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ACE3 Arsenal Extended - Core
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Jun 20, 2021 @ 3:04pm
Nov 2 @ 10:57am
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ACE3 Arsenal Extended - Core

This mod will group ACE arsenal entries and allow to pick a model using options. It avoid having a lot of combinaisons listed.

It needs compat mods to work :
- USP version
- AMF version

Contributors / Compat mods

You can create compat mods and contribute to this project on GitHub.

To quickly create a compat mod you can use the Config Helper Application :
- Download[]
- Documentation[]

You can also create a compat mod using manual configuration :
- Documentation[]


ACE3 Arsenal Extended is open source ! (mostly under MIT licence, except ACE integration under GNU GPL v2)

Feel free to contribute or fork on GitHub :
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Sep 8 @ 9:57am
ACE3 Arsenal extended complete collection
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Burns Dec 4 @ 3:22pm 
Helper keeps giving me an Error message about Arma 3 Tools not being installed, but they are all installed...
[1eGTD] Sch. J.GrueArbre  [author] Nov 11 @ 2:18am 
@=7Cav=SSG.Raeder.U : This mod is client side only.
SnakeDoc Nov 6 @ 11:42pm 
Is anyone working on a version of this for RHS or NiArms, maybe i could assist with it.
=7Cav=SSG.Raeder.U Nov 6 @ 1:10pm 
Can this be ran clientside with a key on the server or does this need to be running on both server and client?
[1eGTD] Sch. J.GrueArbre  [author] Nov 6 @ 12:59am 
@YonV: there is no way yet to block some items. ACE has a way to restrict items, but the options system does not check against it. It's a planned feature.
YonV Nov 6 @ 12:51am 
is there a way to black list Items, we have items not in the arsenal showing up in the menu,? gui, options window, .. pardon any way is there a way to block or black list items
fijik Oct 2 @ 7:11am 
Hello, I have a question
Is it somehow possible to make a menu for accesories?
Ace Sep 29 @ 8:38pm 
Sooooo what does this do?
Killa567 Aug 30 @ 12:35pm 
Is there a way to make this work with limited arsenals?
Krokette ❤ Aug 29 @ 12:50pm 
Literally the best mod on the workshop. Actual Genius.