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Italy Reworked
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Italy Reworked

Mod Version: 1.0.1 - "Avanti Italia"
HOI4 supported version: 1.9.3

Italy Rework - A complete rework for Italy
After a lot of time, I have finally decide to publish this mod. I know that there are a lot of other rework of Italy outhere, but I hope you can still enjoy my work!
I've been working on this mod for several month, during my free time, and I really enjoyed working on it, since it brougth me to make research and read a lot of stuff about Italy during the World War 2 period.
Well, I think it's enougth for the presentation, so let's talk about the mod:

What's the aim of the mod?
As the name of the mod said, the aim is to rework Italy and giving to it a brand new focus tree, since it has one of the worst in the game, adding new events and better rappresenting the country situation during the World War 2 period. All of this along the intentions to try to keep the balance of the game and also allow the player to go with different playthrough.
After said this, my principal objective was to respect, as long as i could, the history of Italy, and since the game is HOI4, it was a not so easy challenge, but i think that I've done discreet work.

What are the contents of the mod?
  • A brand new reworked focus tree for Italy
  • New events
  • New decisions
  • More leader, generals and admirals (more are coming in the next patches)
  • Historical and alternative paths for the Fascist Italy
  • New alternative paths for a Democratic, Monarchist and Communist Italy, each with several diplomacy path
  • Flavour events and new national spirits for representing the period
  • New advisors and designers company (more are coming in the next patches)
  • New operations

  • DLC
    The mod is compatible with all Hearts of Iron IV dlc: they are not required, but I haven't tested it without them, so I cannot assure anything.
  • Other mods
    Well, this is a tricky question: obviously, this mod isn't compatible with others who change or modify Italy. It should work with mods who apply minor changes to the game, like the graphics. I can't assure that it works with overhaul mods, like 'Road to 56', but I haven't test anything.
    I have made this mod with the intentions to make more compatible as i can with the others, but, as I said before, I can't assure anything, so use it at your own risk.

Reporting a bug:
Please, when you report a bug, take in mind some things:
  • as I said before, I cannot assure that the mod is compatible with x or y, so double check that you aren't using some other mods that could be incompatible with mine
  • be clear when you report some error: specify what you were doing, what happened exactly and when
After said so, I really appreciate your segnalations, since this is my first seriously mod and I'm sure there will be a lot of error.

What are the future plans for the mod?
Well, my plans are to keep this mod updated as I can: I use to work on that when I have some time to spare, so I can't promise anything. Althougth this, I have some good stuff in mind which I'd like to add to the mod and provide some bug fixes.


Some last words
Please be polite in the comments section. Constructive criticism is very useful, while insults lead nowhere.
If you want to use some part or all of mod in other works, please, ask me for permission before. I will usually respond with a yes, since if it wasn't for the community this mod will never be existed, but I'd like to know where this mod is going to be used. After that, just give me the credits for my work, thank you.
I think it's clear, but it's better to put it write down for being sure: don't upload this mod as your own.

Well, I think I've said everything, so I finally let you have fun with my mod!

Recommended mods
  • Soldiers' Radio - I just said that I cannot play Hoi4 with this music mod anymore. I really like it!
  • L'Italia Chiamò - Italian Focus Rework - It was my favorite reworking in Italy. Unfortunately, the developer has no plans to update it for now. This mod bring to me a lot of inspiration for my work.
  • Russia Reworked - These guys are really making a wonderful job with their work. I suggest you to try their mod!
  • No Pasaran! Definitive Version - I think it was one of the best mod of HOI4, much better of the Paradox rework in Spain, but sadly, the developer isn't updated it anymore. But if you listen me, it really worth to rollback the game and try it!
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Sep 21 @ 1:03pm
Bug report
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s.stephens25 22 hours ago 
will you be updating this mod?
Rikai Oct 20 @ 12:58pm 
@Skip I am on the verge of starting to do the same. So i could use your help :)
Paglia  [author] Oct 20 @ 12:41pm 
@Skip Thank you for your offer, but I don't need it. I've started to work to an update several weeks ago, but for lack of free time, I left it. Now that I have finally start to work again on the mod, I was planning to continue to develop that update, where I will change some parts of the focus tree and revisit many events, so I think that the bugs will surely show themself.
However, I want to thank you again, and I will surely let you know if I change my mind.
Skip Oct 18 @ 7:39pm 
Hey there, I downloaded the mod and decided to fix some of the bugs so i could play it in mp with my mates, would you like me to send the files to ya?
Paglia  [author] Oct 18 @ 9:50am 
Hi everyone, I just want to say some words.
First of all: thank you all for the 1000 subscriber! I'm really happy to have reached this milestone, and I hope I could give to you more and more hours of fun!
After said so, I've restarted to work again on this mod: I can't promise anything, but I think that I can release an update in two weeks.
For the ones who's asking: I've haven't tried yet, but I think that the mod could still work with the current version of the game, even though some small bugs will surely present. I'm just asking you to have patience, sadly I have limited time.
In conclusion, I want thank you again for your feedbacks and suggestions, I really appreciate them!
Saul Oct 18 @ 4:31am 
Please update the mod.
fabiosimone.repetti Oct 17 @ 7:06am 
best mod ever
Jack Oct 16 @ 12:41am 
Can you update the mod?
ITA67 Oct 15 @ 3:03am 
a perfect Italian tree
Crypto X Oct 14 @ 3:09pm 
I hope you countinue working on this mod!