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Ghost's MLO Additions
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Nov 13, 2020 @ 8:28pm
Apr 7, 2021 @ 4:10am
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Ghost's MLO Additions

In 2 collections by LinkIsGrim
APM Operation Overwatch
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Artamidae Private Military General
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Bug fixes and additions to VanSchmoozin/jarrad96/S.Bacon's amazing MLO All-In-One Collection.

Obviously requires the above. This addon distributes no files except for the Black & Multicam Woodland retextures of assets made by myself. All config magic and hours of pain and suffering.

Current Features:

* Black versions of the Crye G3 uniforms, with top/bottom variations for the 8 original camo patterns.
* Black versions of the Massif uniforms, with top/bottom variations for the OD/Tan camo patterns.
* Multicam Woodland (fictional, Multicam with similar colors to Flecktarn) versions of Crye G3 and Massif uniforms, with OD/Tan top/bottom variations (& black for the G3's).
* Black retextures of the LBT6094, LBT Armatus, Paraclete RAV, DT FAPC, and Platecarrier vests.
* Black retextures of the Compact Bag, Kitbag and Carryall.
* Scorpion pattern Massif uniforms, from unused files in VSM_Scorpion.pbo
* Scorpion pattern Compact Bag and Kitbag, from unused files in VSM_Scorpion.pbo
* Scorpion uniforms now accept left shoulder patches.
* Fixed carrying capacity and weight on OGA and Scorpion uniforms being different from other camo patterns.
* Fix for the CfgFactionClasses error when opening the Zeus interface.
* A Dark Black retexture of the Bowman Elite II -Cap, as a bonus.


If you can use MLO, you can use this. Whatever you can do with MLO, you can do with this.
Du May 10, 2021 @ 5:32am