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Consolidation Armament
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May 17, 2022 @ 10:50am
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Consolidation Armament

With the Consolidation Armament, the last word is yours

The growing tension between Aenum Republic and Outer Planets Consolidation prompted the latter to immediately upgrade its battle fleet. While dozens of shipyards throughout the Consolidation territory were producing new warships at a hasty pace, Consolidation Electronic Technologies, by special order of the Consolidation Council, began to develop new types of weapons that have a significant advantage over weapons available on the mass market.

The first experimental samples were TBC101 "Thunderbolt" and TBC202 "Excalibur". Mounted on the Challenger, the first Defiant-class Consolidation ship, the guns passed their test when, during patrol, the Challenger came across a large cluster of pirate ships in the Border Worlds. Having satisfied the Consolidation Council, TBC101 and TBC202 projects were sent to prepare for mass production, and at the same time, CET released several more models, including the rapid-firing guns TBR101 and TBR102 as well as FBC101.

Having a significant superiority in the cost of maintenance and firing range, the guns presented to the general public led to the fact that Aenum Republic eventually announced the growing threat of Consolidation attacks in its direction, after which republic announced the mobilization of its troops on the borders with OPC.

Named after the weapon of the ancient earth god Jupiter, this weapon uses Forsberg-Salkovsky electromagnetic accelerators, created in 2083 by the CET division, to disperse projectiles. Due to this, this weapon has no recoil but has a high initial velocity of the projectile.
Fire rate: 26 shots per min
Reload time: 2.25 seconds
Ammo used: TBC101 Shell
Max Distance: 2800 meters

Being the older brother of the TBC101, the TBC202, named after the legendary sword of King Arthur, also uses Forsberg-Salkovsky accelerators. Due to its size and double barrel, this gun carries enormous firepower and is able to sow fear in the hearts of its enemies. And most likely a few huge through holes
Fire rate: 10 shots per min
Reload time: 6 sec
Ammo used: TBC202 Shell
Max Distance: 6000 meters

TBR102S Mjolnir is the hammer of the god of Thunder and Lightning in Scandinavian mythology. Thunder and Lightning - that's what you'll see and hear when TBR102 is running. Equipped with a twin-barrel rapid-firing Thor cannons, this gun is primarily used on small vehicles as an anti-personnel weapon
Fire rate: 300 shots per min
Reload time: 5 sec
Ammo used: APBC-T Chaingun Magazine, HE-T Chaingun Magazine
Max Distance: 2450 meters

Big brother TBR102 - this weapon is a modification of TBR102S for large ships and stations. Named after the spear of Odin, another god from Scandinavian mythology, this weapon is also capable of hitting any target and piercing the thickest shields. Equipped with two rapid-firing Thor cannons, the TBR102 remarkably performs the role of an anti-missile installation
Fire rate: 600 shots per min
Reload time: 5 sec
Ammo used: APBC-T Chaingun Magazine, HE-T Chaingun Magazine
Max Distance: 2450 meters

Named after the magic chain that, according to legend, holds the Scandinavian wolf Fenrir, the FBR101 is able to restrain the onslaught of countless hordes of the enemy. This weapon is designed for integration into tank turrets, fighter gun systems or for installation in their own gun stations in the desired configuration
Fire rate: 300 shots per min
Reload time: 5 sec
Ammo used: APBC-T Chaingun Magazine, HE-T Chaingun Magazine
Max Distance: 2450 meters

The FBC101 was designed as a tank gun, but has also found its use as a fighter gun. Named after the magic sword from Slavic fairy tales, which ensured the defeat of the enemy in battles, this weapon is considered by Consolidation as a means of ensuring victory both in space and on planets
Fire rate: 12 shots per min
Reload time: 5 sec
Ammo used: APFSDS FBC101 Round, HESH FBC101 Round
Max Distance: 2000 meters

What can be better than FBC101 Kladenets? Two FBC101 Kladenets on the turret tower!

Designed as a means to suppress the enemy, Nehte began to be installed on various types of military equipment and in the form of auxiliary weapons. The three-barrel gatling system allows you to literally create a curtain of flying projectiles, which provides high damage to enemy targets
Fire rate: 720 shots per min
Reload time: 5 sec
Ammo used: BMG Belt Magazine
Max Distance: 1000 meters

Based on the Nehte gun, the Hatal is an automatic turret, allowing you to use all the advantages of the gatling system without involving an additional crew
Fire rate: 720 shots per min
Reload time: 5 sec
Ammo used: BMG Belt Magazine
Max Distance: 1000 meters

Ancile - like the legendary shield originally from Ancient Rome, TEB101 does not give you a chance to destroy objects under its protection, providing lightning-fast burning of any projectiles and meteors with a heavy powered laser, which makes it an excellent tool for active defense
Max Distance: 1400 meters

The Oko was developed simultaneously as an early detection installation and targeting system. The latest CET technologies ensure that even the smallest objects (including residents of the Shire) are located in a huge area around them, while consuming little energy
Max Distance: 17000 meters

Check out these models created by OPC specifically for this weapons pack:
OPC Defiant
OPC Arepo
OPC Sator


If you want to support us, we have a Patreon page[]

The mod uses WeaponCore framework.

Sounds, textures, decals and most of the models were designed by Foltast, you can see his other works here
The models, their final assembly and testing were performed by Dercaixr, whose workshop you can check here
Visual effects, testing, finishing touches and quality control were performed by Xaker_Two

Reupload requires the consent of authors. Reupload as a part of private mods ["unlisted"] is allowed as long as you leave credits.

At the moment the mod features 5 localizations (excluding english):
Dutch, German, Spanish, Russian (Thanks to Niveol and SENPAI ZERO), French (Thanks to Dooum)

If you find any errors in the translation please let us know in the specific channel on our discord.
If you would like to help us translate to other languages, let us know as well!

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Azurouse May 30 @ 4:17am 
This mod is fantastic, but I've run into an issue where the Kladenets and Gleipnir (didn't test the Nethe) will not fire with Custom Turret AI, the turrets will track enemy targets but the guns will not shoot. But if I manually control these turrets they work just fine.

Is there something I'm doing wrong?
juhvotus May 26 @ 5:28am 
Hey, love the mod my friend. This mod is a must have everytime I start a game, but there's one problem. The FBC101 doesn't want to shoot with custom turret ai enabled. I tested if something was wrong with the setup of the turret, but if I just switched the FBC101 to vanilla weapons it worked just fine.
Foltast  [author] May 21 @ 1:50pm 
I use it for early targets warning. It's useful if you want to see the enemy "quietly"
Borat May 3 @ 8:17pm 
This might seem like a weird question, but does the TR100 OKO have any real functionality or is more or less a cosmetic item?
Foltast  [author] Apr 27 @ 12:25pm 
Thanks, bollocks!
RVB no, it will be fixed with the next patch
Rastlore30, thanks for the info, I'll check it
ZERO, we will be glad to add official Ukrainian localization to our mod! You can help us with it on our discord server. You can use a modified version of the mod if you provide links to the original mod and its authors and keep it "Unlisted"
ZERO Apr 27 @ 9:33am 
Hello, I want to take this mod for my server, but I want to change the recipe a bit for balance and add the Ukrainian language. Is it possible to get permission to edit?
Rastlore30 Apr 27 @ 8:35am 
Just found the TBG101C S Hatal turret on the Sator tank can fire and damage blocks with no ammo loaded. LOL, although its nice, I feel I should do my part in reporting it. Love these weapons!
RVB Apr 24 @ 1:13pm 
I have noticed a balance issue with the TEB101 Ancile turrets. After firing 50+ missiles at once at a target defended by two of these turrets, all but a few of the missiles were destroyed immediately as they left their launchers, with the remaining projectiles not surviving long enough to fully turn toward the target grid.
Is this intended? Or are they meant to overheat quickly, providing a burst of omni-protection from 1-2 full waves of missiles? I have tested this with multiple different missile mods, all with similar results.
bollocks Apr 22 @ 5:04pm 
looking forward to the next patch! my friends and i are suuuper excited to be able to make some custom turrets with these amazing models. keep up the good work :)
Dercaixr  [author] Apr 20 @ 9:27am 
We are working on it, should be fixed next patch