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Apologies ahead of time for the length and I’m fine with anyone using whatever they want from my mod for their mods.

Updated to 1.5.*


Ever since finding Byzantium[www.amazon.com], part of the Time Life Great Ages of Man series, in a small midwestern town library back in the late seventies, or maybe it was the early eighties, I have been a fan of the byz. Yes I know it would be more accurate to call them roman or romaioi[www.romanity.org], but I still know and love them as the byz.

I've really enjoyed playing the byz in Crusader Kings, Europa Universalis, Victoria, and even modded in to Hearts of Iron. But what about HoI4? Well here is my effort to add them.

Why Byzantium?

I find Byzantium fascinating and mod worthy because it is unique. A christian empire with both a roman and greek lineage. A city[www.byzantium1200.com] reaching a million souls guarded by walls whose remains impress. A bridge between the east and west. A golden horn. Viking guards. Cataphracts. Flamethrowers! And so much more.


Byzantium came very close to being reborn in the 1920's. If Greece had been a little more successful during their war with Turkey Constantine I[en.wikipedia.org] could very well have fulfilled the prophecy of the Marble King, instead of ending the Megali Idea[en.wikipedia.org].

Many greeks continued to think of themselves as roman well into the 20th century, as shown by songs like Romios Agapise Romia. Romios, not Hellenos. Even the first prince to be born in Greece, of modern greece's royal family, was christened Constantine. Not Plato or Achilles or even Alexander, Constantine.


This mod's "what if" occurs during the 1919-1922 war[en.wikipedia.org] between Greece and Turkey. The Greeks win an even more decisive victory at the Battle of Dorylaion[en.wikipedia.org] in July 1921 and here choose not to advance on Ankara. Securing more of the eastern Aegean coastline and Thrace instead.

A weaker Turkey is unable to force the Greeks out and the Treaty of Lausanne[en.wikipedia.org] re-ends the war between the Ottoman Empire and western powers as well as defining the new borders of a reborn Byzantium and newborn Turkey.

Byzantium instead of Greece because during the war Turkey reached secret agreements with the Italians and the French. Here the Greek government discovered it and went public. This outraged the Greek citizenry and was considered a betrayal of promises made in exchange for them joining the Allies during World War I. It led to a backlash not only against the French and Italians, but the "west" in general.

The label "Hellenes," used by Greek nationalists seeking western support in the 19th century, regained the pagan associations it had before and "Romaioi" returned as the way many Greeks prefered to call themselves.

Constantine I was proclaimed Emperor Constantine XII in 1923, the rebirth of the Basileia Romaion declared, and Istanbul rechristened Constantinople. By 1936 his son George II[en.wikipedia.org] has been Emperor for a decade.

Lead the risen romaioi to greatness.
Restore the Imperium Romanorum.
One Empire, One Church, One Law

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Focus Tree
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Bug/Crash Reports
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SirRobin  [author] Jul 15 @ 10:59am 
Well that's kind of the idea. If I'm remembering right, there are around 125 focuses in the Byz tree. You are going to end up short in some branches by the time WW2 starts. Which you end up short in is your choice. Do you hold off on the claims focuses to build up your industry and research? Do you lockup the politics buffs early or hope you won't really need them? Maybe aim straight for the New Varangian units and cross your fingers on letting industry wait?

I can shorten their completion time but I want playing the Byz to include strategy choices.

Thank you, I'm glad its worked out as well as it has.
gogoskiller2 Jul 15 @ 3:13am 
I agree with the guy with the numbers
BTW I love this mod
2399717275 Jul 14 @ 11:47pm 
@SirRobin If we start game in 1936,we have about 1350 days to complete the focus bofore WW2(1936.1 to 1939.9 ).We can complete about 19 or 20 focus.If we complete political focus to build up Byzantium.We won't have time to complete military focus or industy foucs.
SirRobin  [author] Jul 14 @ 9:11pm 
Should mention another thing about the war with Turkey. If you let them declare first and Romania is gauranteeing your independence? You can bring them into the war on your side. Romania will send ships and planes to help and the occassional lend/lease.

However, I have been unable to get them to send troops, accept passage through my territory. I've been pondering adding a decision which will jump start the byzantine faction by having Romania join it if certain conditions are met.

I'm concerned that would be overpowering though.
SirRobin  [author] Jul 14 @ 8:20pm 
Sorry but it may not be compatible with some mods if they change the same files.

@King Mike1707
I usually go after Albania first. Since adding the weighting they usually fold instead of refuse. From there I go after Bulgaria. At that point I'm stuck between Yugoslavia and Turkey. I've been caught a couple of times by Turkey declaring war on me while I'm at war with Yugoslavia. Declaring against Turkey is easier but the balanace changes make them a much tougher nut to crack.

The naval battle is a tough one against Turkey. If I dedicate airpower to the fight I can normally win the naval side of things without needing the extra ships from the focuses. But its hardly a sure thing. And if I lose I end up having to fight at least one Turkish invasion. Of course if I win I can launch landings of my own and that can help end the war a lot faster.
King Mike1707 Jul 14 @ 5:23pm 
if anyone needs help....
King Mike1707 Jul 14 @ 5:23pm 
To win you must (as Byzantium)

take Bulgaria (for extra manpower)
then rush the battleship from Russia focus (to have a stronger navy than the turks)
Wait for the turks to attack (meaning you will have full war support during the war)
simply defend the sea with convoy escort on a united navy
then mass your troops in anatolia(turk-byzantine border)
attack then weak spots and tank rush Ankara
then slowly more towards the centre of turkey while researching the for more materials

Works all the time
gogoskiller2 Jul 14 @ 10:14am 
@sirrobin , i think @2399717275 meant "some" not smoe.
also i cant run it with other mods, it crashes
SirRobin  [author] Jul 11 @ 10:38pm 
That is downright odd. I'm not sure why that would be happening for you.
LuGiA Jul 10 @ 1:47pm 
the problem that it wasnt allowing me to do a focus and technology has kind of fixed, now it allows me to do technology but I have to chose the three techonoly slots first before I do a focus