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Ploppable RICO
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Dec 28, 2015 @ 1:12am
Nov 30, 2016 @ 3:27pm
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Ploppable RICO

This mod will allow you to plop buildings that function as:
  • Residential
  • Industrial
  • Commerical
  • Office

The Ploppable RICO mod will convert any compatible ploppable asset to a RICO building.
For example, parks can be converted to farms, and unique buildings to offices. RICO buildings will function identically to their growable counterparts. Mixed use buildings and unlimited footprint sizes are also possible with Sub-Buildings Enabler and Sub-Buildings Tabs.

Assets can be made to be compatible with the mod, but the mod won't be required.
Asset authors will just need to include a .xml file that contains the RICO settings. The assets will revert back to their original ploppable function if the mod is disabled, and non RICO mod subscribers can still use the asset for its original purpose.

For asset makers who want to make their assets RICO compatible, you can follow the
Asset Creation Guide. Check out the Advanced Guide if you want to experiment with mixed use assets.

The Settings Panel Guide can be found here.

To convert growable assets to RICO assets, follow the Growables with Ploppable RICO Guide.

To get started, you can sub to the RICO Workshop Settings mod. It adds RICO settings to 74 popular assets that don't have existing RICO settings. It also adds RICO settings to a few generic vanilla unique building assets.

The RICO mod is fully compatilble with the PropaneDragon's Rush Hour mod and WG's Realistic Population mod.

A huge thanks to Boformer, Tailgunner, and BloodyPenguin for all of the design input and code they've contributed. Also a huge thanks to cope for his detours library. And a final thanks to SamSamTS for his UI objects used in the settings panel.

This mod does not save data to the scene file. It can be safely activated and deactivated on your cities with no risk.
Source Code[]

You can see the mod in action in Keralis's and Strictoaster's popular YouTube series.
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May 26 @ 2:53pm
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Apr 26 @ 1:09pm
Nov 14, 2016 @ 6:30pm
PINNED: Compatible Asset Collections. Updated 11/21/16.
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cedara2 9 hours ago 
@Charlyxbg Yeah, had that too, it's always difficult to find the asset that causes the error.
westnik May 27 @ 7:03am 
Im no moder, but it worked for me totatly well. All assets that I downloaded from the workshop during the years are working, no breaking save. All originaly posted unique bulidigs used to be automaticly converted to rico are just now again just unique buildings.
Polop the Growables converts the growalbes into plop as rico could do but here you dont have to set it up as you had to do in rico. When you still get the diasble zone check then you can plop growables anywhere - no zonig works just like servises buildings. With move it you then can detail your city the same as when were using rico. Try it out maybe it works for you as well :-)
BLÀde May 26 @ 11:36pm 
@ westnik that's only for growables though not downloaded assets from what i can read in their description?
westnik May 26 @ 8:31pm 
The Great Mr Rico passed away on May 18. Left us here forever. Rest in peace Rico we will all miss you.
Now seriously :DI found the best way to move to the 'plop the growables' mod even half off the assests i've got apear now as Unique buildings...
Bender May 26 @ 5:47pm 
@ BLAde, yeah I thought so. Too bad this game needs so many mods/ assets.
charlylxbg May 26 @ 9:32am 
@BlAde well atm i cant even play the game because that error window plops up (no pun intended) all the time.
BLÀde May 26 @ 9:10am 
@ charlylxbg i can't even convert any buildings the check boxes just don't work.
charlylxbg May 26 @ 8:56am 
I played fine with the mod, even after the MT dlc, then today i tried to convert a few buildings and now i get the "object reference not set to an instance...." error message. its unplayable now (with the mod) and as soon as i unsub from the mod the game works without the error msg (but ofc i cant use the mod) so it has to do sth with the mod... Anyone having the same issue?!
Asada Amu May 26 @ 8:49am 
I got problem about provides jobs but no jobs and division by zero: no detai
How to solve it ?
Pure_Awesome30 May 25 @ 2:05pm 
Do you need this mod if you have RICO Workshop Settings? If you only need one, what one should you have?
Do you need both Sub - Buildings mod's?

Why aren't these combined and make it simple?

Is this Mass Transit compatitable, I can't find anywhere that says it is on the Sub mod's?