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[WOTC] Star Wars Galactic Republic Weaponry
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Aug 4 @ 8:29pm
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[WOTC] Star Wars Galactic Republic Weaponry

Weapon mod to compliment the armor I released last Thursday. Mostly tested by The Tommy Trials, should everything should work for the most part.


Update 1.0
•Release edition contents:
-Blast Shield
-DC17M and X/Sniper Attachment
-DC-17 Pistol
-DC-17 Akimbo Variant (Long boi)
-Westar M5
-Z6 Rotary Cannon

Update 1.? (Coming later)
•Bug fixes (If any)
•New weapons if requested
•Fix for loading on a pre-existing save
•DC-17AA/Anti-Armor (Maybe, if compatibility with Iridar's Underbarrel Attachment mod can be found)
•DC-15 Pistol

[WOTC] Star Wars Galactic Republic Armory

The assets used in this mod are not free release, please ask before you try to use anything so I can see if I can let you use them. Nothing here is for commercial use, and will never accept any money based off this mod.

Q: Can you add X, Y, and/or Z?
A: Possibly, the upcoming updates take priority, but I'm willing to hear out suggestions.

Q: Do I still need Dim's weapons?
A: You shouldn't. Feel free to keep using them if you want tinting though, I just wanted to update them for the PBR shader, and wanted them to always be black

Q: Long War version when?
A: Never. (Unless LWOTC comes to the Workshop)

Q: Vanilla version when?
A: Never.

Q: Can I use or borrow assets from your mod to create my own sub-mod.
A: Probably, depending on what models you want to use. Ask first, and I'll see.

Q: Bulpup/Vektor Rifle/Autopistol version when?
A: Maybe today, maybe tomorrow, maybe never. Depends on when I want to go back into the project to add those weapons variants.

•Condensed Turtle Flesh - Rigging these suckers
•Archangel470 - DC-17M/X models
•Sergey Kolesnik - Westar M5 front section inspiration
•Free Radical - Sestar M5 back section mesh
•DICE - Models and textures
•Myself - Shield model, Westar M5 modeling, textures, n all other stuff
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DigThat 4 hours ago 
I'm using this mod, your Imperial Weaponry, and the Laser projectiles from LW2 to create my own custom Tier 2 with Weapon Skin Replacer. It's been a ton of fun and I love the end result.

Some (VERY!) minor points of feedback probably low-priority but worth mentioning:

1) Some of the weapons' animsets are off, notably the DC-15X and some of the SMG-style weapons (I can double-check which ones specifically). They appear to use a full-auto-type firing animation, but do not produce enough projectiles to match (most apparent at the end of the animations, when the lasers have stopped blasting but the gun continues to "jump" as if it is still firing). This looks very strange, especially on the DC-15X sniper, which of course fires only one projectile per shot. Consider a second look at a few of these animations, maybe, when you have the time!

2) Some of the sounds are notably quieter/lower-quality compared to others in the pack and the Imperial Weaponry.

Thanks for the beautiful weapons!
A man has no aim Aug 14 @ 11:05pm 
Its name is the RPS-6 rocket launcher
A man has no aim Aug 14 @ 11:04pm 
Maybe the rocket Launcher the Clones Use in the Cartoon with Iridar's Rocket launcher mod would be a nice edition.
Mr.Person Aug 14 @ 11:18am 
Lord_Poncho57  [author] Aug 14 @ 4:54am 
Yes, they should. They just won't update on preexisting saves with upgrades already built.
Mr.Person Aug 13 @ 8:21pm 
Do these automatically level with the vanilla weapons when you research/purchase those upgrades? I really hope they do.
SevTheHunter321 Aug 12 @ 7:11pm 
I do believe that you still need dims for galactic to advent as that mod would point to dims assets and not these new assets, so until an update you'd have to use both.
P34nk Aug 12 @ 4:01pm 
Sorry if this sounds stupid, but I see that Dim's mod (Republic Era Weapons) no longer needed, but if I am using the Galactic to Advent conversion mod (in which that mod is required), does that mean I still need to use it? I just do not want duplicates when equipping my soldiers, which seems to also create issues when upgrading to next tier (since it should be upgraded by upgrading generic weapon types instead of individual types).
Neppy32 Aug 12 @ 12:22pm 
@SevTheHunter321 thanks for the help
SevTheHunter321 Aug 11 @ 9:13pm 
@Neppy32 and others who might like this, create a text document and name it XComGameData in the config folder of this mod.

Then copy and paste the following (try to make them one line after any plus [+] or minus [-] sign just to be safe): https://pastebin.com/mcxheQAs

Save the file as XComGameData.ini. this should then make it so your rookies start with the DC15S as their primary weapon.