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Save Our Ship 2
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Save Our Ship 2


This mod serves as a comprehensive overhaul of spaceflight. Build an orbital fortress, explore the wreckage of ancient ships, battle pirates - or become one - and travel back and forth between distant RimWorlds! Discover the secrets of evolving your ship's AI into a true archotech, and rule the Rim!

In vanilla RimWorld, the ship's only purpose is to serve as an expensive win condition. SoS2 aims to make it a relevant gameplay element from mid-late game onwards. Once you've built a basic ship and launched it into orbit, it plays a number of roles: as a (relatively) safe place to store a small amount of loot/colonists, a resource sink as you expand it into a full-fledged space station, and - most importantly - a launch point for orbital quests and ship battles, and a quick way to reach any spot on the planet.

For more details, especially regarding the mechanics of ship combat, check out our wiki.


The requirements for launch are much simpler in SoS2 than in vanilla. A basic ship needs only a bridge, sensors, a shuttle bay, and chemfuel engines to be launched into orbit. Once there, you can expand it to your heart's content.

SoS2 handles planet-hopping differently than its predecessor. Rather than needing to start a new game, once you've built a Johnson-Tanaka drive you'll be able to jump between worlds at the touch of a button. The entire previous world is compressed and stored, allowing you to revisit planets at your leisure. When departing a world, you can transfer ownership of your colony to an allied faction, and if you decide to return it may have become a thriving settlement of that faction. Perhaps their descendants will even feel grateful enough to give you gifts.

It is possible to change scenario parts when traveling to a new world, although some may be irrelevant. Scenarios are saved alongside worlds, so when you grow tired of living on a planet where every corpse explodes, you can pack up and leave, secure in the knowledge that it will be just as explodey when you decide to return.

Once in orbit, you will encounter other ships - some may want to trade, some will refuse to communicate, and some will attack outright. Will you use your torpedoes and railguns only in self-defense, or will you mercilessly crack trade ships' hulls for the valuables they contain?

Perhaps you feel bold enough to track down the source of those psychic signals that have afflicted your colonists since their arrival. With the help of your ship's AI core, you can locate and hack into an archotech's orbital amplifier and steal the secrets of evolving an AI into an archotech...

RimWorld's engine was not set up to handle multiple planets, and I've had to dig deep into the game's guts to make this mod work. Getting even simple aspects - for example, the vanilla faction manager - to operate across worlds was a headache and a half, and ship combat requires even more changes to the fundamental game. As a result, some hiccups are to be expected. I'd advise you to make a hard save before each spaceflight, and please send me your error logs if something does go wrong.

Every effort has been made to ensure compatibility with other mods. All commonly-used data structures, be they UtilityWorldObjects or WorldComponents, are transferred between worlds. Nevertheless, I can't plan for every contingency. Please let me know if something fails to transfer.

The fanmade wiki also tracks compatibility issues users have encountered with other mods here[sosv2.fandom.com].

Code and concept by Kentington.
Artwork by Thain. You can find his portfolio at https://www.artstation.com/thain. Archolife plants and animals are by Oskar Potocki - the man, the myth, the legend.

This mod is dedicated to the memory of pipakin, who maintained Save Our Ship during my absence.

Special thanks to SonicTHI for code additions and rebalances, to K'[ludeon.com], who helped thread our space renderer, Karrim for work on the vacuum pathfinding code, Saakra for helping fix issues with world switching, and to Revolus, who wrote a faster version of RimWorld's code for detecting attached ship parts.

Thanks also to Sarg, who created new sprites for the space insects. You can find his excellent add-on "Alpha Ships" here.

Shipwrights: (Insert Boi here), AlfadorZero, choppytehbear, Dammerung, DianaWinters, Foxtrot, Inert, Jameson, Moonshine Dusk
Testing squad: Phsarjk, i am has yes, Fuji, Reviire, Ian, choppytehbear, Jameson, Generic Scout, Waipa, Xanthos, BUTTERSKY, Karim, firethestars, Haldicar, jamhax, Jenden, maraworf, Red_Bunny, rostock, sprocket, El Jojo, Zahc, Dutchman, Zero Jackal, Tiberiumkyle, swordspell, SonicTHI, Shabm, Reviire, Kasodus, Red_Bunny, melandor, Madman, K', Jenden, Insert Witty Joke, Ifailatgaming, choppytehbear, Capitão Escarlate, Bunkier, Bumblybear, Bubbadoge, Abraxas, (Insert Boi here)

If you're having difficulties getting SoS2 to work, please make sure Harmony is first in your load order, followed by Core, HugsLib, and then Save Our Ship 2. Linux users may need this Harmony fix if the game crashes on startup. If you are using third-party mods which explicitly reference SoS2, please try disabling them before you submit a bug report.

This mod *is* compatible with existing saved games, although vanilla ships will need to be rebuilt.

If you'd like your mod's armor to count as EVA gear, simply add "EVA" to its apparel tags, and make sure it occupies the "Overhead" or "Shell" armor layers (for helmets and suits, respectively).

Please report issues on our tracker at https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/10_vYUf1fI5b1u_rjUBuIMx5pw7ZW_JIaF2aEuG6h57Y/edit#gid=0

If you're a modder who wants to create your own enemy ships, check out the SoSCK:

Lastly, if you'd like to support us in developing our indie game "Project Morningstar" - an RPG / colony management hybrid - check out our Patreon page.

You may join our discord here: https://discord.gg/GK7nqgu

Keep in mind, our Discord contains multiple projects. Please keep RimWorld & SOS talk in the #Save-Our-Ship channel.
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Nov 17 @ 1:50pm
Help me!! i cant handle any more ship battles!
< >
andrius319 7 hours ago 
I meant 100k Wd for spinal weapon drain.
andrius319 7 hours ago 
If anyone interested anyways >.>
added it to https://sosv2.fandom.com/wiki/Ship-Ship_Combat_Primer
andrius319 7 hours ago 
Did some weapon testing. As for SoS 2.4 there is no full weapon description, so I came up with this (fighting Mechanoid system defender each time restarting from 0 heat on enemy ship):

Large laser weapon: damage to shields roughly 500
Large plasma weapon: damage to shields roughly 226
Large railgun weapon: damage to shields roughly 243

All spinal weapons seem to do same damage to shields which is around 10k-12k with 54 amplifiers, but hull damage differs:

Spinal railgun hull damage seem worst of the three
Spinal plasma good hull damage with explosions bypassing walls
Spinal laser- splits ships. with 54 amplifiers its 50/50 chance that it will reach AI core from first volley with shields down against massive enemy ship.

Also, spinal weapons are energy inefficient compared to other weapons. 54 segments with laser drains 12k Wd.

I have to mention that when heat goes up on enemy ship shield damage sometimes goes wonky- inconsistent.
Batty 7 hours ago 
@andrius319 Well, I dont have gunplay installed or even subscribed to.
andrius319 8 hours ago 
@Batty one mod which causes screen go grey is gunplay. Other than that i dont know.
Killer Nudel 10 hours ago 
I'm trying to travel to a new planet, but there is no icon at the ship bridge...
- All my colonists are sleeping in cryosleep capsules.
- I have a ship Bridge, two AI Ship computer cores and an archotech spore.
- There are two Johnson-Tanaka Drives installed
- I have like 6.000.000Wd in my Capacitors
- The ship info says ready for interstellar travel
Am i missing something?
koolpin 18 hours ago 
Am curious what the Biomes! Islands conflict is - - is it just that the method it uses to add swimming and flying, conflicts with the method to handle vacuum-avoiding logic?
Batty Nov 26 @ 3:25pm 
*using 60/70 mods. Can share mod list if you want
Batty Nov 26 @ 3:24pm 
Hello, love the mod. Just here to report a (few) bug(s): For some reason there is gray flashes in ship combat (not using alpha ships, sos2 expanded and whatever else) and when there is a lot of stuff the screen, the screen just goes gray. (I don't know how to debug other than opening console and looking for red errors with mod names, and console refuses to open)
paulchaney Nov 26 @ 11:57am 
Hey, does this "Reset" the game like the original? As its getting to the laggy stage and I was hoping to keep all my stuff and start again, thanks