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Save Our Ship 2
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Nov 9, 2019 @ 10:10pm
May 6, 2022 @ 4:55am
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Save Our Ship 2


If you need the steam version of SOS2 for Rimworld 1.0, 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 -- this file will still work for you just fine.

For Rimworld 1.4, go here: https://github.com/SonicTHI/SaveOurShip2Experimental

SOS2 is a community project. To ensure it is updated and maintained vs regular vanilla updates, we need modders in the community to work on it.

You can get the mod on GitHub. It has been updated by SonicTHI, one of the community curators, for the past year with major changes and improvements to almost every system. Fully playable, stable, and has minimal bugs left in the experimental features (it will never be 0 bugs, even once released on Steam.)

What's left and why isn't it on steam?

We need 3 things:

#1 -- The Github version relies on a version of Wall Lights that not every user agrees with using. We made our own solution but SonicTHI rejected it and went back to the old dependency. Until we come up with an alternative we can't release the mod outside of the experimental version on steam, as those old ship, hundreds of them which would need to be resaved, will break. The solution is tedious and a performance issue.

#2 -- RimWorld vanilla has changed the way save files work many times, and 1.4 was the final nail in the coffin for saving ships. We had to scrap planet travel as a a mechanic, and revert to Save Our Ship 1's way, which just loads your ship into a New Game from the scenario editor. This currently doesn't save Game Components from mods like Rimatomics or Melee Animations, causing all research in those research trees, and other things, to crash the game. Deleting the game comps loses all your progress in those mods, so we need a new solution that isn't a hacky mess to deal with it. It's a seriously complex issue, not easy to solve in a weekend.

#3 -- Our shuttle code needs to switch over to Vehicle Framework. This touches on many systems, from point defenses, to pawn behavior while boarding your ship, to animal/pawn logic, flesh types -- all kinds of random stuff. But it's ironically the easiest one on this list. Really excited to see player carrier ships with fighters. Getting AI to do the same is a massive task that could take many weeks, and might never work right.

All these changes should result in a version of SOS2 that's super stable, very easy to maintain vs vanilla updates, and plays better.

But it won't go on steam until it is done.

When will 1.4 be done?

No idea. We have almost no free time and it's a volunteer position only. These tasks are daunting for even the most serious advanced modder of rimworld with professional C# knowledge. If that's you, hop into our discord.

You may join our discord here: https://discord.gg/GK7nqgu

Keep in mind, our Discord contains multiple projects. Please keep RimWorld & SOS talk in the #Save-Our-Ship channel. Anything posted about RW or SOS in #general will be moved there by a mod.
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Bloody_Waltz Dec 8 @ 2:13am 
@Zero For Rimworld 1.4, go here: https://github.com/SonicTHI/SaveOurShip2Experimental
Steam version still in progress, but 1.4 is pretty stable. Read the about section for more info.
zero Dec 8 @ 1:46am 
will the mod run in v1.4?
Matthriller Dec 7 @ 12:57pm 
Out of curiosity, has an attempt been made to solve the saving issue (#2) by making a larger initial world and then splitting it into pieces that are incapable of accessing one another except through the mods ships; basically instead of having multiple planets you take the base planet and split it into multiple ones
Bloody_Waltz Dec 6 @ 6:19pm 
@Frost you can add the git to an existing save that's a few years along it'll work
ASulkyDragon Dec 6 @ 2:02pm 
Can you upload the files under a new workshop item? that way you won't break any savegames and people can download it simply from steam
Mismagius Dec 5 @ 7:47pm 
yo, would it be possible to add support for Vanilla Factions Expanded - Deserters where you could add in a feature to fight the empire's flagship on your own ship?
p0xus Dec 5 @ 4:04pm 
@Frostiken - the github version is not compatible with save games that have used the steam version. However, if your savegame has not had any version of SoS2, it is compatible.
Frostiken Dec 4 @ 4:53pm 
I'm not quite clear on this, are you able to add SOS2 to an existing game or is this new games only? I haven't done the SOS2.1.4. yet because it sounds like it's still subject to some changes, but wondering if I just add it now even if I'm not going to use it until ways down the line, before I get too far into this game.
Bloody_Waltz Dec 2 @ 3:50am 
@Ban honestly git just needs to be more user friendly
BanHandled Dec 1 @ 7:33am 
@captain Damien
Sorry, I made an assumption based upon 90% of the other people who post comments here. I shouldn't have done that. kaczorski is correct on how to download it from the website behind the link.
Again, sorry for making an assumption.