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Sebi Feb 22 @ 5:30am 
I like the idea, but it'd be nice if i could move them and use as attack armies
But now i can build a big fortress world, cadia style :D
Guilliman Feb 22 @ 4:12am 
Sebi check the mod page for detailed explenation.
I couldn't fix the army bonuses from precursor bunkers/mechs, so I removed them and replaced them with actual defensive armies for you to build. Should apply to your savegame as well. Let me know what you think :)
Sebi Feb 22 @ 12:47am 
Yes that was me, didn't see your answer until now, thank you, really appreciate your mod
Guilliman Feb 22 @ 12:44am 
Hey Sebi, someone mentioned it on reddit as well, seems to be a bug. I'm currently looking into. It looks like the modifier doesn't want to apply to armies. Thanks for letting me know though :) Hopefully I can fix it soon. I might need to make the bonuses apply as a hidden event, if that's the case it'll take a bit longer to fix. Sorry for the confusion :(
Sebi Feb 22 @ 12:42am 
Hey, i installed "Guilli's Planet Modifiers", it's a great mod, but the precursor mechs (should give +200% army damage) don't seem to be working, is it possible that another mod interferes with it?
Guilliman Feb 8 @ 12:57am 
Yup, but it might take a while :) It'll be a lot of editing and testing. Plus I'll want to play the update as well ;). You'll be able to play with my graphics mods fine when the big game update is out. The new stations/habitats wont be coloured yet but the rest will work fine.