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Apologies ahead of time for the length and I’m fine with anyone using whatever they want from my mod for their mods.

Updated to 1.4.*


Ever since finding Byzantium[www.amazon.com], part of the Time Life Great Ages of Man series, in a small midwestern town library back in the late seventies, or maybe it was the early eighties, I have been a fan of the byz. Yes I know it would be more accurate to call them roman or romaioi[www.romanity.org], but I still know and love them as the byz.

I've really enjoyed playing the byz in Crusader Kings, Europa Universalis, Victoria, and even modded in to Hearts of Iron. But what about HoI4? Well here is my effort to add them.

Why Byzantium?

I find Byzantium fascinating and mod worthy because it is unique. A christian empire with both a roman and greek lineage. A city[www.byzantium1200.com] reaching a million souls guarded by walls whose remains impress. A bridge between the east and west. A golden horn. Viking guards. Cataphracts. Flamethrowers! And so much more.


Byzantium came very close to being reborn in the 1920's. If Greece had been a little more successful during their war with Turkey Constantine I[en.wikipedia.org] could very well have fulfilled the prophecy of the Marble King, instead of ending the Megali Idea[en.wikipedia.org].

Many greeks continued to think of themselves as roman well into the 20th century, as shown by songs like Romios Agapise Romia. Romios, not Hellenos. Even the first prince to be born in Greece, of modern greece's royal family, was christened Constantine. Not Plato or Achilles or even Alexander, Constantine.


This mod's "what if" occurs during the 1919-1922 war[en.wikipedia.org] between Greece and Turkey. The Greeks win an even more decisive victory at the Battle of Dorylaion[en.wikipedia.org] in July 1921 and here choose not to advance on Ankara. Securing more of the eastern Aegean coastline and Thrace instead.

A weaker Turkey is unable to force the Greeks out and the Treaty of Lausanne[en.wikipedia.org] re-ends the war between the Ottoman Empire and western powers as well as defining the new borders of a reborn Byzantium and newborn Turkey.

Byzantium instead of Greece because during the war Turkey reached secret agreements with the Italians and the French. Here the Greek government discovered it and went public. This outraged the Greek citizenry and was considered a betrayal of promises made in exchange for them joining the Allies during World War I. It led to a backlash not only against the French and Italians, but the "west" in general.

The label "Hellenes," used by Greek nationalists seeking western support in the 19th century, regained the pagan associations it had before and "Romaioi" returned as the way many Greeks prefered to call themselves.

Constantine I was proclaimed Emperor Constantine XII in 1923, the rebirth of the Basileia Romaion declared, and Istanbul rechristened Constantinople. By 1936 his son George II[en.wikipedia.org] has been Emperor for a decade.

Lead the risen romaioi to greatness.
Restore the Imperium Romanorum.
One Empire, One Church, One Law

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The Last Roman Nov 6 @ 10:54am 
This is one of my favorite mods for HoI so far. If you ever come back to this, might I recommend replacing Ioannis with an Emperor for the Non-aligned party?
ByzantineSoldier1992 Nov 1 @ 5:51am 
hi SirRobin can you find a way to add Byzantine music to this mod if possible, i liked to hear the music while my Byzantine Roman armies are marching towards Rome.
SirRobin  [author] Oct 22 @ 11:05am 
Apologies for not doing anything with this mod lately. I should really redo the tree but I just have not been in an HoI4 mood lately. Again if anyone wants to use anything or everything from this mod for their own its fine with me. Apologies if anyone is running into bugs, I'm not sure what to tell you because its been working fine for me.
Özgür Pasha Oct 22 @ 10:09am 
And if Entennte won againist turks map woud look like more Sevr Agreement.
Özgür Pasha Oct 22 @ 10:07am 
Btw not fantsy.İf italy and france and armenia didnt surrender to turks ın 1921 and if USA did land attack either and if U.K. accept to give İstanbul to Greeks it would be posibble.
Özgür Pasha Oct 22 @ 10:06am 
Great mod.You should also do Ottoman or Huns.Europe and Asia huns both in alliance would be cool in 1930s map.
E.B Sep 16 @ 8:06pm 
Please add those generals and skins that would make the mod even better
Mandzia.TR Sep 15 @ 5:40am 
kuyruk acısı bu olsa gerek :)))))))))
Robin[FRA] Sep 9 @ 5:08pm 
Well there you go.


==> Top 2 rows are named, unique generals, admirals & politicians. Ataturk Vito Corleone the guy with a rose and his two buddies to the right are based on turkish portraits - in my "what if" scenario, the Byzzies won at Manzikert and the Seljuks stayed in Persia, so no TUR in this timeline - I figured I might as well recycle these guys so I went ahead, tweaked them a little bit and voilà.
The beardy guy and all the others are based on the new generic portraits that were added into the game recently. Since these ones don't represent any actual historical figure, I felt it was appropriate to use those for fictional unique characters.

The bottom 2 rows are for generic, randomly generated characters. They're based on the italian generic portraits.
Robin[FRA] Sep 9 @ 5:06pm 

==> And here's for the infantry. I just gave those Italian marines the same shade of yellow-brown I used for the generals, leather boots, and Hungarian weapons from the Death & Dishonor DLC.
Thing is, this isn't going to be compatible with any mod (or prospective DLC) that adds actual Italian marines on top of that. I simply didn't have the proper tools to create a model of my own that would use a separate texture - so I had to reskin someone else's mod.


==> Forgot to mention those. Just a couple tech icons & pictures I intended to use for events.