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Animated Portraits - The Hidden Eye
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Oct 14, 2017 @ 3:02am
Jan 19, 2018 @ 1:24pm
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Animated Portraits - The Hidden Eye

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Animated Portrait Set
Two fully animated portraits.
They twitch, and blink, and look around, and breathe, just like vanilla portraits. Both sets have various skins and sexual dimorphism. The humanoid set has custom clothing and hairstyles.
You can easily use this set to create any Custom Empire you like, just like for the vanilla portraits.
The portraits are divided into three sets: a humanoid one, a reptilian one, and a mixed one (humanoid pops and leaders, reptilian leaders and rulers).
The AI will not use any of these sets to create random Empires.

Custom City Set
A flashier, more sprawling version of the mammalian city set.

Custom Civics
The mod comes with two additional civics: Geneticists and Parasitic Evolution. The first allows an Empire to start with a few of the bio-engineering technologies already researched, the other is a mix of Rogue Servitor and Syncretic Evolution (as such it requires Utopia DLC to work), and is better described below.
Neither will be randomly picked by the AI, they will only be used in your custom Empires.

Custom Traits
Nine new advanced traits for organics and three new traits for robomodding, all negative, crippling additions to torture and control your subjects to your heart's content.

Custom Room
Synthetic-inspired room.

Custom Empire
The Global Earth Order, a Secret World Order (materialist/authoritarian/xenophobe). I’ve set this Empire as capable of spawning on its own (although it won’t spawn always), unless the player is using it, in which case it will never spawn.
If you wish to disable the Empire from spawning while not using it yourself, you need to either disable the mod before starting up Stellaris, or go to the mod folder (Steam/SteamApps/workshop/content/281990/... /slreptilian_portraits/prescripted_countries/) open the slreptilian_prescripted_countries file, search for spawn_enabled=yes, and edit it to: spawn_enabled=no.
You can also edit it to: spawn_enabled=always, if you wish the Empire to always be spawned in your games.

NOTE that the Global Earth Order uses the Parasitic Evolution civic, which means it won't appear in your list if you don't own the Utopia DLC. All the graphical additions on the other hand will still be available for use.

This mod does not affect any vanilla files, nor does it add any gameplay feature. I don’t think it should cause any conflict with most other mods, although there might be exceptions I haven’t thought of.

Parasitic Evolution
If you pick this ethic (which is set for the Global Earth Order but can be picked by any Empire with a degree of Xenophobe), your gameplay will be a little different:
-You will have a secondary species, which will make up the majority of your starting population (only one pop of your main species).
-Just like for Rogue Servitors in vanilla, your Empire will keep track of the number of slaves within it and apply a modifier depending on its percentage. The higher the number of slaves is compared to the total population the better.
The logic behind the mechanic is that society in your Empire is secretly controlled by your main species. As long as your slaves don't know of your existance, you can subtly control them without them even realizing that they are slaves, which, in the game, results in an opinion and production bonus allowing the player to use enslaved pops on power plants and science labs (though they still won't bee as profitable as free pops).
The more the number of free people grows, the harder it is to keep the slaves unaware of their condition and keep your own ranks free of corruption and dissenting ideas.

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TurtleShroom Aug 1 @ 8:10pm 

The Mod is long dead. Do as you wish.
nekollx Aug 1 @ 4:00pm 
working on a compilation species mod, you ind if i include your set in that pack? Credit included of course
TurtleShroom May 10 @ 5:23pm 
How did you manage to set it so that Leaders only use ONE specific phenotype?
無題 Jan 1 @ 6:48pm 
David Icke would like to know your location
Ill Bill Dec 27, 2018 @ 9:31am 
can someone update this
Company Man Sep 23, 2018 @ 5:11pm 
Until this mod updates, I posted an unofficial fix for the bugs here (2.1.3):
Company Man Sep 4, 2018 @ 7:18am 
And as addendum:
- Geneticist gives you Genome Mapping, Epigenetic Triggers and Vitality Boosters.
- The mod's mechanical parts seem to function without issue even in 2.1.2.
- I would recommend trying it out if you desire a fresh playstyle. And the minor graphical issue mentioned below is very easy to ignore.
Company Man Sep 4, 2018 @ 6:59am 
For all those wondering whether this one still works... I have tested both the premade empire, modified versions with various ethics, and its civics (2.1.2) in a heavily modded (mostly Alphamod-based) game (with console commands to quickly check AI empires). Here are some of my findings:
- Xenophobe is not actually required for Parasitic Evolution.
- Parasitic Evolution requires the secondary pops to be fully enslaved to work properly, so you should put them into full slavery asap.
- This also means that you should pick at least Authoritarian. You can pick Parasitic Evolution without being Authoritarian or Xenophobe, but it will likely make the empire completely unviable.
- AI Empires lack rooms (but not the ruler and the city/planet background). Using mods like Diverse Basics doesn't seem to solve the issue.
- The mod works as advertised otherwise.
NewZealandTimeLord Jul 14, 2018 @ 11:32pm 
Silence will fall
Arkhangel Jun 12, 2018 @ 5:51pm 
You know, Snake people, or "sneeple" control our government at the highest level.