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Yet Another Planetary Sky Fix
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Yet Another Planetary Sky Fix

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Have you ever noticed that some habitable planet classes, when they are moons, will display the parent planet in the sky in the planet view (with rings, if it has them)? Do you wish that all habitable moons had this feature instead of just a few? This mod is for you.

The artwork is already present in common/gfx/portraits/environments, it just isn't enabled for all planet classes which have art. These planet classes already use the fancy sky art:

  • Arid (pc_arid)
  • Savannah (pc_savannah)
  • Arctic (pc_arctic)
  • Alpine (pc_alpine)
  • Ecumenopolis (pc_city)

Note that Tomb Worlds (pc_nuked) do not have fancy sky art available.


There are probably lots of other mods that make this same change, but I made this one with the express purpose of merging it in to Subtle Polish.


No gameplay changes. This mod updates several of the default planet classes, where the only change is to set uses_alternative_skies_for_moons = yes.

  • Desert (pc_desert)
  • Tropical (pc_tropical)
  • Continental (pc_continental)
  • Ocean (pc_ocean)
  • Tundra (pc_tundra)
  • Gaia (pc_gaia)


In order to change the default planet classes without impacting habitability (i.e. breaking it), it is necessary to override the entire common/planet_classes/00_planet_classes.txt file. What this means to you is that this mod is incompatible with other mods that need to override the default habitable planet classes.

Fully compatible with Planetary Diversity and Ancient Cache of Technologies because those mods do not overwrite the built-in planetary classes.

Not compatible with Real Space, but that mod already activates the same art so you don't need this one.

Not compatible with achievements. Why? Planet classes are a gameplay object, even though the ultimate effect of this mod is cosmetic only.

Verifying Mod Compatibility

You can verify mod compatibility yourself very easily. Steam downloads mods into a directory in your Steam library (if you have more than one, mods go into the one with their corresponding game). Inside the library (the default is at C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps), browse to steamapps/workshop/content/281990 (281990 is the Steam ID of Stellaris).

Inside this folder, you will see many directories named with just numbers. Those numbers are Steam Mod IDs - you can find a mod's ID easily from its Workshop web address. For example, this mod's Workshop page is at so its ID is 2527918521. What you need to do is find the ID of the mod(s) you want to check for compatibility - then open their directories.

Inside each mod you want to check, browse to the common/planet_classes directory. If you see a file named 00_planet_classes.txt then that mod is not compatible with this one. Otherwise there should not be a conflict - that's the only code file contained in this mod.

When to Install

This mod can be safely added or removed from your savegame at any time.

Recommended Companion Mods

The standard planet view has a very small graphic representing your planet's environment and its sky, and so sometimes it is hard to see the alternate sky backgrounds. This is paricularly true for the temperate planets: tropical, continental, and ocean. To solve that, I highly recommend you use Planetary Diversity - Planet View to expand the viewport. As a graphics-only mod, it can be added or removed at any time. It is also stand-alone, so it is not required to use the rest of Planetary Diversity.


See the Change Notes

Source Code

Hosted on GitHub[]

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Hot Wet Nobel Laureates Jul 6 @ 10:42pm 
Ok, thanks for the clarification.
corsairmarks  [author] Jul 6 @ 10:34pm 
@Hot Wet Nobel Laureates no, it should not conflict. The only conflict would be if there is a file named exactly "00_planet_classes.txt"
Hot Wet Nobel Laureates Jul 6 @ 5:43pm 
Will this not conflict with Real Machine worlds as it uses a file called "rmw_planet_classes"?
corsairmarks  [author] Jul 3 @ 7:53pm 
@Rogueone it looks like ACOT (the base mod at least) does not change the default planet classes. That means this should work with it. No promises about the submods, but you can easily check yourself.

For each mod you want to know about, check here: steamapps/workshop/content/281990\{mod_id}/common/planet_classes . If you have multiple Steam libraries, mods are installed in the same parent folder as their corresponding game. The mod ID is visible in the Steam store link for any given mod - ACOT is 1419304439 and this mod is 2527918521, for example.

If there is a file named "00_planet_classes.txt" in another mod, then it is not compatible with this one. Otherwise go ahead - it should work just fine!

Final caveat: mods that add planet are may or may not make tall sky art, so it may look weird if you also use the PD expanded window mod.
Rogueone Jul 3 @ 2:07pm 
Is this good with ACOT?
Venoum Jun 29 @ 5:12pm 
that's the one. huh, weird.
corsairmarks  [author] Jun 29 @ 3:49pm 
@Venoum Presumably you mean this mod:

It does add some planet classes, but there shouldn't be a conflict. To test, I added both mods and started up a fresh game with only these two. The game shows me the correct habitability on my homeworld and guaranteed colonies.
corsairmarks  [author] Jun 29 @ 3:39pm 
> Could that have been causing conflicts, as food and consumer goods started in the red with both on?

Probably due to your homeworld also having low habitability. I had the same thing happening to me before I fixed it. You can even see in the preview image that the empire I was using has only 40% habitability on their homeworld - oops.
Venoum Jun 29 @ 1:08pm 
Just had it today, but I'll see what I can do. Also have that recent event mod on the front page installed. Could that have been causing conflicts, as food and consumer goods started in the red with both on?
corsairmarks  [author] Jun 29 @ 9:29am 
@Venoum yes that was the problem I patched. Try unsubscribing and resubscribing to the mod. If you open the mod's folder (assuming Windows: SteamLibrary\steamapps\workshop\content\281990\2527918521 - my example is from a Steam library on a secondary drive, the default Steam library is in your system drive + Steam fodler).

You should see one file of actual code changes: common/planet_classes/00_planet_classes.txt. If you see common/planet_classes/50_display_moon_overrides.txt - you have the old, broken version.