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Guilli's Exploration And Expansion Tweaks
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May 2 @ 8:57am
May 12 @ 9:15am
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Guilli's Exploration And Expansion Tweaks

Guilli's Exploration and Expansion Tweaks
For version 3.4+ of the game.

Highly recomended in combination with my Guilli's Planet Modifier and Features mod!
Compatible with my Guilli's Technologies Guilli's Technologies mod!

This is a small mod to add a little flavour to start experience. It helps give you a feel of progression when exploring next to just surveying and expanding.

  • FTL speed has been lowered by a lot
  • Ship ftl engines now provide an FTL speed boosts, high for more advanced engines
  • Several techs added to speed up FTL from early to late game
  • Surveying speed and construction ship base build speed has been cut in half
  • Some survey speed techs were added too
  • Base planet hyperlane view distanced reduced by 1 jump

Hope you enjoy, if not let me know! Thank You
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BladeRnr 17 hours ago 
I love this mod, thanks for making it!
vardicdestroyer May 21 @ 2:06am 
Further testing shows it's not working even if its just this mod by itself, or just this mod and Guilli's Planet Modifier and Features mod. I've verified my install files, forced a redownload of the mod files from steam and no joy.
vardicdestroyer May 21 @ 12:36am 
This mod no longer seems to be working for me. I haven't added any mods since the last time I played. I did stop using the amazing space battles mod, and the game hotfix dropped. rolling back to the previous version of the game doesn't seem to fix it, so I have no idea what's going on.
Stormsong the Fallen May 12 @ 12:41pm 
Interesting, what endgame year did you envision while creating this mod, Guilli?
Guilliman  [author] May 12 @ 9:16am 
Updated to v3.4
Commando_Kain May 11 @ 6:19pm 
CTH2004 May 9 @ 1:58pm 
Oh, forgot one:

Gravitic Sensors
+3% FTL speed
+4% Sublight Speed
Subspace Sensors
+5% FTL speed
+3% Sublight Speed
Tachyon Sensor
+5% FTL speed
+5% Jump Range
-3% Jump Recharge
CTH2004 May 9 @ 11:25am 
nice. Looks fun.
Here's some ideas, once you get more advanced engines/ power, those also boost FTL, as well as other stats. The idea being that thesemanipulate subspace, so can be used as propulsion in subspace as well.

So, here they are:
The engines do:
Impulse Thrusters
+5% FTL speed
Dark Matter Thrusters
+15% FLT speed
+5% Jump Range
-5% Jump Recharge

The reactors:
Zero Point Reactor
+5% FTL speed
+1% sub light speed
Dark Matter Reactor
+15% FLT speed
+5% Jump Range
-5% Jump Recharge

Note: This also should have compatibility with the thrusters/ reactors from Sensible Late-Game Tech's , since those should have much stronger effects.
Liquid Snake May 8 @ 9:25pm 
I really like seeing ships steadily moving along the hyperlanes at the beginning of the game with this mod. Somehow feels more meaningful to me. Also makes your early game exploration choices much more significant! Nice stuff as always, Guilli :steamthumbsup:
Nicelander May 8 @ 1:39pm 
Does this work in an ongoing game? 🙂