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Silfae's city sets updated
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Oct 3 @ 4:47pm
Oct 6 @ 10:44am
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Silfae's city sets updated

This compilation includes updated versions of the city sets that came with Silfae's mods to use with the ecumenopolis, along with the devastated versions to be on par with the vanilla city sets.
(not included are the octee-lan and shark-cities or course, because they weren't real cities, just some background image.)

The cities of the portrait-mods I've combined are...

The animated Hollow Portraits
The animated Raptor Portraits
The animated Serpentoid Portraits
The animated Xirmian Portraits
Holosphere Rising
The animated Aquilese Portraits
The animated Hyena Portraits
The Hidden Eye

And all the credits of course go to Silfae for making them. ^_^
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Nozeminer  [author] Oct 17 @ 1:39pm 
Ah sorry for the late reply.
There, apparently someone has already uploaded it on some site.
Reaverslayer Oct 11 @ 9:48am 
Ok i tested it with only your Mod active and i only have the Vanilla City Sets... i think its a Workshop Problem. Can you provide a direct download link? If it works with manual install than its 100% a Workshop Problem. I cant use the Steam Workshop from EU4 as no Mod works even after subscribing/downloading but manual installs work. Only have this Problem with EU4 but it seems with the new Launcher its coming to Stellaris for me too :winter2019sadbulb:
Nozeminer  [author] Oct 9 @ 4:19pm 
That's odd. Do you use any other mods that could conflict with new city sets?
All I can say for sure is that it works for me when activated, regardless if I activate it along with any of the other mods that I'm using.
Reaverslayer Oct 9 @ 11:57am 
Are this City Sets? Because i cant see them in the City Appearance Menu. And yes the Mod is activated in the Launcher.
Princeps Oct 9 @ 11:16am 
Spirit Oct 7 @ 10:29pm 
finally someone doing this , i was always interested in the holofrixit city as ecumenopolis
now i can play as a true precursor species myself :P
TheJewishGamer Oct 6 @ 11:26am 
Thaank you!
Nozeminer  [author] Oct 6 @ 10:55am 
How dare you. :csdmeh:
Alright, just updated it.
So there you have your shiny pointy pyramids.
And to deny you the satisfaction of pointing out my laziness about having the silicoid set left out aswell, that one is now also included.
TheJewishGamer Oct 6 @ 7:10am 
The Serpentoid ones also had Pyramids in the city set, not just recycled Fallen Empire bits, that'd be like not doing Aquiliese or the Hyeena ones because they recycle City set assets
gred906 Oct 4 @ 10:45pm