Hearts of Iron IV

Hearts of Iron IV

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Expanded Technology + Industry + Equipment
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Jun 12, 2016 @ 7:07pm
Jun 19 @ 10:22am
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Expanded Technology + Industry + Equipment

In 1 collection by Greatexperiment
Expanded Mods - Hearts of Iron IV
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This mod does the following:
  • Pushes all technologies into the 1950s
  • Adds numerous new features and expands others
  • Adds Steel, Aluminum and Rubber production options
  • Creates some new tabs to hold all the fun


If two or more mods that change tech trees, the ui, or unit equipment come together, it will cause a portal to open unto the very depths of hell. This may adversely effect your game’s performance, and start the apocalypse.

In all seriousness, this is a big mod. It changed a lot of files and there’s no way around that. Trust me, I’ve tried. So with that in mind, please know that if you use other mods aside from the ones I’ve made – I cannot guarantee that things will work.

Also! Road to 56 includes this, so if you have that you do not need to have any of the Expanded mods.

Included Mods
  • Armored Cars by Admiral Caon
  • Escort and Light Carriers by Pinback
  • Equipment Conversion Enhanced by CrouchingLemur
  • Improved Equipment by Jamryl [I.D.S]
  • Jaeger Units by Herman Lindqvist
  • More Variants for R56 by Vydazy and 3ntf4k3d
  • Realistic Air Missions by Aerodil
  • The War at Sea


You’re messing with me, right?

Shameless Pug*

If you like this mod, you might also enjoy one of the other things I made. Go ahead and check the collection if you’re feeling dangerous.

*no, that's not a typo

Mod Permissions

The following projects are using parts of this mod with permission:
  • Fatherland 1964
  • The Road to ’56.
  • Expert AI: Expanded Technology
p.s. There's now a Discord for text chat, if that's your sort of thing:
Have a Nice Day!
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Not able to use the Expanded tech mod
< >
Honokophile Sep 16 @ 8:31am 
Thanks a lot for your permission. We've provided a link back, and are working to translate it now.
Greatexperiment  [author] Sep 15 @ 9:02am 
Yeah, of course. Please give full credit and provide a link back to my mod - and good luck! If you have quests contact me on Discord and I'll be happy to help.

Currently I am engaged in totally rescripting the entirely technology tree from scratch for Road to 56 - and this is likely to take some months. I appreciate your patience with the lack of updates, but please know that this will be a total overhaul of the mod as well as the basic vanilla systems too. Please look forward to it. :)
Honokophile Sep 15 @ 3:48am 
Hello, I am one of the authors of Touhou World War mod. Could you please permit our mod to use this mod and translate it into Chinese?
florian59188 Sep 6 @ 6:40am 
Could you do an update of your mod for a better compatibility with "No limits experience" please ?
crosshairs39 Aug 31 @ 2:31pm 
where can your download fo version 1.3.3 be found
marcel878 Aug 28 @ 8:12am 
can you make a submod to disable starting tech?
sangchi Aug 28 @ 4:39am 
If you have time, can you answer my question?
ceutermark Aug 22 @ 1:50pm 
I believe that this mod don't work right with the new expanded resources mod update i have the two mods downloaded and the patch the makes them work together and i try to click on the research slot and the tech tree don't open.
sangchi Aug 15 @ 10:40am 
Hi, I'm the creator of the Alternative History MOD.

Can I use some of your created MOD?

Of course, this will be reflected in the credit.
Aedan Juhel Aug 10 @ 9:36am 
My bad, I did'nt see the recommendations ... Sorry