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Remove Need For Pipes
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Dec 16, 2015 @ 2:24pm
Feb 22 @ 3:51am
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Remove Need For Pipes

This mod removes the need to place pipes all over your city.

If you also don't want to waste time building power lines you can use my Remove Need For Power Lines mod.

How it works
This mod works simply by storing the water, sewage and heating produced in small, separate (of course), buffers and then distributing it to buildings that consume each of those resources.

You need to connect at least one pipe per water processing facility (as shown in the third picture above) or else the facility won't work. This is working as intended since fixing it would require this mod to overwrite one more function and it is not worth the possible incompatibilities with other mods.

To report any bug please post a comment with a link to the output_log.txt
Any comments saying the mod does not work with no link to the log file will be deleted.

Source code
You can download it here:

This mod is based on, and could not exist without, the implementation by DontCryJustDie (from Improved Public Transport) of the Sebastian Schöner's CitiesSkylinesDetour[] mod
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glassfile Mar 12 @ 10:24pm 
thanks a lot. oh jesus god...bless you!
LadyPreshusRoze Feb 25 @ 9:20pm 
Thank you! Love it!
HappyRabootNoises Feb 23 @ 1:42am 
Nice! Just tested in two games, with and without heating unlocked and the notification only appear when it should, thanks!
[GOF] Overhatted Leet  [author] Feb 22 @ 3:53am 
@HappyRabootNoises @UguuDoki The heating notification should no longer appear unless you have heating unlocked
[GOF] Overhatted Leet  [author] Feb 20 @ 4:28am 
@HappyRabootNoises @UguuDoki Thank you for reporting the bug precisely. I will look into it.
HappyRabootNoises Feb 20 @ 4:14am 

Yeah, that's what I thought too, but if I turn off the mod, the heating notifications go away.

Everything seems to work, pumping water, heat, etc. but before you get non-electricty heating on snow maps, every building displays a "Lack of Heating" notification. It's purely cosmetic, just a bit cluttered, but it only happens with the mod on.
UguuDoki Feb 17 @ 10:22pm 
In a new game, the heat icon pops on every building till reaching 1800 population when both boiler station and heating plant become unlocked and either one is plopped. That can be brought forward by enabling the Unlock All mod. This mod is working very well. The heating facility functions even without the pipe dongle.
HappyRabootNoises Feb 17 @ 6:10am 
Hey, love the mod, but having a bit of an issue using it starting on snow maps. The "Lack of Heating" notification appears over almost every building. I don't think it's actually affecting them, since they just use electricity, but it's quite a lot of clutter.

Output log:
Krush Jan 2 @ 8:54pm 
Mod doesn't work with water tanks either as it doesn't allow them to store anything even if you hook up your things with actual pipes.
Krush Dec 27, 2016 @ 4:27pm 
To answer my own question, yes it does also pump heat.