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VSM All-In-One Collection
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VSM All-In-One Collection

In 2 collections by (4SFG) jarrad96
Special Operation Forces Factions [SFF]
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Special Operation Forces Factions (RHS Config) [SFF-R]
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This is the VSM-All-In-One Collection, that contains all VSM Mods in a single download, for easier management.


-M81 Woodland Pattern

This classic Woodland camo has existed in some form or another since the 1960's and it's use is incrediably widespead, being commonly used by many nations and groups around the world. It was originally a US-designed camo and is still in limited use in some Special Operation Forces groups such as the US MARSOC Raiders and US Navy Special Warfare Combat Crewmen (SWCC), among others. It's also used amongst insurgencies and rebels groups because of how common it is.

-AOR-1 (SEAL Pattern)

This pattern of camo, called 'AOR' (Area Of Responsibility) or NWU2 (Navy Working Umiform) was a desert digital based on the existing MARPAT and Canadian CADPAT, but altered in tone and digitial shape. It's almost excustively issued to US Navy Special Forces, such as SEAL Teams, and has become their signature camo. AOR-1 is the Desert pattern, there is also a Jungle Pattern, AOR-2, but that is not used commonly because of the US commitments to Afghanistan and Iraq being desert and arid terrains.


This camo was designed in the early 2000's to be useful in multiple terrains or environments, hence the name. It has since become overwhelmingly popular and has, in some variation or the other almost been internationaly used. it's particularly popular in Special Forces, but is also used by multiple national armies in different forms.

-Multicam OCP Pattern

Multicam (OCP) is a slightly paler in color version of regular Multicam that has been adopted by the US Army in 2010 to replace the much-disliked ACU grey digitial camo pattern.

-Multicam Scorpion Pattern

This is another pattern of Multicam, but rather than having a paler color tone 'Scorpion W2' but it has more muted greens, light beige, and dark brown colors, but uses fewer beige and brown patches and no vertical twig and branch elements. It's been used by a few US groups, such as ODA 'Green Berets' and is useful in semi-arid or more lush grassland terrains.

-Multicam Tropical/Jungle Pattern

The is a much greener Multicam pattern that was meant for Jungle warfare. It has seen limited use among US and South American Special Forces in Africa and the Phillipines area, but is not as widespread or as common compared to the more general multicam patterns.

-OD Green

This is just plain Olive Drab/Green uniforms, for when you want to play around with old-school cool gear.

-Flat Tan

This is plan Tan/ pale yellow uniforms.

-Project Honor Digital camo pattern.

Project Honor is an intresting camo- it was originally designed for Medal Of Honor-Warfighter' as a mixed woodland-terrain digitical camo pattern, with some of the money raised from purchases donated to military charities. It has seen no official adoption by any military forces, but has been seen as a private-purchase item in the field in small numbers.

All uniforms come in rolled sleeve and mixed color versions for the Crye Gen3 uniform, 'Massif' AAF base uniform, and rolled T-shirt/ undershirt/ Torn guerilla versions.


LBT 6094 - Breacher, Operator, Gunner

The LBT 6094 is one of the most-used plate carriers in the Special Operations community, and the armor itself was part of a collaboration with US Naval Special Warfare (NSW) units. The vest has a medium/large load capacity. Ingame all the ballistics plates in VSM Mods are outfited with ESAPI hard armor plates for improved protection from rounds or shrapnel.

LBT Armatus - Breacher, Operator, Gunner

The Armatus vest is one of the larger vests available in the mod, and provides side armor plates which give it armor protection in the sides which some other vests lack. It has a large load capacity and makes a good frontline fighting vest, or CQC fighting, due to the side plates, which we have simulated having side-plates of armor inside.

FAPC Vest - Breacher, Operator, Gunner

The FAPC vest has a long, high plate of armor giving good protection of the stomach and abdomen and also has a medium load capacity.

Paraclete RAV - Breacher, Operator, Gunner

All of the vests come in 3 or more versions. The 'Breacher' vest adds a (non-functional) breaching shotgun to the vest, while the 'Operator' vest is more standard. The 'Gunner' vest is designed for machingeuns or autorifles and has large ammo boxes included on the models. The Gunner vest has a much higher load capacity than the others but is also a heavier vest.


A light vest that also comes with a version with PACA armor plate, providing additional protection and armor coverage at the cost of weight. This plate is very small and light weight, and is more suited for small hit-and-run or short duration raids, as you cannot carry a large ammo supply and the ballistic plates themselves do not have wide coverage.

Opscore - 2 styles, in each camo pattern

MICH 2000 - 2 styles, in each camo pattern


Boonie Hats


Communication Gear- Comms and Peltors


This pack contains all modern and updated VSM uniforms and equipment.

VSM 'Warfighters' and VSM 'Weapons' have additional external dependancies or required DLC, so weren't added into the pack.

This contains only the newest and most-up to date VSM mods. The other one (VSM Uniforms V1) are older and are no longer developed/ updated. The reason they still exist is they have some camo patterns that have not been updated to the 'new /V2/ VSM AOW' standard yet.

The content here is IDENTICAL to the VSM 'V2' content, just in a single download for ease of use. Seperate packs used in this are named as follows-
VSM Vests And Helmets Pack
VSM Facewear/Accessories Pack
VSM Uniforms Pack

More info and technical support can be found here-
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[PTRS] Bring a sack lunch Nov 23 @ 2:19pm 
Do you think you could add a row of shotgun shells to the Breacher vest? That'd look great considering the shotgun on the back!
SturmPhoenix Nov 23 @ 2:06pm 
@(4SFG) jarrad96 can you please publish a classname list?
so that it can be easier to install in the Exile trader
Matt Nov 21 @ 12:25am 
Sound mate, good work bud by the way, very impressive work pal.have a good one
(4SFG) jarrad96  [author] Nov 21 @ 12:24am 
Not planned ATM, but we have intentionally kept all uniforms without national flag patches.
Matt Nov 20 @ 11:40pm 
Hi guys. Any chance of doing a British / UK MTP version?
Jackson Nov 20 @ 12:03pm 
Jarrad Can you add blood on uniform when player is wounded?
Jigsor=BMR= Nov 18 @ 8:06pm 
jarrad96, love the mod, than ks for the all in one version and the updates. though key is not working on this very last update. I think you had it right afew hours ago. keys were working on Dedid with the update from the one before this last one.. Thank Again.
Black Jesus Nov 18 @ 4:56pm 
(4SFG) jarrad96  [author] Nov 18 @ 4:50pm 
That should be fixed now. The mod also has the new patches BISigned AND BIKeyed- I had them confused and thought I only needed the BISign.
Black Jesus Nov 18 @ 11:49am 
i have the same problem as obiko saids missing addon "VSM_OGA_Fix" idk what the deal is with that but it stops me from opening my mission