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Ability To Slot Reassignment
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Jun 17, 2020 @ 11:26am
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Ability To Slot Reassignment

Dynamic reassignment of item slots to abilities
This mod allows you to define weapon categories for abilities. Based on this config the mod will look for an item in the soldiers loadout that matches the weapon category and assigns the ability to the slot of the found item. This functionality was/is part of rpgo and is released standalone in this mod.

Example config in XComAbilityToSlotReassignment.ini

+AbilityWeaponCategories = (AbilityName=PistolStandardShot, WeaponCategories=(pistol, sidearm))
What this does is it will reassign the PistolStandardShot to the first slot it finds a pistol in. So it will be irrelvant what slot is defined in the XComClassData.ini of the soldier like

AbilityType=(AbilityName="PistolStandardShot", ApplyToWeaponSlot=eInvSlot_SecondaryWeapon))

usually means PistolStandardShot will only work for secondary pistols. With the config above it doesnt matter if the pistol is in the primary, secondary, utility or dedicated pistol slot.

NOTE this mod does NOT provide any Primary Secondary, Dedicated Pistol Slot or Utility Slot Sidearm functionality by itself. Its a meta mod that those mods can depend on to make abilities work with their slots.

By default this mod supplies config for vanilla melee and pistol abilities.

Loadout API

Another feature of the mod is the loadout api. Its only interesting for modder as it offers an API to detect different loadouts like e.g primary pistol or dual wield melee. This is an attempt to unify the different methods of detecting loadouts in various mods and provide a single source of truth.

For more info see https://github.com/Musashi1584/AbilityToSlotReassignment/blob/master/README.MD

Mod troubleshooting

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Nov 5 @ 10:14am
No Longwatch Bug And More Abilities Missing
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Komissar Gebet Nov 7 @ 7:07am 

Actually I did exactly that. It didn't work...
LeoBlac Nov 7 @ 5:18am 
@Komissar Gebet try changing the Category "SiperRifle" to "PrecisionRifles" instead of just correcting the typo. The Sniper Rifle and Vektor Rifle are combined in that category. That worked for me at least.
RustyDios Sep 19 @ 3:19pm 
That is already mentioned in the discussion post?

And yes, whilst it is a typo.. you actually want to remove the line entirely, depending on your mod setup .. as it stops Proficiency Pack classes using Demolition with shotguns, or Celatid Turret Mk2/3 from having their shot ...
Ironmonk Sep 19 @ 3:15pm 
Another ability with typo is Demolition, change:
+AbilityWeaponCategories=(AbilityName=Demolition, WeaponCategorySetName=Cannon)
+AbilityWeaponCategories=(AbilityName=Demolition, WeaponCategorySetName=Cannons)
Locke Sep 19 @ 3:16am 
A lot of abilities are not working/appearing with this and primary secondaries, like a pistol main grenadier with shredder and holo-targeting. I simply added "pistol" to the AllMainWeapons category and that got the abilities to appear on the UI, but they don't actually function. Any ideas?
Komissar Gebet Sep 5 @ 11:56am 
@Twice dead, SuperJesse64

Same here, long watch and sniper overwatch dissappeared, correcting the typo didn't make them back. Any advice besides restarting? I don't want to give up the current campaign...
XpanD Aug 27 @ 2:55pm 
Just finished a campaign with about 280 mods, this one included, and had no major issues! Thanks for making this.
OrangeFr3ak Aug 17 @ 7:52am 
How do I move the Gremlin and Sword to Utility slots?
Twice Dead Jul 11 @ 6:43am 
Dude, that fucking typo. I've been investigating why my Longwatch vanished for the past few days and happened to stumble upon your comment, much obliged.

"SiperRifles", lol what a typo. I guess Musashi was either drunk, dead tired or didn't have his coffee yet when he wrote this. Funny when EVERYTHING else specifies PrecisionRifles.

Oh if you read this don't take this as a jab at you Musashi, I love your stuff mate.
Lord0FRoses Jun 10 @ 5:47pm 
@SoloCross Thank you so much for your help!!