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Planetary Diversity
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Planetary Diversity


Stellaris: 2.7.*
Not Achievement Friendly

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This mod adds 40 new planet types to the game;
- 25 regular worlds some with events.
- 10 rare worlds.
- 5 uninhabitable planets.

The mod uses events to change the existing planets when a game starts. Example: All the regular dry planets will reroll as the extended PD dry planets. The mod does add the rare/special planets as initializers, so they will add to galactic planet count but they are set to be scaled to the size of your galaxy. On a tiny map, there will be 0-3 and on an extra-large map, there will be around 20 extra planets. Aside from the rare/special planets spawning is untouched.

It also has two game start events;
- If you start on Sol or Deneb you can add terraforming candidate modifiers to some planets.
- You can change nearby neighbour planets to be the same category instead of them being the same class.

All planets have custom artwork!

Regular Worlds
1. Continental
2. Tropical
3. Ocean
4. Cascadian
5. Atoll
6. Crag
7. Mangrove
8. Tepui
9. Retinal
10. Forest
11. Swam
12. Lake

1. Desert
2. Arid
3. Savannah
4. Steppe
5. Dune
6. Oasis
7. Mesa
8. Atacama
9. Prairie
10. Mediterranean
11. Outback
12. Veld

1. Arctic
2. Tundra
3. Alpine
4. Bog
5. Frigid
6. Glacial
7. Boreal
8. Mycelium
9. Antarctic
10. Snow
11. Highland
12. Mud

Rare Worlds
You can start on these worlds, they have a slight bonus and they spawn in the galaxy randomly. They don't get ideal neighbour classes, but they do get nearby planets that are thematically appropriate for them.
1. Geothermal World - A icy world with high levels of geothermal activity that create lush jungle pockets. Bonuses to Energy and Engineering.
2. Superhabitable World - A super-earth that is larger than most habitable planets, aside from the high gravity it is a perfect place for life to flourish. Bonuses to Farming and Mining.
3. Tidally Locked World - A planet which is tidally locked around its star, one side always faces the sun while the other is trapped in eternal darkness. Bonuses to Food and Energy.
4. Bioluminescence Jungle - A hot jungle world that is under almost complete darkness. Bonuses to Society and Food.
5. Karst World - A hollow world of caves, bonuses to Minerals and Engineering.
6. Primal World - A young slowly cooling world of lava rivers and primitive jungles, bonuses to Energy and Society Research.
7. Aquatic World - A world covered completely in endless oceans, species with this trait can land in the ocean of any world and have special underwater city worlds. There are three different ocean portraits depending on how hot the planet is.
8. Storm World - A world that is constantly battered by giant storms. Great for energy, hard for life to flourish.
9. Coral World - Once a water world but now is just an arid land covered in giant land coral. Great for minerals and research.
10. Rogue World - A world knocked away from its parent star, now orbiting a black hole. High geothermal activity allowed for life to continue, allowing for mining and energy production. *Note all races starting with Rogue worlds will have their home system changed to a black hole system, there's a weird graphic glitch at the game start where it doesn't look like it works but run a day and it fixes itself.

Unihabitable Planets
1. Hothouse World - This is an un-colonizable planet that can have an anomaly that will make it a terraforming candidate.
2. Diamond World
3. Chthonian World
4. Hot Gas Giant
5. Cold Gas Giant

Hive Origins
1. Hive Worlds have gotten a face lift and there is an Infesting Hive Origin. Basically a zerg style playthrough, you must be a devouring swarm and once you land on a planet you start to infest it with the hive itself.
2. Megaflora Tree of life is a separate tree of life that auto terraforms worlds to have a special tree, they are blocked from terraforming but any world they set on that can be changed will be changed to a garden world.

Planetary Diversity Overwrites:
\common\all the district files
some events

Special thanks:
Don Artemio – for Russian translation.
Draco Lander - for Polish translation.
Joky – for French translation.
duffymcdave + Patrick-From-Germany - for German translation.
Aranha Maluco - for Portuguese translation.
io & Alguerath - for Spanish translation.
Shota3245 - for Japanese translation.
Meishashier, LunarTraveller, DERSCHNEE1, KrukaL, shouerma, SANagisa, 363760758, 502y, AshenJN, ChthollyLee, coldwind676, DrGu1tar, EDING1250, enshulv, ethanz428, FakeMemory, fdsafdsree, fgf1011, fixedbug, Hithn, Jiu-Cha, KasierIch, liyuanchen1996, lurunlin, lyf67175817, MahlerProton, Mosin-Lee, MuriyaTensei, Nazrin720, Night-Lighter, passerprophet, PhaethonD, Ps23333, SkyWolfy682, - for Simplified Chinese translation

Thank you for enjoying it and please rate it if you have a second.

Fully Compatible Mods/Sub Mods

Do Not use Planetary Diversity Orginal Art without permission.
Planetary Diversity on ModDB
PD 2.5.*
PD 2.1.*
PD 1.9.*

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Archon 2 hours ago 
At least for me is the habitabilty tooltip missing for rogue worlds on the planet selection screen, as well ingame if you hover over the species habitability preferences
Kayess Oct 21 @ 2:20am 
If I build a planetary habitat on Mars, is the background still the custom one?
PLAYER Oct 20 @ 3:32pm 
thank you:lunar2019shockedpig:
Flaming Cinder Oct 20 @ 12:56pm 
That would be perfect. I was just afraid that if you have any plan to replace base planet background arts.
Gatekeeper  [author] Oct 20 @ 12:26pm 
@WBruce - no gaia world replacements. As far as my concercating my worlds they will all react to it like any general planet. So low chance of being good.

@Bald - I'm not sure what you mean other than they get very high habitability on all planets. Feel free to post pictures.

@Flaming Cinder - I've got too many new planets I want to do. My goal as always been to add to Stellaris, not replace parts of it.
Flaming Cinder Oct 20 @ 9:45am 
I think it would fine if the art of habitats, gaia world and relic worlc get replaced. But I quite love the art of the 9 base world types (continental, ocean, tropical, arid, desert, savanna, tundra, arctic and alpine), so I don't hope that these arts get replaced.
Bald Oct 20 @ 9:21am 
Hello friend, I love your mod. I am writing to inform you that I believe that some of your planets do not interact well with the habitability bonus of the lithoids, if you want I can pass you some screenshots. Regards
WBruce Oct 19 @ 2:00pm 
Hi, this is the best Mod out there by far!
I wanted to ask you if there is any Gaia World replacements.
I am trying to use the Consecrated Worlds on Gaia Worlds for the major bonus and I am wondering if I could get the same bonus on any DP extras. If not I think it would be a great addition and a perfect fit.
Congrats on this amazing work my friends - fantastic!
Gatekeeper  [author] Oct 19 @ 1:38pm 
@Kayess - some times it is and some times we just let the art get away from us if I'm being honest. Lately we've been trying to keep it at a steady scale
Kayess Oct 19 @ 9:04am 
Alright, thanks for the response
I just noticed one more thing though but its quite a minor detail.
Some of them planets dont really keep the scale of the city sets in mind.
For example, the forest world's trees are half the size of a skyscraper when you compare them to the city sets.
This might be intentional though, so I'm not judging too much.