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ST: New Horizons
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ST: New Horizons

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ST: New Horizons - A Star Trek Collection
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Capek 1.8.3 Compatible

NHV 1710 Assimilation - Beta

There seem to be some issues with steam updating our mod.
The following Instructions will make 100% sure that you get the newest update:
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ST: New Horizons Mod V 0.9.8 Alpha (Stellaris v1.6.2):

STNH_Assimilation_Beta_(bc9fc6) (Stellaris v1.6.2) : [/i]

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This is a Star Trek Fan-Art-Mod

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mullerjindrich 1 hour ago 
it is not about setup there is nothing abut that anyway. I just would like to know if it is normal that enemy ship during the battle are moving and my no. when my first ship reach weapon range than other ship stop moving. (only my ship)
G-Man  [author] 3 hours ago 
@mullerjindrich wrong weaponrange, check ur setup
mullerjindrich 3 hours ago 
I like this mods very much but I could not notice that this mods have one bug. Why during the battle, my ship stop moving??? Every sigle time when i used more then 4 ships, they stop moving. That make difficult to win the battle specialy when enemy have large range weapons.
G-Man  [author] 5 hours ago 
the performance depending to stellaris main game, not the mod.
the 0.9 should not better perform as the current version.
but anyhow, we havnt such older versions on steam.
furie1335 7 hours ago 
I have an old computer. is there anyway i can go back to the aplha 0.9?
G-Man  [author] 12 hours ago 
colony harvest is unlocking by traditions
longstreet 13 hours ago 
Hmmm. All my mods are gone in the start menu but the steam say i am subscribed. WTF?!?
Foxtrot 14 hours ago 
Hey guys! I really love the mod! Playing as the borg do you unlock colony harvest through the tech tree? I'm having some trouble in multiplayer. I dont have the same trouble in single player. No mods apart from the officals ones. I wrote a discussion post about this earlier but never got a answer to this part of the question(techtree). I know you guys are super busy and do your best. I feel like a bad fan but I have tried everything. Sorry, I just have a multiplayer game waiting for me. So I hope you don't mind me reposting this. By the way, this is the such a brilliant mod.
G-Man  [author] 15 hours ago 
not from us.
dampfland 15 hours ago 
so i mean one that is not out-of-date :)