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Zardos Connector Passageway & More
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Mar 23, 2022 @ 5:10pm
Oct 1, 2022 @ 3:46am
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Zardos Connector Passageway & More

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Many thanks to MadMavn for featuring my mod on your series! If you havent checked it out I highly recommend it!!


A simple connector variant that you can walk through- allowing it to double as a universal docking port!

- LG Reinforced connector passageway 3x3x1
- LG Reinforced connector passageway FORCE FIELD 3x3x1
- LG 1X1X1 Greebling Connector Passageway
- SG Connector passageway 7x6x2 (Smallest I could make it keeping to the style and to work with vanilla doors)
- Forcefield version of the SG passageway
- SG/LG connector junction- a 1x1x2 connector variant that has multiple conveyor faces and is a full block so wont let your air out your base when its flush!

Planned variants
- More Forcefield Connector Passageways- Airtight variants of the connector passage ways listed above.
- Connector adapter- a connector that looks like it connects flush with all variants for immersions sake.
- Centred SG variant for use with modded blocks
-Ladder connectors
-Vertical connectors

Variants I cannot do
-piston based corridor connectors- the game doesnt have enough collision meshes or the capability for such a multifunctional block

Any suggestions for improvements/variants are always welcome!

FIXED issues
- Blocks not visually loading in on restart- fixed as of 11/08
- For some reason people are reporting that they are unable to walk through the passageway- fixed as of 14/04 - Thank wookie for locating the issue :)

Do not reupload or use my models without permission- asking never hurts anyone :)

Best way to contact me is on discord-
Username- Zardo#0292

Edit- Im also in the process of making a discord- Join me there!

Like what I do and want to support me? Buy me a coffee!
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Jun 28, 2022 @ 6:02pm
how pass thru when locked?
< >
BSG-22 Wiki Feb 26 @ 5:49pm 
disregard I see you will be taking care of it.
BSG-22 Wiki Feb 26 @ 5:47pm 
So for whatever reason the small grid passageway connectors aren't registering the conveyor blocks I'm trying to connect them to... this is for both the forcefield version and the regular version and idk what's happening here, any idea why this is the case?
Zardo  [author] Feb 19 @ 10:40am 
no way to currently make the block do that without making it a merge block im afraid @clevercole
clevercole98 Feb 18 @ 10:04pm 
I think it connected points should count the same as sealed when locked. Of course loosing pressure when unlocked.
Zardo  [author] Feb 2 @ 3:18pm 
no plans for one like that atm- someone did look into commissioning me to make one but it didnt go through
Alexander Feb 2 @ 2:54pm 
is there any intention to a 2x3x3 connector that lines up with a full block rather then a half block
for the Large Grid Connector
hamax2468 Jan 18 @ 9:51am 
ok then, good luck with the update and i look forward to integrating it soon
Zardo  [author] Jan 18 @ 9:22am 
Im working on a update to this mod and will look into the conveyor issue with the small grid- be aware that its a sg port though so not everything will travel through it.

the other passageway variants will get the forcefield treatment too
hamax2468 Jan 18 @ 7:25am 
can we get a force field implementation of the 1x1x1 large grid passage connector? id quite like my ship to have a pressurised connection when docked to a station. (i hope its not too much to request, id do it myself if i knew more about SE modding but it seems simple enough to request)
raz19 Jan 17 @ 8:30am 
I'm having the same issue as Fal' Soram, can't use the SG conveyor, force field and otherwise, to transfer cargo, gas or move ore/ice.

I connected a sg small cargo container directly onto the passageway conveyor but wasn't able to move ore from the passageway into the cargo container.