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Mass Effect A New Destiny
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Mass Effect A New Destiny


Mass Effect: A New Destiny is an upcoming Total Conversion beginning just prior to the First Contact War and ends at the climactic conclusion of Mass Effect 3. The mod looks to make an authentic Mass Effect experience while sometimes exchanging lore for fun gameplay in a 4X setting. This is an economic pre alpha and doesn't represent the quality of the final build in the slightest. Uploading the mod now is for the sole purpose of getting feedback on how the new resources function, events and other goodies will come when they're ready.

What you're getting:

Playable Empires:

Asari Republics (thanks to Team Nessassity)
Illium Corporate Holdings (thanks to Team Nessassity)
Citadel Council
Turian Hierarchy
Salarian Union
Volus Combine
Illuminated Primacy
Drell Remnants
Courts of Dekunna
Noveria Corporations
Systems Alliance
Cerberus *will not be playable at start on full release
Collectors *will not be playable at all on full release
Rachni Swarm *will not be playable at start on full release
Blue Suns (thanks to Capelett)
Blood Pack
Batarian Hegemony
Terminus Systems
Geth Consensus
Migrant Fleet

World Types:

Operations Center (a mini fortress world, details can be found on ModDB here )

Several new resources designed to accurately simulate the Mass Effect universe. Details can be found here

A new suite of corporate buildings, details here

Several technologies and tile blockers have been transferred from my other mod. Also technology tweaks provided by the Mass Effect Civilizations - Expanded Galaxy mod can be found here . Mass Relays have replaced Gateways thanks to Mass Effect Civilizations - Mass Relays you can find here . Thank you so much to Team Nessassity for allowing me to use some of their mods.

Updated Top Bar provided by Harain and you can find it here.

Ship set mod dependency maintained by hyperion9710. Originally created by CaptainX3 and Lord_Set

Mass Effect map is from Mass Effect: Crucible . Thank you to Garry Windu and binaryhelixmods for allowing me to use the map layout.

Mass Effect portraits by joshua.yathin.yu and you can find it here

Expanded War Goals by communista and you can find it here

At War: Planetary Cannons (3.9.*) by Ambit and you can find it here

PMC - Playable Mercenaries by Capelett and you can find it here

EP's Additional Megastructures Asteroid Outpost by Easy Pete and you can find it here

Negative Trait Formula Fix by Team Nessassity and you can find it here

What you aren't getting:

As this is a pre alpha the above content is pretty much it at the moment. As I said above, this is proof of concept released to get feedback. It will be updated with more events and content over time.


For the moment this is probably compatible with some popular mods, however, I did not design the mod with compatibility in mind. If you encounter errors involving other mods I probably won't be able to help. If you are a modder and want to make a patch feel free to do so, as long as you have permission from the other author, but you might want to wait until the build stabilizes a little first.


I couldn't make the mod without direct help and influence from the following. Team Nessassity, binaryhelixmods, Puckhead73, Garry Windu, Ambit, Harain, Renegades Modding Group, joshua.yathin.yu, communista, Capelett,Easy Pete, Minoris, Soul. Music originally composed by Jack Wall, Sam Hulick, Richard Jacques, David Kates, Clint Mansell, Christopher Lennertz, Cris Velasco, Hi-Finesse Two Steps From Hell, Thomas Bergersen, Faunts, and Sascha Dikiciyan.

Ultimately everything belongs to Electronic Arts and BioWare I'm just playing in their sandbox. I've created this mod for fun and have no desire to profit from it. Please fill out this short application form if you would like to join the team.

Mass Effect: A New Destiny is now part of the Mass Effect: Presidium Modding network. Join the server and scroll down to the A New Destiny section to stay up to date on mod development

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Dec 25, 2023 @ 8:46pm
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kroganwar22  [author] Jul 10 @ 7:10am 
@eternal Thank you for letting me know I will fix it next patch.
kroganwar22  [author] Jul 10 @ 7:09am 
@ timdraco You are either missing dlc or you do not have the shipset mod installed. The link is in the required mod section.
timdraco Jul 9 @ 3:54pm 
how do i play as systems alliance? ive got only 6 starter races. do i have to create them myself and play?
Eternal Jul 8 @ 8:10am 
There is an event named "the tree" that crashes my game every single time.
kroganwar22  [author] Jun 24 @ 6:42am 
@SavedTarsier a tech now
SavedTarsier Jun 22 @ 4:27pm 
Why can't I see or build colony ships? I can't find any info on this, is it intentional or a bug?
kroganwar22  [author] Jun 17 @ 7:09am 
@Guldfisk The mod is only in english.
Guldfisk Jun 16 @ 9:56pm 
I can't see the description of event.I wonder why.due to my language settings?
Ranger Jun 16 @ 1:01am 
nvm 10th time was the charm
Ranger Jun 15 @ 11:58pm 
@kroganwar22 Hey I'm trying to join the Discord but when I open it I don't see the new server.