and ''progressive activicts''
Revan  [author] Aug 5 @ 3:13pm 
Its not said you get in trouble, but theres a possbility. You dont see any other games out there where you are able to build them, right? In germany its also a different thing with releasing such stuff.
Ufo penetrator pl Aug 5 @ 3:12pm 
oh ok understandable
Revan  [author] Aug 5 @ 3:11pm 
I know what you mean. Like i said, we had a discussion about it years ago when i started the mod. It is/was controversal. I dont want to repeat myself. You can get in trouble for several things. Like glorification of nazism, concentration-camps, etc. Please understand. Thank you.