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ST: New Horizons

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2.7.2 Compatible

If after downloading the mod still shows as out of date :
- unsubscribe the mod in steam
- go to \Documents\Paradox Interactive\Stellaris and delete the file: mods_registry.json
- restart steam
- subscribe again

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Star Trek and all related marks, logos and characters are solely owned by CBS Studios Inc. This fan production is not endorsed by, sponsored by, nor affiliated with CBS, Paramount Pictures, or any other Star Trek franchise, and is non-commercial and intended for recreational use. No commercial exhibition or distribution is permitted. No alleged independent rights will be asserted against CBS or Paramount Pictures.
This is a Star Trek Fan-Art-Mod

ST: New Horizons Mod Victory is Life (d20048_loc_b) - Stellaris v 1.9.*:

STNH_Neutral_Zone_(e526c7) - C - Stellaris v 2.1.*:

Download zip and extract content to /Paradox Interactive/Stellaris/mod
The mod should now show up in the launcher.

STNH 2.1.3 Archive on Steam, follow this LINK

There seem to be some issues with steam updating our mod.
The following Instructions will make 100% sure that you get the newest update:


ST:NH Bug-Reports []
ST:NH Support & Help []
ST:NH Ideas & Feedback []
Mod: ST: New Horizons Deutsch/English []
Paradox-Steam-Forum linking needed to the follow Threads!
[Mod] ST: New Horizons Official International (English) []
Star Trek: New Horizons: Support and Bug Report International (English)[]
Lets Plays & More:
Lets plays von ST:New Horizons []


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May 23 @ 1:11pm
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8 hours ago
U.S.S. Defiant problem, science ship symbol on it
< >
Lord_of_the_Undying 7 hours ago 
@ Storm Vader But you cant get rid of the Starport when you have a colony or is there something im missing?
Storm Vader 9 hours ago 
@stargazer1 I am not aware of military fleets being able to do 3 year missions, those are typically reserved for science ships, and yes they are locked in place until the mission is over, you will get periodic pop ups on the mission, and when it is over, assuming the science ship isn't destroyed on one of the missions, it will automatically appear at your home base.
Stargrazer1 13 hours ago 
is it normal for the military fleet to be locked after sending it to a 3 year mission? it has been locked for more than 5 years now
Demiurge Jun 3 @ 12:36pm 
just started playing the mod again recently. A while back i remember there was a bug where the federation trade routes were all messed up. Is it still happening or has that particular bug been resolved? Put me off from playing feddies
Storm Vader Jun 3 @ 12:13am 
@lord_of_the_undying you have to get rid of the star port, if you don't want your latinum converted in to Credits or something else. If you want it to use the default of converting latinum into credits, choose decision on the planet it is on and choose that option in the pop up menu.
Storm Vader Jun 3 @ 12:09am 
anyway to deconstruct Turei sub tunnel stations once they are built? Capturing them results in a 25cr penalty that you cant get rid of.
Horemvore Jun 2 @ 4:07pm 
+10 For the AI hotfixes. Great job.
Dan Jun 2 @ 1:33am 
Is there any benefit to be had from moving the great link? I found the "New Founders Planet" which is a size 25 up from 15 but since changeling growth is so slow and the only district you can build is the great link, I have some doubts.
Biggus Dickus Jun 1 @ 1:55pm 
Is there a way to disable the voice acted lines that you hear when interacting with NPC empires?
I appreciate all the hard work that must've gone into them but I prefer the default stellaris nonsense voice lines that the mod used before
Lord_of_the_Undying Jun 1 @ 12:42pm 
anyone knows how to cancel the import decision? i want to go back to keeping my latinum but cant find a way to cancel just to switch to another import