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Save Our Ship 2
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Save Our Ship 2


Save Our Ship 2 is an unofficial expansion for RimWorld. Build a liveable spaceship and continue your colonists' stories in orbit - engaging in ship-to-ship combat with pirates, searching derelicts for treasure, and perhaps even discovering a phenomenal cosmic secret or two! SOS2 includes two custom endings: build the Johnson-Tanaka drive to transport your colonists to a different rimworld for a New Game+ experience, or evolve one of your colonists to machine godhood using the Archotech Spore.

Newly upgraded with tons of new features and stability upgrades for 1.5 and beyond, SOS2.7 is the best version of Save Our Ship yet. SOS2 is being maintained by community volunteers with occasional updates by the original devs!

Non-Steam Link: https://github.com/KentHaeger/SaveOurShip2

- Make sure Harmony is installed from here: https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=2009463077
- Make sure the Vehicle Framework is installed from here: https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=3014915404
- And Sort your Load Order like so:

[Any DLCs]
Vehicle Framework
Save Our Ship 2

Build your own ships, or capture them from the enemy!

To build a ship all you need to do is:
- Build an enclosed hull using Hull Walls.
- Fill that enclosed Hull with Hull Tiles.
- Use Airlocks to access the sealed space.
- You may then fill this space with ship parts, floors, vanilla walls, etc.

Pre-Flight Checklist:
- Build life support. One supports the entire ship.
- Use Ship Vents in place of Coolers and Heaters. They do both.
- Add a Pilot Console and assign a pawn as pilot.
- Build Sensors.
- Attach Engines to the outside of the ship. Beware! They destroy anything behind them!
- Fuel the engines.
- And select the pilot console to check for warnings, and then launch when ready!

After building enough engines, a pilot console or computer core, and basic sensors, your ship can lift off!

If you'd like Vanilla Expanded SOS2 textures shown here, get that addon here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2805433179

Heat, Weapons, and Shields

The Heat System in SOS2.7 has been completely overhauled for simplicity and better performance.

Shields, Reactors, and Weapons all generate heat, which is piped via Thermal Conduits to Coolant Tanks that store heat. That stored heat will eventually destroy your Coolant Tanks, so to prevent that, build Heat Sinks, which now have built in radiators on the roof of your ship to radiate heat to space. You can also rapidly purge your Heat System via the Bridge, but this fatigues your system temporarily, lowering heat capacity. You also have Emergency Purge Ports, which blasts heat into space as molten silver.

Ship to the Stars!

Travel to a landed ship with a friendly AI!

To travel to a new world, you must wait while your pawns search at the Science Console and find the original starship bow which brought you to this RimWorld. After finding the remains of that ship, you will discover the Johnson-Tanaka Drive that allows your ship to travel fast enough to escape to the nearest planet on a journey that will last many years.

This is effectively a New Game Plus! Save your ship and load our load ship, too!

As you explore the RimWorld, if your ship's computer core has an AI Persona active, it will detect the mysterious psychic emanations from an ancient archotech mind. Following its signal, you may find a way to trace it back to the source via your bridge.

This is a final End Game quest!

Shuttles, now using the Vehicle Framework, can act as both cargo shuttles and fighters! Upgrade them with weapons, shields, torpedoes, better engines, or sacrifice those things for more personnel seats or cargo space.

How do you select a specific ship or station to start with?

Select Derelict Ship, Station, etc, and go to Scenario Editor, Edit mode, And click on Random. A list of ships will then appear. This is also true when loading your saved ships.

Mod Options

The ability to turn on or off experimental features such as "ship physics" and 'boarding party hard mode," as well as turning on and off the SoS2 Splash Screen are available under Options->Mod Options->Save Our Ship 2.

You may join our discord here: https://discord.gg/GK7nqgu

Keep in mind, our Discord contains multiple projects. Please keep RimWorld & SOS talk in the #Save-Our-Ship channel. Anything posted about RW or SOS in #general will be moved there by a mod.


The Community Wiki needs volunteers to help keep it up to date! Please sign up for a Wikia account to login and make changes as needed.


If you want to make your own ships and share them with the community via the workshop, download the Save Our Ship 2 Creation Kit! It's just like building in game, but it saves your ship as an XML which can be shared.


Please refer to this sheet to see why a mod is or isn't compatible, the severity of the incompatibility, and any remedies available. It is obviously not comprehensive, as new mods are released every day.

As a rule, mods that push events on any any map without checking for biome, or place objects on maps without checking if the biome supports it, are in conflict, but not hard incompatible.

Mods that break features, such as ship movement or weapons behavior, are hard incompatible.

If you'd like to report a conflict simply leave a message below or on discord.

Developed by Kentington and Thain

Contributors: SonicTHI, Owlchemist, Oskar Potocki, Thamuzz1331, Trollam, Boris, K', Sarg, Karim, Saakra, Revolus, MatthewTeply, dkargin, HG, DianaWinters, UrbanMonkey, M.A.G.Gen., Epicguru, sdanchenko, m00nl1ght-dev
Shipwrights: Oninnaise, VVither_Skeleton, (Insert Boi here), AlfadorZero, choppytehbear, Dammerung, Foxtrot, Inert, Jameson, Moonshine Dusk

OG Testing Squad: Buns Buns Cat, Phsarjk, i am has yes, Fuji, Reviire, Ian, Generic Scout, Waipa, Xanthos, BUTTERSKY, firethestars, Haldicar, jamhax, Jenden, maraworf, Red_Bunny, rostock, sprocket, El Jojo, Zahc, Dutchman, Zero Jackal, Tiberiumkyle, swordspell, Shabm, Kasodus, Red_Bunny, melandor, Madman, Jenden, Insert Witty Joke, Ifailatgaming, Capitão Escarlate, Bunkier, Bumblybear, Bubbadoge, Abraxas, Rage Nova, twsta, transcendant, thecaffiend, Manifold Paradox, WhiteGiverMa, Gago, Nerevarest

SOS2's license is under the Creative Commons CC BY-NC-SA 4.0, ttribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International.

See here: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/4.0/deed.en
And on our git: https://github.com/KentHaeger/SaveOurShip2
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