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Bedside Examinations
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Sep 23, 2019 @ 6:12am
Sep 26, 2020 @ 7:40am
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Bedside Examinations

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Project Hospital Overhaul
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This mod aims to provide more realism by allowing doctors to perform routine medical examinations at the patient's bedside. It also overhauls the way doctors choose examinations to mimic the real life workup of patients. The result is a much more realistic and streamlined approach to hospitalization in the game. The most amazing thing: you will no longer need huge armies of nurses to push around patients in stretchers to exam rooms!




The mod has no compatibility issues with any other mod. It is worth noting that playing with any additional mods that add new examinations (all new department mods) will mess up the exam priority order that this mod has carefully balanced. I'm currently working with all the major modders to make all examinations in their mods work seamlessly with mine.

The mod makes changes to the Exams.xml and Roomtypes.xml files.

Regular wards and HDU wards now require the following additional items in order to be functional:

- CRP Scan
- Disinfectant Dispenser / Lab Sink / Kitchen Sink / Sink
- Defibrillator Wall / Defibrillator
- Equipment Cabinet / Equipment Cabinet Tall / Mobile Equipment Cabinet / Wall-mounted Equipment

The mod works with existing saves - just add the missing items to your wards.

Additional Information:

The mod does not eliminate the need for "Diagnostic Unit" rooms since not all exams can be carried out at the bedside; it simply reduces the workload on these rooms and frees up more nurses.

The mod increases the priority of the "Differential Diagnosis" exam which is an extremely powerful tool that was almost never utilized by doctors in the game. It helps narrow down the possible diagnoses and reduces the amount of time spent on investigations. I highly recommend you hire clinic and ER doctors with the "Advanced Diagnosis" specialization to make use of this exam.

Just like in real life, blood tests are often ordered early on in the workup of many hospitalized patients. Be prepared to expand your hematology lab to keep things running smoothly.

Any and all feedback is highly appreciated!
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ma4tra 5 hours ago 
Is anyone experiencing a problem where the doctors wont do anything because they are 'on standby for critical patients' ?? please help thankyou.
Angel Feb 22 @ 12:44pm 
yeah, for some reason my hematology labs don't work anymore, the lab options are all blacked out even though I have a great lab set up.
Gary Gehirntumor Feb 21 @ 9:01pm 
Sadly it has not received an update in some time and the bugs have increased to the point where I find the mod almost unusable at the moment.
Angel Feb 21 @ 8:11pm 
Does this mod still work? I see people reporting a lot of bugs.
Yaumeister Feb 7 @ 7:24am 
A tip for those using this mod with Infectious Disease, each isolation room also need a CRP scan, equipment cabinet and sanitary equipment (sink) for the room to work, since each room is seen as a "ward".

Otherwise if you just go with the required list as it is in game, you get patients "waiting for a free exam room" when you try giving them bedside exams like blood draw and PCR sampling.

With the required equipment list that Butch has defined for regular and HDU wards, my isolation rooms work fine.
- CRP Scan
- Disinfectant Dispenser / Lab Sink / Kitchen Sink / Sink / Sanitary Equipment
- Defibrillator Wall / Defibrillator (already required by base game)
- Equipment Cabinet / Equipment Cabinet Tall / Mobile Equipment Cabinet / Wall-mounted Equipment
Gary Gehirntumor Jan 25 @ 9:31am 
When, it works, it's great, but sadly this mod is currently broken.
aydoggie Jan 23 @ 8:42am 
Breaks infectious diseases. All patients in isolation cannot go to diagnostic units.
LegendFusion Dec 14, 2020 @ 3:00pm 
could you remove the Pancreatitis handling? It doesnt work properly and i get notification spam about it. I saw in an earlier comment on the bug reports page that you were thinking of reverting to the default treatment for that illness, would be gratefull if you could do so, or if its a small change in the files themselves, i can do that myself, if you let me know which lines i need to edit. Thanks in advance for this mod, i really dont want to play without it, and thus here i am, asking for this ;)
Forcin Nov 14, 2020 @ 1:12am 
@jujhu90: Yes, it is because of this mod.
christallire Nov 9, 2020 @ 6:50pm 
You missed treatment TRT_INTRAVENOUS_INFUSION in Pancreatitis