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Zombies and Demons
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Aug 18, 2015 @ 3:29am
May 28, 2017 @ 10:12am
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Zombies and Demons

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This mod includes place and play zombies & demons with custom animations and unique customisable options. They can be found in mission editor and will attack any enemies they know about based on the side they're on (Opfor zombies will attack Blufor units).

Zombie stength and abilities can be easily customised. These features are off by default and are only enabled if the appropriate module is placed.
- Allow zombies to throw cars, leap into the air, feed on dead bodies, and more!
- Heavily customisable spawners with max alive limits, spawn animations, and much more!
- Adjust zombies max health, attack strength, and other settings.

I am continuing with the development of this mod with plans for new features, more gore, bug fixes, and any suggestions.

Thank you and enjoy the mod!

Zombies & Demons Disclaimer:

- Using content of the Z&D modification and publicly redistributing it as part of a different modification is not allowed unless permission is given by official Z&D developers.
- Redistributing a modified version of the Z&D mod is not allowed unless permission is given by official Z&D developers.
- Using content of the Z&D modification on monetized servers is prohibited unless permission is given by official Z&D developers.

- The permissions above can be given on a case by case basis and the reasons to give permission may vary per request.
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Sep 21, 2022 @ 12:05am
Zombies eventually stop moving
Nov 30, 2021 @ 8:03pm
how do i start the mod?
TTV ImToxicSmoke (AFO)
Sep 19 @ 6:57pm
Zombies won't attack civilians
< >
SVaughan 21 hours ago 
Mod Authors, ban and report Martin. They're spamming out the same question on multiple other Workshop items for Arma 3.
NekoTracker Nov 18 @ 10:04am 
hi everyone,
i'm trying to use Z&D on my server, but it seems that the server can't load at all the mod :/
does anybody know an issue like this one ?
20toto04 Nov 14 @ 8:36am 
SwordOfTheStars Nov 8 @ 3:48am 
Any reason why my zombies die seconds after I spawn them with Zeus?
Isebaille Tobany Nov 5 @ 10:13pm 
You can also go into the Map Editor, add the Zombie Modules which allow you to edit a lot of different things. One being make the zombies die to only head shots. You can also make it so they can throw cars, tanks (or make it so zombies and demons can, or just one or the other).

@spinosarousguy88: You an edit the config.sqf and one you set their side (being Blue or Red) they will automatically attack. I have my zombies set to Blue, so they fight the AI which are Red, and of course Exile players are Green. So while the AI are busy dealing with the zombies I just take out the Red AI, then deal with the zombies.
Frog Nov 5 @ 6:20pm 
First you need this file

You place the PBO directly into your servers @ExileServer/addons
(I run an Exile server, so I don't know where it goes if you aren't running Exile)

Second you need a PBO Manager - Google that one there are a few options.

To edit the stats of the zombies including which side they will spawn as edit the config.sqf

Want to add loot to them, go in the zombies folder, end edit the zLoot.sqf.

Once you are done, save all of it, and re-pack the folder Exilez_mod into the PBO
then upload it to your server to the folder @ExileServer/addons

You will find the PBO needed in the Addons Folder

@spinosarousguy88 -- edit the config.sqf
@jottergoat -- install this file on your server (see the directions in the Workshop Mod.
@Zymphox -- add loot to them, go in the zombies folder, end edit the zLoot.sqf
jottergoat Nov 5 @ 10:21am 
How do I make zombies appear all over the map?
nayD Oct 25 @ 6:29am 
Does anyone know of a way to make this mod not attack Max Zombies? There is a way for Max Zombies, but did not find any for this one yet. Trying to figure it out and troubleshooting a lot
spinosarousguy88 Oct 24 @ 9:21am 
How do I make zombies blufor to atack opfor?
SVaughan Oct 22 @ 4:31pm 
@Bucket_Man78 if they take any bullet damage and manage to kill the source they'll eat the body. To "Heal".