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ACE3 Arsenal Extended - Core [BETA]
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Mod Type: Equipment, Mechanics
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Jun 20 @ 3:04pm
Sep 22 @ 11:47am
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ACE3 Arsenal Extended - Core [BETA]

Contains core logic, common to :
- USP version
- AMF version

ACE3 Arsenal Extended is open source ! (mostly under MIT licence, except ACE integration under GNU GPL v2)

Feel free to contribute or fork on GitHub :
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Kane Nov 25 @ 4:14pm 
If I wanted to limit the my players to just selecting Multicam specific options for a campaign. Can this be done using this mod? Also if an item is blacklist on the server does that break this mod.
Moebius Nov 14 @ 4:49pm 
nice work, thanks!!!
gman Nov 13 @ 5:26am 
wonder when this will have an rhs or cup version
Apex Oct 24 @ 1:18am 
Can the stuff with the custom menu's be limited in the arsenal?
Vagrant Oct 14 @ 6:38am 
Going to try and tackle an update of KETSUCORPS GEAR mod and incorporate a version of this to go with it - got a lot of projects going on - but now that I feel comfortable with my modding I'd like to bring that one back from the dead.
Alemão Oct 6 @ 11:10pm 
Hey dude great job, thanks for making this extension helps a lot! I haven't tested it on mp yet, does it work? And any plans to make for CfgGlasses?
Rudy Oct 3 @ 4:45pm 
Having an issue where we make loadouts and save them, and then the next day we come back and some of the components such as our helmet/vest are missing. Any known fix?
Jove Chiere Sep 25 @ 2:39pm 
Thank you very much for the answer, I know that it is not a priority, because it is not an information that I store when I click on export. And the head option from Eden is not usable either.
Good luck with this project and hopefully it will become a standard in all mods.
[1eGTD] Sgt. J.GrueArbre  [author] Sep 25 @ 11:29am 
Hi @Jose Chiere. The mod is designed for CfgWeapons/CfgVehicles, it will not possible to use "as-is" for CfgFaces. Anyway, it's possible to write a specific module to manage CfgFaces.
Jove Chiere Sep 25 @ 10:45am 
Greetings @J.GrueArbre
I have loved this mod to be able to create compacted configurations, but given my basic programming knowledge and the added difficulty of my attempt to use it, I am not getting results.
The question is if this mode can be implemented also in "CfgFaces" as there are several options of head with camouflages (many of them hidden) or even head models (in the case of my mod).