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Project Hospital

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Bedside Examinations (DLCs Version)
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You need DLC to use this item.

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Bedside Examinations (DLCs Version)

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This is a version of the Bedside Examinations mod that you should have installed if you play with the Traumatology and Infectious Diseases DLCs. Only use this version OR the original. Don't install both mods!

You can visit the original mod page here:
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MattMan569 Jul 4 @ 5:34pm 
@littlesunbabe I managed to get it working after adding
littlesunbabe Jul 4 @ 5:03am 
So I tried @XDelphi 's fix. It works for stool sampling but still doesn't work for serologic sampling and I really don't know why
Tobel Jun 20 @ 12:37pm 
For XDelphi's comment: You're looking for serology. Perhaps its the version (maybe this comment was for the NON DLC version of the mod), but this is found in workshop folder 868360 / ...8459 as well.
XDelphi Jun 12 @ 9:37am 
For those awaiting a fix from Butch, I've managed to get it working on my game with some file tweaking:
Go into your Steam > Steamapps > Workshop > Content folder and select the project hospital file (868360). Find the mod folder (ends in 8549, it's the end number on the mod URL). Open the ModExaminationsBEDLC.xml file with a text editor like notepad or notepad++ and search (Ctrl+F) for Serological. You'll notice that you can do it at places like ICU, wards etc, if you add in <Tag>emergency_doctors_office</Tag> you'll be able to do it at the ER doctors offices. Make sure to add it in like the other tags are, and before the </RequiredRoomTags> or it'll be outside that section of code.

NOTE: I am not a modder, nor do I know anything about code. I simply tweak and have had no issues on my game. Nevertheless, if attempting this I recommend making pre-edit backups incase you make a whoopsie.
The Lion May 11 @ 9:08am 
Same issue as Bombur35 here. There's several hiccups with this current version in relation to the testing ability required in the Emergency doctor's offices. It will often say it can't run any more relevant tests, and dismisses the patient, while the same test is available if hospitalized in Emergency, but a doctor won't do that.
Bombur35 May 11 @ 5:32am 
Why i can't do Serologic sampling in Emergency?

So, this is my sutuation : i can't know, Influenza A or Influenza B. All i need is do Serologic sampling but i can't. Only Differential diagnosis can help, but in at the start of the game such patients usually come and i have to reassign them to other doctors (which means hiring a doctor with Advanced diagnosis) or hospitalize him in another department (which are not yet open)
Butch  [author] May 10 @ 7:17am 
@Rambo No you don't

@Bee The mod definitely changes things linked to the Infectious Diseases department. You can try using this version (you'd probably be fine) but if you run into any issues just use the non DLC version
Bee May 7 @ 2:37pm 
Can I use this if I have Traumatology but not Infectious Diseases installed?
Rambo™ Mar 5 @ 7:44pm 
Does this mod need Community Resource Pack?
Zairya Mar 3 @ 10:56pm 
Unfortunately, I'm not...