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Remove Need For Pipes
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Dec 16, 2015 @ 2:24pm
Aug 25, 2018 @ 8:28am
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Remove Need For Pipes

This mod removes the need to place pipes all over your city.

If you also don't want to waste time building power lines you can use my Remove Need For Power Lines mod.

How it works
This mod works simply by storing the water, sewage and heating produced in small, separate (of course), buffers and then distributing it to buildings that consume each of those resources.

You need to connect at least one pipe per water processing facility (as shown in the third picture above) or else the facility won't work. This is working as intended since fixing it would require this mod to overwrite one more function and it is not worth the possible incompatibilities with other mods.

To report any bug please post a comment with a link to the output_log.txt
Any comments saying the mod does not work with no link to the log file will be deleted.

Source code
You can download it here:

This mod uses the Harmony[] library.
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Apr 1 @ 8:41pm
Not enough heating notifications
< >
BestToasterNA Sep 21 @ 3:36pm 
It works fine still. All you have to do is connect a short pipe to the pumps to give the whole map water.
T.J.Shi Sep 18 @ 9:55pm 
This mod is broken after the P&P update and the functions are all included in 81 tiles 2 TESTING mod. Thank you for your tremendous help to our past gaming life, and it's really hard to say goodbye.
Jacy_Junior Sep 16 @ 8:47am 
Remova a necessidade de tubos por overhatted [Steam ID 576997275]

Isso é compatível com a versão atual do jogo.
Isso pode gerar um aviso 'Sem aquecimento' em mapas que não requerem aquecimento. Aplique a política 'Use apenas eletricidade para aquecimento' para corrigir isso.
Cancele a inscrição deste ou do seguinte mod com o qual é incompatível:
81 Telhas 2 TESTE[ID do Steam 2862121823]
Isso parece estar abandonado e o autor parece aposentado. Atualizações futuras são improváveis.
Immortal_Hector Sep 16 @ 3:03am 
Getting error after last update. Can someone pls help
donovanspqa Sep 15 @ 3:44pm 
Recently, perhaps since the last C:S update, Sewage plants do not activate.
citiesbydiana Aug 7 @ 12:03pm 
having an issue getting "not enough water" despite having plenty of water, and I even tried actually connecting everything with pipes and still nothing.
mason.a1019 Aug 2 @ 10:28am 
PeteDiddy4142 Jul 23 @ 10:13pm 
I cosign @K4wx.

I removed all Fresh Water Outlets from my city and no longer have the issue.
k4wx Jul 23 @ 7:21pm 
With this mod on, placing the "Fresh Water Outlet" seems to prioritise discarding water over supplying buildings, so that even with plenty of available water, there is complaint of "not enough water"