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Star System Generator
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Star System Generator


Randomly Create Entire Star Systems
This tool creates random star systems for your game. I find having to manually place modded planets in my game takes a lot of the fun out of the discovery of the star system, and no matter where I place planets I feel like I'm either cheesing to make it too easy or too hard. So I built this tool.

Questions, Suggestions, Comments, and Bugs -> Discord[]

Complete User Guide (with additional commands)
** Many thanks to JagoDragon for his excellent showcase / tutorial video! **

  • Works with modded planets
  • Generate entire star systems randomly
  • Generate bespoke star systems
    • Planets, moons, stars, nebula, asteroid belts
  • Provides a datapad of GPS points to all celestial bodies

Quick Start
  1. Start an "Empty Space" game **
  2. Open the chat and use the command /ssg random to generate a completely random star system
  3. Save your game and remove the mod
  4. (optional) Start your game with a bang (Damaged Spawnships)
  5. Have fun discovering the star system!

** If you want to use the Economy system, then it needs to be disabled initially. Use this mod until you are happy, then save the game and turn Economy on.

Generating star systems can take several minutes.
During this time your game will appear frozen.
It is not frozen. It is creating a lot of data.
When this happens, be patient. The game is generating the voxel data for all the planets and moons.

Chat Commands
Read the Complete User Guide for the complete command list and descriptions. Use the following commands in game chat. The prefix is /ssg. All commands are case-insensitive. There are two steps to advanced star system generation.
  1. Assign planets and moons to the "creation queue"
  2. Use Recreate to have the mod create the indicated planets and moons and locate them in space.

List all commands

Shows a list of all celestial bodies defined in the game. Use this when you want to see the exact name of a planet or moon.

Shows all planets added to the creation queue.

AddPlanet name {km}
Add a planet to the creation queue. You must provide the planet name. An optional planet size (in kilometers) can be provided.

RemovePlanet name
Remove a planet from the creation queue. You must provide the planet name.

Clears all voxels in the star system and creates a new star system using the queued planets.

Random {quantity}
Clears all voxels in the star system and places new randomly selected planets and moons.

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Bug Reports
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= VG = Renainn Jun 30 @ 9:14pm 
I found several mods with the name Better Stone, do you know the author's name?
Endersmit Jun 30 @ 6:01pm 
thank you this will make exploration more whorth it
black_dragon1230 Jun 26 @ 10:02am 
Ok Ill give it a try thank you.
Patrick  [author] Jun 26 @ 9:59am 
This mod doesn't do anything with ore. It just spawns planets. Try loading Better Stone after creating your star system. For some ore mods, that is all that is required. Feel free to jump on the Discord if you want to discuss it any further.
black_dragon1230 Jun 26 @ 9:19am 
Im guessing this doesnt work with Better Stone? Was hoping it did but seems like it isnt. If not an chance it could be supported in the future?
Patrick  [author] Jun 25 @ 8:13am 
It provides the information in the same units that the machines require, which is how it's represented in game. It wouldn't be helpful to tell you the temperature is 30 deg Celsius when the machine requirement is 0.6. Btw, if you have more feedback on that mod, do you mind posting on that mod's discussion area? It keeps things organized.
idea λ Jun 25 @ 7:00am 
yeah but doesn't it provide temperature like "0.5" instead of kelvin/celsius/fahrenheit
Patrick  [author] Jun 24 @ 7:39pm 
Scientific Machines includes an LCD script that provides that information. It's called something like "Environmental Scanner."
idea λ Jun 24 @ 3:18pm 
i was banned by mods who called me names for talking about 'boson fields'
thanks though. i looked up if there were mods for this and googled before i suggested, none
have fun modding
btw, it would be nice if the science machines actually gave temperature and pressure values
i know the game has no real temperature values, but it would be nice to convert :)
Patrick  [author] Jun 24 @ 2:25pm 
Jump on the Discord, we have a channel called "Wish for mod" and describe your idea. No promises on making it, but often the discussion turns up links to existing mods that do what you want. It can also help nail down exactly what the mod would do. Plus it's fun to chat about :)