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Jul 5 @ 8:07am
Started game as United Earth
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Random_of_Amber 13 hours ago 
Is it possible or planned to add events involving the Dominion and alpha quadrant powers interacting. Giving alpha quadrant and beta quadrant races a chance to join against the dominion in a temporary coalition or choose to sign a non-aggression pack, join with the dominion?
Domer07 21 hours ago 
does anyone know if bajor will ever uprise and overthrow the cardis or if once they have been integrated that they will never be independent again, in 3 playthroughs by the time i meet them the cardi's have integrated them everytime.
Jarle Jul 8 @ 11:40pm 
Trying to collect -reps. Could you -rep me??!? xd
Storm Vader Jul 8 @ 10:55pm 
@thegrumpybuddha i think the only ones that can do Gene modifications are the Civs that posssess the genetic mastery trait, off the top of my head that is the Suliban, there are a few others as well I think.

I personally think this is not on par with ST lore. The Federation are quite the genetic masters, so are the Klingons, Cardassians, and Romulans. From the shows, medical control over genetic traits is pretty common place, such as the Federation using that kind of tech to wipe out most known disease.

At the very least the Big three should have events based on genetic things with choices, I think there is something in game related to Khan and them, would love to be able to choose a path that lets Khan rule your empire and genetic modification is the standard. There is also the Klingon/human Fusion event in the game, where you can change the Klingons, But i don't think it is permanent, and according to lore it wasn't anyway.

But the science should be available. just mho
Fluke Jul 8 @ 9:30pm 
I'm actually pretty impressed with this mod. Incredible detail that was unexpected. I started out with the mod never playing Stellaris before. And Now I'm not sure I could even play the base game without the mod.
pgames-food Jul 8 @ 2:48pm 
hi @trustN1FX, when zoomed out, your avatar looks a bit like a tanned woman in a yellow bikini :)
its only when i zoomed in i realised it was teddy bears :)
Tyrranus Jul 8 @ 12:56pm 
the in game date, if it matters, is 7/17/2250 and that locks up my game for a min or two while it tries to process that bulk change over
Tyrranus Jul 8 @ 12:43pm 
ok why the hell? Im in the full mirror map as the terrans in a hegemony federation with the klingon empire, friendly relations, and in a joint war with them versus the orions, yridians and beta rigellans then all of a sudden the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance spawn on me and theyre at war with me?!?!?
No offense at all intended but my reaction to this is 'dafuq is this shit?! Please tell me this is some kinda unintended bug?
TrustN1FX Jul 6 @ 12:51pm 
@Ronanfaring, thanks that makes sense now. I was wondering if we were going to go to war or something because they surrounded me. lol
thegrumpybuddha Jul 6 @ 12:17pm 
Is there any way to Genemod your species? I picked up a rare "+1 Gene modification points" about 30 years ago in-game and ... nothing so far that actually lets me use it. I'm discovering the equivalent of Unity Ascension perks (well, availability of them) so my Society research is no slouch (about 1700/month, with only a mild Empire Sprawl penalty).

FWIW I'm playing the Ferengi, not sure whether that matters (except to the extent that it makes me feel a lot less guilt for exploiting the Market).