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Guilli's Planet Modifiers
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Guilli's Planet Modifiers


Guilli's Planet Modifiers
For version 2.0.2+ of the game.
Compatible with all DLC. DLCs not required.
Compatible with virtually all mods.

What does this mod do?
  • 300+ new Planet modifiers with unique icons and features.
  • 20+ new planet tile blockers with unique tile blocker graphics
  • New vanilla tile blocker graphics
  • 3 new armies based on modifiers. Can only be built on planets with those modifiers.
  • Several new anomaly events.
  • 30+ new "discovery!" events. Small event telling you discovered something interesting!
  • 50+ new colony events. There's a chance of a special event when owning a planet with a new planet modifier.
  • Unique capital event chains based on your ethics choice rewarding a capital planet modifier.
  • Planet modifiers appear more frequently and in larger numbers.
  • A handy starting menu allowing you to pick just how many planet modifiers planets should have.
  • Planet modifiers can be strong and provide a strategic choice when it comes to planets.
  • Secret and rare precursor planet modifiers.
  • Several New planet modifier border colours! (grey, blue, purple, pink,..)
  • Planet modifiers also appear on Barren, Frozen, Toxic and Molten worlds and Gas Giants. As well as asteroids, suns, and other celestial bodies.
  • Terraforming cleans up planet modifiers and has a chance to roll new good ones (see below for details)
  • Ringworlds and Habitats have a chance to roll a unique modifier to indicate how well construction has gone. There are also unique ringworld and habitat modifiers to make them feel alive and unique.
  • Unique modifiers for Ringworlds, Habitats, Fallen Empire Worlds.
  • Tomb worlds hold ancient secrets. Precursor modifiers can be found more frequently here.
  • New planet interactions with the crisis events. Bombarding infested worlds or worlds bombarded by the unbidden can turn into molten/frozen/barren/nuked worlds. Each can then roll new planet modifiers fitting them.
  • Habitats build over some worlds can gain some bonus based on the planet's modifiers.
  • Unique planet graphics and objects around planets such as shields, planet rings, shipyards, etc.
  • Unique leviathan with a special reward. Leviathan DLC required for this to show up.
  • 3 unique game start civics; death world, precursor world and fallen empire lost colony. Apocalypse DLC required for these to show up.

Wondrous Planets Update (new with 1.8)
How it works:
At the start of the game, up to one planet of each planet type will be chosen as a wondrous planet. This planet will have a unique tile blocker on it that provides very large adjacency bonuses as well as a happiness bonus! Once you have surveyed and discovered a planet like this (or the AI has), the planet name will change to a different colour and it will have a unique icon.

Discovery! Events
How it works:
When your science ships survey a planet and discover a special modifier on that planet an event will pop up telling you about it. This only happens the first time you discover this modifier.

Colony Events
How it works:
Over 40 mini colony events have been added that can trigger after you have colonised a world with this mod’s modifiers. Several capital event chains to do with your ethic choices have also been added.

Valuable World Modifier
How it works:
Some dead worlds (barren, frozen, etc) that have specific modifiers will also have a 'valuable world' modifier. This modifier allows terraforming of this world with the right technologies.

Terraforming Interaction
How it works:
When you terraform a planet the following will happen:
  • Most bad negative modifiers will be removed (where it makes sense)
  • Precursor modifiers will NOT be removed
  • Planet wonders will be removed.
  • The newly terraformed planet has a chance to roll new flavour or positive modifiers. Flavour modifiers have a grey border and are just there for story/lore or roleplay.
  • Turning a planet into a Machine World will remove most modifiers and roll unique machine world modifiers. Events to replace these will come at a later date.

Crisis Interaction
How it works:
Crisis that purge or change planets will have improved interactions with planet modifiers. They will remove and/or roll new modifiers as well.

Want to help?
I want to expand this mod with more planet modifiers. Feel free to leave suggestions in the comments or the suggestion post! Thank you very much!

Build-in compatibility
Compatible with !Core Game Mechanics: Buildings Fully supported: AI recognises planet modifiers and tileblockers and will build their planets accordingly.
Compatible with Planetary Diversity
Compatible with More Star Classes
Compatible with Real Space
Limited Compatible with Star Trek: New Horizons The new planet types will also have these modifiers. Removed modifiers & systemsthat do not fit the mod or star trek universe.

Support me!
If you really like my mod and wish to support me, feel free to drop something. Donations are greatly appreciated and will help support me and my health issues. Thank you very much!

Special thanks to the following people for suggestions and feedback!
A huge and special thanks to Heather H. for proofreading all the English localisation and providing corrections and improvements as well as unique story content. Thank you very much!
-Alguerath for Spanish translations
-p6kocka for the German translations
-Waesche for the cool colour name trick
Special thanks to the original creators of all the art.

Please rate and let me know what you think, Enjoy
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Mstyaka Aug 18 @ 5:48am 
You are damn right. Definitely mod conflict and many mods (I have 150+), GPM with any galaxy size mod and without other mods works fine and loads just few seconds.
davidb11 Aug 16 @ 12:04pm 
Yeah. That's a mod conflict for certain. Mind you, I don't run multiple thousands of stars galaxies that often any more, but I haven't seen that issue.
H11DN-D4NG3R Aug 16 @ 11:00am 
I think its caused by another mod. or its just you. i have started Alot of 1000 stars(cause lower amounts arent fun.) and i have alot of other mods up.
^kxa Aug 16 @ 11:00am 
1 minute for 1k stars?
Your game either has way to many mods (I have about 100 and it takes at max 3-4 seconds) or your computer is way to slow for these large galaxies.
Mstyaka Aug 16 @ 10:48am 
At 1000 stars mod loads near 1 minute, 1000+ for ages and stuck. Before update 2.1.1 I guess it worked fine, just waited few minutes even at 5000 stars and now doesn't work.
H11DN-D4NG3R Aug 15 @ 9:49am 
day 2+3 might be slow. given it spawns the modifiers.(or attempts to) on Everything that it would logically apply to.
davidb11 Aug 15 @ 9:41am 
That's really weird, this mod should have no conflicts at all, at least nothing major like literallly locking the game up.
I would imagine running it on above 1000 might take awhile to generate the map, and all.
I bet someone could get it to run on a 5000+ star map. But, it would take a while.
Mstyaka Aug 15 @ 8:05am 
Unfortunately, doesn't work with more than 1000 systems for me. After 1000 game stuck at the beginning.
Charred_Soldier Aug 7 @ 10:27am 
@Valicia did you figure out how to add the visual effect? I would like to know as well
Custodian Aug 4 @ 11:55am 
Hey, first I wanted to say I really enjoy your mod, really great work. Recently I came around a bug I think. I got the event where a planet likes to try a different approach to mining which will lead to the planet gainig the "very dense mineral veins" modifier. However, the event pop up says that they wait for my decision, but I couldn't decide as there was only one option to click.