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SiSL's Mega Pack
Created by SiSL
This mod contains over 400+ cabin accessory items suitable for your taste, bringing female and male co-drivers, bobbleheads, accessories for truck driver needs, snacks, electronic devices, computers and tablets, lots of scarves, fresheners, toys and many m...
SiSL's Trailer Pack
Created by SiSL
Biggest Collection of Real Life Trailers of ETS2

Adds over 700+ Top Grossing European Logistics and Freight Company original trailer skins to your traffic with little to none performance loss. You can also use customized list of "always selectable" traile...
SiSL's FlatUI
Created by SiSL
This mod is a User-Interface refacing with more simpler icons and less gradients, giving user-interface a modern look.

This mod is still work-in-progress and current in Beta


For ATS...
SiSL's Trailer Pack - Schwarzmüller Addon (Discontinued)
Created by SiSL

Schwarzmüller Addon for SiSL's Trailer Pack. It requires Schwarzmüller DLC and SiSL's Trailer Pack.

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SiSL's Mega Pack Addon: Star Wars Traffic
Created by SiSL
This add-on enables iconic Landspeeder XP-34 and Speederbike 74-Z Star Wars vehicles in your daily traffic.

Requires: SiSL's Mega Pack and Cabin Accessories DLC

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SiSL's Mega Pack Addon: Traffic
Created by SiSL
This addon enables Delorean DMC-12 to run on your streets, passing by you at 88 mph

Requires: SiSL's Mega Pack and Cabin Accessories DLC

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Hemil's Route Advisor (SiSL Edit)
Created by SiSL
Minimized user interface keeping cruicial info always on screen. Hides UI GPS by default, leaving your screen more room. You can always open/close map with F3. Completely re-written for 1.27 by SiSL

You can find all variety of options of Hemil's Route Ad...
Fikirler Ölmez
Created by SiSL
Atatürk is founder of modern Turkish Republic... He is the father of secularism in this country which we need the most, he still guides us today.

He died on November the 10th, 1938...

He is missed.

"Ideas don't die"

This skin pack covers all SCS defa...
Steering Wheel Frenzy by SiSL
Created by SiSL
This mod adds support for every official truck to be able to use other official trucks' steering Wheels that has come with patch 1.25.

Basically whichever official truck you are using, you can change your steering wheel to any other truck's wheel.

SiSL's DAF XF 105 Interiors
Created by SiSL
This mod adds 2xDark and 2xMetal interiors to stock DAF XF 105.
Credits to SCS and 50keda for DAF XF.

Reminder: This is a custom mod made for personal use, so please no requests.
It is distributed as it is from Workshop. No guarantee to update in futur...
Steering Wheel Enhancements
Created by SiSL
This small mod fixes overbright metallic logos on Steering Wheels that looks weird under shadows not to reflect sky but interior

Enhanced Steering Wheels are:
- Mercedes Actros
- Iveco Hi-way
- Renault Magnum...
City Lighting
Created by SiSL
Changes city lights and lamps to more realistic colors.

It goes well with anything, any map and grime's Realistic Building Lightings.


CAUTION: May not work properly with map mods.

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R2009 Spoiler
Created by SiSL
This small mod adds Streamline spoiler to official R2009 Highline cab from beacon slot. Personally I can't stand Streamline and I can't stand R2009 without a spoiler... For those who don't want to download entire new truck for that or like official models,...
Ford Trucks F-MAX
Created by TeamSimulasyonTurk
Ford Trucks F-MAX truck mod developed for Euro Truck Simulator 2. The F-MAX truck is modeled from scratch in full detail, faithful to the actual model. It was shared as a free mod for ETS 2. Initially developed by Emre Aydın and Bertan Baday, further devel...
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